Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elomi Smooth Push Up Plunge Bras

Highly Rate, leaving stock / Where to Get them For Less 

This is a beautiful plunge / push up bra that is available in limited sizes. No store is saying it is discontinued.

Bare Necessities has this in limited sizes at full price, Bigger Bras, where it qualifies for their 10% off discount has it in the many sizes and you can find a picture that is a direct link to it here.

Her Room has it in 38 and 40DD for $46.95, (they are $60 full price), and you can use this Elomi Push Up Plunge Bras icon link to go straight to it. For the absolute best prices at the top, still limited sizes, check you can use this Elomi Plunge Bras New with Tags at Buy it Now prices link to browse them starting at $27.47!

Or you can click on this bra’s picture to browse them in black in nude in sizes 34 to 46DD to GG, in black and nude at Classic Shapewear, where shipping in the us is always free!

 icon icon

  • Classic Shapewear, like eBay stores, has them in both black and nude
  • Bigger Bras, Her Room and Bare Necessities only have them in nude
  • Her Room has the most reviews 
The reasons I mention these bras are:
  • I would get one myself if they came in my size
  • I am a big fan of my Elomi Suzie plunge bra and 
  • I would try any Elomi plunge bra that came in my size
  • Getting one for less is even better!
  • I also like the idea of a push up / plunge bra. 

I have just gone through a bout of trying on a new bras in a different size, as I have toned up a bit, and gone down a band size…

It makes me really appreciate my Elomi bras in general, (excellent firm band support and straps that adjust short enough for my petite frame) and my Suzie plunge bra the most. Because it still gives, (at a 34 rather than 32 which I should be wearing currently), better / firmer band support than the 32s by other brands I have tried, and returned, last month!

I so hate trying to find a new favorite bra company for myself. I just wish Elomi would make 32s for us!

Enjoy these great Elomi bras at great prices if they come in your size!

Oh yeah, all my Elomi bras are very durable and long lasting too. None have worn out yet! I have had most of mine since 8/2010!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up to 40G Underwire Baby Dolls

Bare Necessities has Full Figure Baby Dolls by Parfait by Affinitas! These underwire baby dolls, as well as other Parfait by Affinitas bras and intimates all qualify for their current 20% Off with Free Shipping discount to your right!

This style has removable garter straps and the stocking they have to go with it are white and have back seams!

This is just a picture, but you can find them by brand at Bare Necessities! This beautiful lingerie style comes in sizes 30 to 40D to G for $75!
This is Parfait’s Florence Baby Doll and they have a convertible bra in this line too!

It comes in the same sizes, with removable stretch straps for $50!
This is just a picture of that bra.

Just note the code in Bare Necessities’ discount text link in the right column and browse new arrivals under on their BP, Bare Plus or BN, Bare Necessities regular tab to browse these new intimate styles! 2/20/13

Monday, February 18, 2013

20% Off 222 Full Figure Bras and more

I believe this discount ends at around 6pm today, but while it is on you will find 222 full figure bras, including Fantasie Panache Goddess are among the brands you can use this link to find Figleaves code to get 20% off thousands of styles!

So without wasting any more time, I just want to show you Freya’s new, up to 38G, beautiful long line bra and panty set you can enjoy at this 20% off discount today at Figleaves!
This is just a picture of Freya’s Just Flew bra and panty! You can find it shopping by brand at Figleaves!

On the larger side of plus?
They have Goddess’ Keira, underwire, long line soft cut bras 36 to 52D to G and 54DD to G and underwire Keira bras in black, fawn and emerald up to N cup bras!

You can click on this bra in its Emerald color to go straight to it, but be sure to click on their name at the upper left corner, or go to Offers on the left of their horizontal menu to get the Discount code while this savings offer is on.

Figleaves is always a great place to check for offers, or sign up for their news letter so you do not miss out on their great excellent savings!

Like Bare Necessities, you will find Figleaves Discounts Exclusions to their deals. However, they do not exclude Goddess, Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Panache and other great brands!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

$7 Off Vintage Shapewear

I do not know how long this offer is good for, but Figleaves is currently giving us $7 off their beautiful and sexy Vintage shapewear.

They have 9 styles including body briefers, waist cinchers, high waist briefs, high waist thongs
and this exceptional Vintage Luxe Shaping Slip that comes with multi-way removable straps underwire bust support and removable suspenders, (garters).

What is exceptional about this shaping slip is its reviews! 

Many of these women are planning on getting this style in another color. I will go into more details about these reviews below.

This style is still available in sizes 32 and 34B to G and 36B to F in red and its cosmetic nude color below. It is listed separately in black, with less of these same sizes still available…at $45.50 to $48 with this offer. You can click on its picture to go straight to it at Figleaves!

