Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AquaMarine! Thank you for your info the Kalyani Large Cup Size Bras!

Thank you for your info about how well they hold up under what wash and wearing conditions! Saying you sometimes, exercise in the Kalyani Natural Charm large cup bras also says much about their comfort, durability and over all value. Other readers, who are interested, check out AquaMarine’s reply to the 4/27/09 post below.

Another thing she cleared up a bit for me, and possibly other women, is the reluctance to order from a company who naturally uses another currency than we are accustomed to.

She, in the USA, has ordered from Bravissimo and found that it comes to just as it appears when I select US dollar before browsing Bravissimo, Yes they really are sometimes much cheaper than US companies! However, the dollar/pound exchange rate does change. It just happens to be good for us USA buyers right now. It does make it an excellent time to take advantage of Bravissimo’s currently much better prices on full figure bras and panties! Especially true if you like pretty sets!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 Pretty Large Cup Bras, one at great savings!

Thank you again AquaMarine! More on that tomorrow, likely. As of this posting, this Freya Millie bra is available in sizes 32, 34 and 36J in its pink color below for just $$28! It may be available in other sizes 32 to 38GG to J in pink at that excellent price too. But if I took the time to check you might your chance to get your size, if it is still available. Just click on its picture to shop for it.

Another excellent price for Freya large cup size bras
is their Jolie bras, $19.84 to $29.84 less at Bravissimo than at Her Room and Bare Necessities. That bra is found in their Everyday Essentials in sizes up to 38J. That’s it’s picture below.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks AquaMarine! I would still love to find Seamless Large Cup Bras too

AquaMarine it is good to hear from you again. Close to seamless is still good. I figure having four of the same large cup bras is a pretty high recommendation too! Do they hold up well with such a high, for a bra, cotton content? Out of curiosity, where did you find Kalyani bras in cup sizes up to KK?

Bratique Helene’s blog post of 4/22 covers the topic of t-shirt, or seamless, bras for the full busted. She concludes in saying that over a G cup size, you just have too much breast tissue for a seamless bra cup to properly support.

I wonder if this is why the Elomi bra you were so kind as to review for us seems to be no longer available in cup sizes up to K. I find some stores carry it in cup sizes up to H, and that is about it.

Maybe it is just accepted in the bra industry that H cup sizes in seamless is all they can support?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you Bratique Helene! Have any experience with Kalyani Large Cup Bras?

Thank you for your replies! I though Midnight Grace was exclusive to Figleaves. Do you have any experience with their bras? I have not and they have few reviews so far. Also, do you know about, or have had experience with Kalyani’s large cup bras. AquaMarine, a reader of this blog, wrote me last summer about a near seamless style they have. It could be this high cotton, perfect for summer, bra below.

Last summer she and I were looking for the elusive seamless, larger than a J cup bra. I found one, now that Elomi full figure bra seems to be available in cup sizes up to H at best.

Bratique Helene , do you know why seamless, larger than J cup size bras are either rare, or unavailable?

Additionally, concerning halter dresses and shirts: I find the urban fashions stores:
Rocawear Women's Clothing
All have halter, and some strapless, dresses and shirts. They also have a good selection of racer back dresses and shirts with unique back styles! Check out the alternate views when shopping these stores.
Dereon has a satiny off one shoulder dress, currently featured at the top of our Dresses page. I love the unique fashions at these stores!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urban Fashions and Plus Size Dresses

Lately I have been featuring hip hop fashions by Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms and Dereon at our Dresses page. I normally feature dressier dresses there. For a change of pace, here is one from Rocawear.
Rocawear by Jay-Z
One of the beautiful things about this one is you can wear a bra with it. Unlike many of the other dress styles I have seen earlier this year, with racer backs of unique styles.
If you check out Rocawear’s Plus Size and Dereon’s Curvelicious New arrivals now, you will find original styles using greens and yellows. Baby Phat new arrivals feature pinks, white and persimmon colors in muted and bold prints. Like their new butterfly unicorn dress below. Baby Phat's simple t-shirt in this design too. This dress, alas, has a simple racer back.
Shop Baby Phat
Apple Bottoms new arrivals are still leaning heaviely toward aqua and darker blue hues, where strapless and racer back styles a plenty in both dresses and tops.
Shop Apple Bottoms
There is a chiffon Apple Bottoms dress in nearly this style at Apple Bottoms now too.

I like Dereon for dressier styles, which you will often find our above mentioned dresses page. For dailywear, I like Rocawear’s dresses. This one has a very modest, I think you could wear a bra with it, triangular keyhole back, and pockets!
Rocawear by Jay-Z
Rocawear has several simple, yet new and original plus size dresses in their new arrivals.

I wanted to call attention to them here, because I am not sure they belong on a page with formal dresses, but they might belong in your wardrobe.

Rocawear also has a nice selection of vests you can see on our women’s suits page. I love vests because they hide muffin top without adding bulkiness around the arms.

