Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks for the tip on the Kalyani Large Cup Bras!

A brief Full Busted Bra Sale Alert:
Now on sale for just $23.99 in apricot and $33.99 in jade the Super Bra Tango II by Panache is on sale at Bare Necessities! It happens to be the one I am wearing at the moment. While only adequate for a short women, bra strap length wise, at those prices, and with summer coming, it might not hurt to have some adequate bras on hand! Especially if you take the 10% off Bare Necessities banner to your right and save even more $!

Thank you AquaMarine!

There is something about the concept of a jersey bra in terms of comfort. Especially if it’s going to be around $24 and comes in cup sizes D to K! Something like half the price of large cup bras we usually see!! How are the shipping charges from Bravissimo? How long do they take to ship an in stock bra? It is a pity the Kalyani bras are not at Bigger Bras, Figleaves or Bare Necessities though. I aim to try that one you are trying now soon. It is still a large cup at nearly half the price of the ones I’ll be exchanging!

I did talk to Bigger Bras customer service about the shorter straps and how to write to bra manufacturers. The customer service lady said that Bigger Bra’s manufacturers do read the wearer reviews we post. So if we all took care to write in reviews that we want shorter straps, or a petite strap version, as well as smooth cups in larger, over G, cup sizes we might get their attention! This may well be true of other stores, like Figleaves and Her Room, which have wearer reviews as well. When I have a chance I’ll call them too.

I read the wearer reviews myself and I will exchange one of the Fantasie Underwire Full Cup Bra #0993 for a Panache Tango Pure Underwire Bra pictured below. Largely because one of the wearers describes herself to be so short, yet she likes this one. She thinks this is why the center underwires stick out when she sits. This is what used to happen to me when I wore G cup size. Also there is something about the scalloped edge on the straps that make me think this could be another no-slip strap style.
Panache Tango Pure Underwired Balconnet te Bra 3761
Though I have to admit the 2 bras I already have by Panache, even without any such scalloping on the straps, those straps only move if I move them! I find the Panache Harmony is good for strap length, well more to the point, shortness. While the length of the Super Bra Tango II is on a par with the just ok length of the Fantasie 0993.

I do have another idea about pursuing smooth cup and strap length changes with say Fantasie, Freya and Panache. As usual I hope to get around to it by mid week. What actually happens is likely another story, but I am aiming to!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aquamarine! The pretty Fleexes Waist Cincher you recommend is on Sale, as well as other Full Figure Shapewear styles!

But just today. Sorry about that. This beautiful Fleexes waist cincher below is now available at 25% off, today, at Bare Necessities. Click on its picture to go straight to it in sizes Medium to XXL. It comes in black and beige.

Anyone else can read Aquamarine’s review of this waist cincher here in her reply to my post of 2/19/08. Both she and I are short, and as a short woman, she recommends this cincher.

I hope, and had better able to, cover another short, full figure women’s issue real soon:
Bras with shorter straps for us petite full busted and plus size women!
Yes now I will have to get on the shorter straps issue soon. As well as the smooth, seamless cups larger than G and H cup sizes.

I ordered a full busted, half smooth cup bra I had wanted to try lately. Fantasie’s 0993 Full Cup underwire bra. I had hoped it would have the no slip straps I so enjoyed in their popular 4500 full figure bra I wore out when I still thought I needed a G cup size. And it does have the same style strap!

Fantasie of England Underwired Full Cup Bra 0993

But if you are petite, there is one slight problem. The straps are too long. I am going to call Bigger Bras in the near future. As soon as I can. See what they recommend The cup size was excellent! Just as Bigger Bras has it, exactly the same as a Panache HH cups size!

If any of you ladies out there can recommend an, even just the top half smooth, 34HH cup bra, please advise! I used to wear a 36HH and I figured I just wore out the bands on my current bras.

But as it turns out the family emergency I mentioned a short while ago currently prevents me from tying up the phone asking recommendations for short, full busted women at Bigger Bras. That same emergency also does not aid digestion. I do not recommend tension for weight loss! Actually the scale says I weight the same. I doubt tension can create muscle mass though. Perhaps I clench my back the way some people clench their fists. Though I doubt that too….

When I do get on the phone to Bigger Bras, I’ll ask about smooth cup bras over H cup sizes and shorts straps, and who to write regards to future bra design!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A beautiful new plus size and full busted bra, with matching boy short available!

This Olivia balcony bra by Fantasie full figure bra actually came out a little while ago. I kept watching it at various stores to see who would have the best price and size range(s). That started and remains, so far, Figleaves. And if you click on this picture of it below you’ll go straight to this bra in plus sizes up to 40D to G. But toward the bottom of the page you’ll see its fuller bust version that goes up to large cup sizes 38J and 40GG!

You’ll also see the boy shorts that go up to what Figleaves measure to be equal to US size 12.

And if you wear plus sized or full busted bras you might want to check out Pour Moi? bras and panties at Figleaves. This one below is just $40 and comes in plus and full busted sizes up to 40B to G!

This Pour Moi? Bra above’s matching boy shorts gets 7 out of 7 five star reviews from women wearers. That one goes up to US size 16! The bra’s wearer’s rating is, so far, not as great, but not bad either. For a fraction of the price of many Fantasie, Freya and Panache full figure bras, it’s wroth carefully checking out!