The Reviewers tell us this is Gorgeous, Hot and worth the money

However, if you are up to 5’9” it’s too short, 5’2” it is too long to use the suspenders And just right for a women who tells us she is 5’7” and all the other reviewers who do not mention their height.
  • Most mention how surprised and happy they are to find both the band can cup sizes fit perfectly, true to size. 
  • Worn Strapless: One mentions this style does not have great bust support, another is happy with its strapless bust support, “was able to boogie all night with complete confidence” 
  • This style has a discreet rubber grip at its hem that women are happy about how well it prevents roll up, one mentioned for the 13 hours she wore here out once! 
  • Several women mention their husbands like it
One women says not to wear this under anything too clingy, another says it is smooth and hides VLPs…

well you get conflicting responses with reviews because we are all shaped different.

Cons, This is difficult to put on, yet worth the effort

The Other Vintage Shapers at this $7 off special

I do not have time to read those reviews too, but FYI:
  • Waist Cincher comes in sizes S to XXL 
  • High Waist Thong S to XL 
  • High Waist Short Brief S to XXL 
  • Body Briefers in the same bra size ranges as the shaping slip above 
Currently Figleaves has 20% off Panache, Fantasie and Freya deals going and other specials as well.

You can find their other specials by clicking on that slip above, then selecting Offers from the right side of their horizontal menu bar.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

50% Off Kiyonna Styles Already on Sale

Kiyonna makes great, flattering, high quality full figure dresses, gowns and tops. As it happens they have plenty of them in their sale department right now!
Not only that, but if you go to their Facebook page today, here:

you will find, in the left side of the page, their 50% off sale styles Discount Code! This is good until 2/13!!

Their Juliet Wrap top is still a customer favorite, yet is in their sale section at 10% off, already. With an extra 50% off it would be $29! This beautiful top would dress up a jeans outfit or go well with a nice skirt for go out in!

 Juliet True Lace Wrap Top, Black Lace / Emerald Green Lining (Womens Plus Size)

These tops come in ivory lace over a cream lining, and black lace over blush, this emerald and plum linings in sizes 10 to 32, or 0X to 5X!

Just an example of the kind of styles, (they have lots of wrap tops and dresses, as well as twist fronts and ruched ones), and savings you can enjoy at this kind extreme discount!

I suggest if you like their fashions, that you follow, or like, or whatever that is on Facebook, so you get to learn about these discounts as they post them in future!


Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter, or our: Facebook page about this or other bra, fashion or style issues, concerns and ideas.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today Only Full Figure Le Mystere Bras at 25% Off

& where to get some of these, often at a fraction of their normal prices, any day! 

Today you can get, mostly 25% off Le Mystere at Bare Necessities. Sadly they are now excluded from their discount in Bare Necessities’ text link to your right. This is the last day, (for now), they have this discount.

Le Mystere's Dream Tisha full figure T-shirt bras, in sizes 32 to 44C to H is just $51.75 at this sale! They also have the Lace, the Luxe and other Le Mystere bras.

You can just click on this bra’s picture to go straight to it at this sale, or you can use this Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-shirt bras, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices link to find them starting at $19 at eBay stores!

Starting at $20, but not always that cheap, at eBay stores! 

That link will take you to its New with Tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices in lowest price, including order at eBay store.

From there you can narrow your browsing down by bra band and cup size.
For instance:
While I am finding a total of 242 of these bras;
  • 5 in size 36D, starting at $35 
  • 7 in size 40F, starting at $31 
  • 2 in size 40H, but that could be a hard size, are large cup sizes tend to be, for $54 and $76,
in which case, Bare Necessities has the better price, (of $51.75).

Which only goes to show, just because it is at an eBay store does not mean it has the lowest price.

The lowest price Le Mystere full fit bra at Bare Necessities’ current sale today is Their Whisper underwire bras. These are on sale at 31% off, $44, and are down to sizes 32E, F and G and 38 and 40E in black and nude. Not great ratings at Bare Necessities.

You will also find their Soiree plus size strapless bras, sports bras and short line bustier at this sale, among other bras at this current Le Mystere sale!


Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Suits and get $20 to $60 off at Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart has some beautiful tops, bottoms and unique Career Wear looks! They also have a Buy 1 top and 1 bottom get $20, Buy 2 two each get $4o, Buy 3 tops and bottoms and get $60 off! This is an online exclusive on select styles only.

There are plenty of these select styles, in the 5 pages of their Career Wear Department. These styles include blazers, sweaters, cardigans and skirts, as well as denim jackets and jeans. You will find 5 great work looks at the top of their Career Wear section.

Currently you can view their beautifully shaped Ponte cascade blazer below in black, in its peach colored look with blouse and pants look at the top of our Suits page. All the tops and bottoms in both styles are included in the above-mentioned selected special styles!

 icon icon

This color block ruffle cardigan gives us a softer version of the above blazer, and is also part of this special!
 icon icon

Here a more polished

 icon icon

and trendier version of their ¾ sleeve cardigan, also part of their current tops and bottoms savings special.

 icon icon

Most, if not all, of their styles come in sizes 12 to 26.

I do not know how long this savings offer last.
If you need new tops and bottoms,

Also, while none are part of this special, if you like linen suit separates, they have a good selection of them in their Linen section, currently under New in their left column menu.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Classic Shapewear’s Clearance Sale

Classic Shapewear not only has shapewear of all kinds, but also full figure bras. They also have Free Shipping, (No Minimum purchase required), all the time in the continental US!

