Monday, July 24, 2006

Fantasie’s control, 1-piece underwire full busted bra sized swimsuit

Are your hips is in the same size range as your waist? Are you a full busted, full figure women who wants a bra sized, underwire one piece bathing suit? If so you have a REAL good chance at great comfort, beauty and fit with this swim suit!

This is Fantasie’s Fiji Underwire Plunge swimsuit. A one piece suit made by Fantasie for full figure women. It comes in full busted sizes in small and large band sizes:

  • 32DD to G
  • 34, 36 and 38 DD to GG
  • 40 DD to FF
  • 42DD to F

    It has a deep v-neckline with wide comfy straps and a cottony, compared to other swim wear, feel. It’s made of a control fabric. But it does not have a harsh binding or constricting feel. It’s also Chlorine resistant and quick drying! You can find it by taking the link of this swim suit’s name above.

    I wanted Fantasie’s Fiji Tankini bra sized swim top. Because my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. But it was out of stock when I tried to get it. It’s back in stock now. But at the time I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I couldn’t find any other bra sized tankini that went up to at least a G cup. I need a GG, but have learned to make due with a G cup for both bras and swim wear.

    I doubted a one piece swim suit would work well. Suffice to say I an loath to return this one piece suit. But the hips are just way too loose. So I didn’t. I’m wearing a swim skirt over it. Well I was going on vacation and last years suit was shot. Like a suit with no bust support at all. It’s ok. But Just. What I really want is a bra sized, empire waist swim dress. So far it seems to not exist. If you find one let me know!

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