I’m planning to get on that writing to bra designers regards to seamless bras larger than G cup sizes, and petite bras, shorter strap versions and the like. I am hoping to do that next week! Wish me luck! Us full busted short ladies shouldn’t have to take up the straps and wear loose shirts unless we want to!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aqua Marine! Good Point about length of tunic to jacket!

Thanks again! While the jacket I have been favoring for years is longish, it might well fall short of tunic lengths. Even the eyelet jacket women’s dress suit I wrote about here might well be cutting it too close. Though the clean flat front waist band of the pants in that suit might be one of the most flattering showing waist bands a pair of suit pants could have.

However this short sleeve cardigan would cover all tunics. It would look good with leggings as well as slacks as shown. But not likely skirts. What do you think?
Short Sleeve Cardigan

This cardigan might not be the interview wear I had in mind but it might be good for dress down Fridays at some work places.

I know what you mean about most tunics being mini dress size on us. I figure it works with leggings. But that fails to seem like business attire to me. Likely because I favor wearing leggings around the house all the time.

Thinking about that outfit you described, I bet almost any colors tunic with black skirt, hose and shoes would look. Especially when dressed up with the right hand bag and shoes!

Thanks again AquaMarine! This gives me some ideas to work with!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank you AquaMarine!

Those examples have helped. It’s near to my norm, and though lots of online stores do have wash and wear jackets. But I think a sweater / shirt, blouse or cami set lends it self more to that. I figure if I buy a washable jacket I believe I will end up having to iron it. Still my current go to suit jacket for years is a dry clean only one. I’d rather iron after washing my self.

I do like the sparkly one too. Even if it is a bit flash for professional purposes and a tad pricey for the time being.

I also tend to buy black and neutrals. This means nearly all more vividly colored shells, blouses and the like work well. Sadly I just removed a whole wardrobe of those kinds of colors and styles from my closet. But they are all size 12s and 10s. This, having more clothes of all kinds in sizes 10 to 12 is the only thing, OK and less expensive bras, which makes me want to loose weight.

Thank you again. I will try to find fashion tips for us inverted triangle shaped women. Yep we are all getting older. That does seem to make it trickier too, doesn’t it?

Sadly I am not entirely back yet. This appears to be a long term family emergency. It will require a new schedule. Regardless I will work in the info on bra designers to write to and tips for women shaped like us.

Now more than ever I need a bra I can rely on, and a smooth cup one at that, and more go to fashions!

Do you suppose I can get away with wearing a tunic under a suit jacket and over a pencil skirt?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thank You Anonymous and Harriet and I believe I may have something

Anonymous I will look into that who to contact about bra design soon I hope.
Harriet, I recently looked for someone else to see if Silhouettes delivers in Sweden. And they do!

They have lots of new spring suits separates, dresses and other fashions. You can find a link to Silhouettes in the right column of this page.

First I looked up size conversions and found this handy guide.
Here it appears that a European size 48 is equal to a US size 18. But I do not know if this is 18 misses or 18W, which would have extra inches in the bust, waist and hips.

Silhouettes’ clothing is generously cut. And the fabric is long wear too. I know because I have shirts by Silhouettes I have worn for years and they still haven’t worn out!

They also have this Shapes and Sizes guide under their size charts on this page. There you’ll find inverted triangle women’s shape at the bottom of that page. They offer clothing style suggestions. Quite often when searching Silhouettes, as chat box comes down and perhaps their customer service can suggest specific current styles.

Anonymous and I are also inverted triangle shaped, but large busted. I believe it may be visually the same or similar effect when trying to dress this shape.

Anonymous, if I am recalling this correctly, wrote that a wrap dress works for her. I have not tried that yet myself. Silhouettes suggest fuller skirts and pants. These styles do not work for me with my largish gut. But if you don’t have the gut it might.

The dress at the top of this page now might be an example of what Silhouettes suggest for us inverted triangle shaped women. It has a dark top and a fuller skirt, they also suggest bulky jewelry. They likely have that in accessories.

I have the slender legs and arms, but with wide and padded shoulders. Sound familiar? I am never to sure what looks best myself. I like a suit jacket and a skirt or dress. But I don’t know if it’s the best look for me. Outside of it being what I am most comfortable in for business wear, or even dress wear if I can get away with that.

Worse yet I have fine, straight hair. So when I do look in the mirror what I tend to see is a wee little head atop wide bulky shoulders.

Any suggestions on the hair, for the styling inept, will be greatly appreciated!

Harriet, let me know if you find something at Silhouettes that might work for our shapes! And Anonymous; Any suggestions?

I’ve got to do the dressing up for job interviews soon. So any suggestions for how to best dress the inverted triangle shaped women would be great for both Harriet any myself!

Thank you both again for your kind intentions!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yes Becky, and I think it’s because full figure women look healthier

I think you are right. I just don’t think a skinny woman could really fill out that baby doll pictured below. It would be somehow lacking something. And your blog makes a good point about us larger women can be just as healthy as average weight women too! It is an idea that needs more exposure in our weigh loss obsessive culture.
Women's Plus Size Lingerie - Stretch Knit Chemise - Style#10295X - Sizes 1X-3X

Anonymous: If you are reading this I am sorry about the delay in finding whom to write to about future full busted bra design. A family emergency is at upon us. I will get back to this issue of what large busted women want in future bras as soon as I can!