Now their clearance sale is on! You can browse this sale by size, brand, colors and area you want your shaping in!

Here is a small sample of some great prices
I am finding there. Godess’ Smooth Simplicity Bras, normally $44, on sale for $29.11 in sizes 36 to 52C to H!

There are some other bras too, that I am not acquainted with, and lots of shapewear I am finding in Classic Shapewear - Clearance Products.

Always pricey, but if you were as intrigued as I was,
they have 5 Yummie Tummie shaping tops, briefs and leggings in sizes up to 3X. More in other sizes as well!

I am especially fond of Shapewear that doubles as apparel. This style comes in a full long sleeve as well as this ¾ sleeve below. This one below comes in black, white and chocolate for more than $30 off at this clearance sale!

Among other pricey yet interesting shapewear styles on sale are: ShaToBu muscle toning and regular tights in sizes up to 2X, $9.11 down from $19 to $28

This Dr. Rey high-waist shapeing brief in sizes up to 3X, for $25.11 down from $50!

You will also find Elomi shapewear and many other brands and styles.

As this is only good while supplies last, enough from me here.

Check out this sale if you are into shaping undies, tops and leggings and enjoy the extreme price breaks while supplies last!
Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter, or our: Facebook page about this or other bra, fashion or style issues, concerns and ideas.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Elomi Full Figure Bras for $20 to $30

I have been browsing, wearing and buying Elomi bras almost exclusively for about 3 years now. Not long after I found my favorite I decided to get them in every color! The only way I could afford to do this was by shopping them on eBay stores.

This turned out to be an excellent way to shop them, about ½ half price, or LESS! After going through some of my files on Elomi bra styles, I recently turned up some excellent buys on discontinued Elomi styles to share with you.

Elomi Bras New with Tags, for Buy it Now, not bid, prices at eBay stores

These seamless #1220 Elomi bras pictured below are award winners at Her Room and come in sizes 34F to H, 36 and 38E to H, 40 to 44DD to H, 46DD to G and 48DD and E, for $35 to $58. You can find 74 of them, at Buy it Now prices, New with Tags starting at $23.09 using this Elomi 1220 bras at eBay stores link.


These Lara bras, both full and demi cup styles appear to be discontinued for a while now. However I am finding them, using this Elomi Lara Bras at eBay stores link:
  • Six of them at $10, (in 36D) to $30, such as in sizes 36 to 40D & E for $21.18 
  • And 29 more starting at $36.13 
This is just a picture of the demi-cup version of these bras

Elomi’s Suzie plunge bra has, I believe, been replaced by their Betty plunge bras. This is a style I did not even bother trying 1st at regular online stores, but purchased straight away from an eBay store. Using this Elomi Suzie bras at eBay stores link I am finding 19 of them starting at $20!


I am finding well over 36 of the available 170 Elomi Cleo bras new with tags at Buy it Now prices in the $19.99 to $22.49 range! There might be a few of these bras left at stores…You can use this New Elomi Cleo bras at eBay stores link to browse the above mentioned if you like.

This is just a picture of these bras.

Last but not least, Elomi’s Caitlyn, my favorite, which I have promoted here so often. A side support bra like the above Cleo and Suzie. I only these in many colors, even duplicate colors, because I could get them for a fraction of their price at eBay stores! Today I am finding 406 of them starting at $16 using this Elomi Caitlyn bras New at eBay stores link!

You can find them at Her Room, for the best descriptions and reviews by clicking on this style’s picture below, in numerous colors and sizes 34 to 42E to K and 44 and 46DD to HH, for $55.


I find this way of shopping bras, once you are confident of the size and style that is right for you makes it possible to have a really nice wardrobe of affordable bras.


Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter, or our: Facebook page about this or other bra, fashion or style issues, concerns and ideas.

Friday, February 01, 2013

B1G1 at 75% Off USA Fav Full Figure Bras Extra 20% Off

Until 2/11 Bare Necessities is having a Buy 1 Get 1 at 75% off America’s favorite bras event. These bras include best sellers by Bali, Vanity Fair and plenty of other brands that are Not Exclude from their current 20% Off with Free Shipping code you will find in the right column! Using this discount and free ship will take you to this sale too!

Having said that, it is hard to beat Just My Size’s current price on Bali’s best-selling Satin Tracings Minimizer bras, currently just $14.40! Click on this bra’s picture below to browse it there!


Other sale and discounts of note include Leonisa’s $10 off orders of $60 below. Leonisa
They have great shapewear and bras in sizes 34 and 36A to DD, 38 and 40B to DD and 42C and D. While their most popular bra is a front closing, wire free back support bra, in sizes up to 40DD, they also have pretty styles.

This is their bestselling full coverage support lace bra, which comes in sizes 34 to 38B to D. These bras have a 5 star average, come in 3 colors and are just $30!

This sheer and sexy bra of Leonisa’s is just $24, has excellent rating and comes in sizes 34D, 36D, 38 to 42C and D!

More later!


What do you think?

Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter, or our: Facebook page about this or other bra, fashion or style issues, concerns and ideas.