Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Great discount on plus size shapewear and bras!

Now till the end of the year you can go to
and get 15% off your whole order. Just use the code “mist” when you order. When you get to their site you’ll see a 10% off code. That is their apparent standard. Bigger Bras gave me the “mist” code to share with you. And I tried it. It works!

They have a wide variety of full figure bras and plus size shape wear. They also have plus size bridal bustier as well as full busted and plus size swim wear.

Their standard shipping is very quick too! I get my orders from them within 2 days! So you can enjoy the great savings. Look your best in your formal and daily wear. Buy quality shapewear that’s easy on your checkbook for a change! So go ahead and get something nice for yourself this season while you are gift shopping!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From just Comfort to including Appearance concerns

I have never really cared about how I looked. Whenever I can get away with it, my appearance reflects that. I don’t look fashion challenged, just extremely casual. At times eccentric, I am told.

When pregnant, I asked my friend Cindy if I would have to become more appearance conscious for my child’s sake. She said usually the mama becomes appearance before conception.

She and I met when we were 3 years old. She knew I have never done anything in my life in the normal order.

Now the child in question, my daughter, after her 1st week of 1st grade has provided some insight.

She was in tears this weekend. She explained how much she wants me dress pretty and wear makeup and do my hair.

I’ve been researching plus size clothing looking for the feel good fit. So at least I know what fashions are out there in my size.

And I had kind of seen it coming. Earlier this year, which I wrote about here, I did start trying to put together outfits.

Good thing I’ve been developing a concept.

My daughter could not wait. She made me dress up, to cook. I picked a t-shirt dress from before I had a 38 inch waist. Put on my favorite bra. And one of my currently fitting shaping panties. Flexees’s version this Bali control panty. The effect was, dressier with bulges.

The high waisted Spanx power panty would have done well. It is a shame I out grew the pair of power panties I had. Though not high waisted, it would have helped.

Then I’d need their, or some one’s body smoothing camisole to handle the upper bulges.

And it would likely all be worth it, depending on how many t-shirt dresses I really have. Two I can think of off the top of my head.

I’ll be looking at the whole concept of wardrobe now. Trying to avoid the make up issue till the humidity leaves our New Jersey life!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Underwire One piece swim suit, a Consideration

I had intended to get an underwire tankini top. Because I have a young child, I often have to hurry. Rushing out of the bathroom for instance. I wanted a 2 piece suit for easy and quick on-and-offs.

But when I went to order it, it was out of stock.

Thinking my daughter is a bit older now. So I have to rush out of the bathroom a bit less often.

So I ordered a one piece underwire swim suit. About which I am very happy. It fits, it’s comfortable. I’m full busted so I have to order by the top size. While the top fits, the bottom hangs loose. I have no hips So I wear a swim skirt over it. The whole arrangement looks and feels fine.

I love the underwire support and coverage of this suit. All the swim suits I’ve had in the past have shelf bra support. Makes you look like a speed bump. Feels icky to sweat in. Not this swimsuit!

Just one problem with this. Even without rushing, it is kind of hard to get a wet one piece underwire swim suit back on.

Next year I’ll order early and get the tankini.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The joys of a no-bulk down vest!

Found this beautiful down vest by Junonia. Currently, till Sept. 25th, you can get it for $19 off!! They have plenty of other nice outerwear styles on sale now too. Including ski wear, in their outerwear section.

It reminded me of my old vest. I used to wear it for cross country skiing and hiking. Also, because I:

had a old 66 Plymouth
lived in the land of alternate side of the street parking
got tired of sewing the sleeves back on my winter coat.

My old car had what I called hand over fist steering. I believe it was called a “worm gear” steering box.

I got a duck down vest, on sale in the spring! Took to wearing it with an old oiled wool sweater underneath for my winter coat. Worked great till a kind friend of mine “washed” my oiled wool sweater. Sorry I didn’t keep it. I did not know back then I’d have a toddler some day... oh well.

Any way, this Juno one is much better. Well it’s prettier. Faux fur trim on it’s high collar, arm holes and hem. It’s got a zip chest pocket. My old one didn’t.

The other thing mine did not have was the length. This Juno one has length and side vents. So you have ease of movement and a warm lower back!

And it comes in sizes 18W to 32W. My old one was a size XS. What a surprise, in the time of the desk job pays more, I gained weight. Bet that’s one main reason why we do. Hey that’s why your parents wanted you to go to college. That’s why you want your kids to do the same. So why do full figured women and heavy men get treated poorly in this society??

Sorry. Got a bit side tracked there. Anyway now we know where to get the non-bulk vest.

Do any of you ladies out there know where I can get on oiled wool sweater in like a size 2X?

With an oiled wool, repels water, sweater
a down vest
and a woven shirt under it all
you’ll have the best warmth, ease of movement, and wind resistance I’ve ever know!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Mid-thigh length plus size suit jacket

I’m real enthused about this jacket I wrote about yesterday. First of all, I like the longer suit jackets. Second, it’s got a back vent and flap close front pockets. It’s a good color too. I’m sorry I can’t get a picture of it for us.

I need pockets, and I prefer a back vent. I’d also like an interior checkbook size pocket in my suit jacket. My father had them in his when I was a child. Why don’t women’s suit jackets come with this feature? Do men’s suit jackets still come with them?

I’ve always been concerned about comfort and fit. Now my 6 year old daughter wants me to improve my look. To actually care about how I look. To wear nice clothes and make up, color my hair, that sort of thing. So now as I research clothing for the 2 web sites I post, I try to consider things beyond comfort.

It’s not always easy. But then I have always liked fall fashion. So perhaps now is as good as it’ll get for me. In terms of getting into how I look rather than feel.

Do any of you find yourself going through that sort of change for your child?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grenier’s Extra Comfort and Support Full Figure Bra

I found a plus size and full busted bra designed to provide the maximum comfort! A full coverage bra in sizes 34 to 44 in cup sizes C, D or DD. Sadly, for me, it only comes in cup sizes up to DD. I’m still a H cup size making due with a G cup bras...but they are good ones!

The best price I’ve seen this bra at so far is at Bigger Bra’s online store. Take the link at the top right of This page to go straight to it. This bra has:

Cushioned underwires

Wide stretch comfy straps

Molded cups that adapt to your natural shape

It’s front center is designed to alleviate pressure to your sternum!

Plus it’s a smooth seamless, yet pretty bra. Prefect for under t-shirts or any sleeved wear! Makes me want to get down to a DD cup size again!