I am convinced that one day I will wear mine with bikini tops underneath on hot summer days. I am always planning to be cooler and drier in the summer. Whether it is summer dresses, or bikini tops and vests, remains to be seen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Find Panache’s Large Cup Bra for $27 less!

Bravissimo and Bare Necessities both have Panache’s beautiful Ariza large cup bras. At Bravissimo you will find them for $41 in sizes up to 40K. These same bras are available at Bare Necessities in sizes up to 38J and 40HH for $68.

The matching brief style panty is available at Bravissimo for $19.97 in sizes up to 18, in stock, 20 on order. They also have the thong, for $17.01, in sizes up to 20. At Bare Necessities, the brief is available in sizes up to 14 for $32.

Granted the shipping, if you are not in the UK, from Bravissimo might cost a bit more than from Bare Necessities, but it really does show how much it could pay to shop around a bit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

45% to 70% off Plus Size Bras already on sale!

Just My Size, whose bra sales I had already written about yesterday, now gives us 20% off your order at their store until 4/19/09! Click on this offer’s link below to view what they currently have on sale to enjoy your maximum discount!
Get 20% Off Your Total Order at Use promo code: 611230 at checkout. Valid 4.17.09-4.19.09.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

25% off Full Figure Bras & buy 1 get 1 half price on Large Cup Size Bras!

Just My Size is having a 25% off their specialty bras. They have a wide selection of plus size bras, sports bras and leisure bras. I am not sure what they mean by specialty bras, but Bali’s very popular Satin Tracings full figure bras are included in this sale. As far as I have seen over the years, Just My Size has the best selection of plus sizes in that bra, up to bra size 50I.

Just My Size is also having a buy one, get one at 50% off sale on their Playtex Secrets full figure bras as well. You will find both of these offers by using this Specialty Bra Sale - 25% Off at! This offer is valid through May 3rd. link.

Figleaves is the only place you will find a brand called Midnight Grace. They make D to G cup size bras, and matching panties. Their Anemone bras and panties, pictured below, are part of a buy one get one ½ price offer. These bras, panties and thongs are part of this offer.

The bras come in sizes up to 38D to G and the panties up to a equivalent of US size 14.
Midnight Grace has four other lingerie styles at Figleaves now. These large cup size bras are nicely priced and very pretty!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A couple of fantastic dresses you might want to preorder

This is the first time I have seen two plus size dresses I looked at in a row that are available for preorder only. OK, that is not counting prom dresses.
Baby Phat’s Marylin halter below and Silhouettes beaded featured near the top of our Dresses page. That beautiful dress will be in stock on 7/20/09 in sizes 12 to 24, but is in stock in size 26 now!
You can preorder this dress in sizes 14 to 24 for expected arrival on about 6/15/09
Shop Baby Phat
Baby Phat also has some perfectly peachy print tops and a solid pale rose bouse prefect for spring, as well as this nice sale offer below!
Shop Baby Phat
Apple Bottoms also has some beautiful new dresses in their plus size section. As usual some of these dresses are already out of stock in some sizes. They have a nice discount offer too!
Shop Apple Bottoms

Friday, April 03, 2009

An astonishing bra fit find! How not to have your armpits poked by underwires!

This AM I put one of my favorite large cup bras, but set it one column of its closure tighter. Before today, once I got this bra in the cup size it fits me best in, J, I resigned my self to wearing it until I got home and changing. This bra fits and lifts great, but poked my underarm. Now wearing it set one column tighter, it does not!

For some reason I find two Panache bras that appear to be the same, yet are listed at Figleaves in 2 different placesa and have differnt names One is called Super Bra Tango II Underwire Balcony Bra, while this one, in its pretty sky blue below, is called Tango underwire Balconette bra. They Appear to be the same. Does anyone reading know what the difference between a balcony and a balconette bra is?

I wonder if this happens to be in Bratique Helene’s wealth of bra fitting knowledge. I am saving asking her for a quieter day here. It likely is, I did not have the time to read it all. Her blog post of 3/30/09 features Books on Boobs. I hope to get back to read more of that over the weekend!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Plus Size Bra and Panty sets, for $18 & some $18 Large Cup Size Bras!

Here is a handy guide to Bra Terminology from Full Figure Plus. This is good because the myriad of terms make bra shopping, and fitting confusing sometimes. For a more extensive advice, the intimates’ stores in the left hand column have lots of info! For what it is worth, when I write about large cup bras I am referring to bras with cup size that go up to at least G or larger. I concentrate on finding these bras on sale, as they are so very expensive, to me anyway.

This makes this bra below a surprising find. This large cup Goddess bra is now just $18 at Swimsuits for All, though sadly only available in sizes 38G, 38H and 40H, this could be an example of the affordable finds you could run into on sale there!
Plus Size Bras at Swimsuits for All
Swimsuits for All has very inexpensive plus size bras by Delta Burke, and other bra makers of around $12 and $18 bra and panty sets! They also carry other more well-known full figure bras as you can see if you click on their banner below, and plus size lingerie as well.