Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The New Elomi Carmen Plunge Bra for Less

Almost $10 less, already!

No sooner than I ordered my Elomi Carmen Plunge Bra from Her Room that I found this style starting at $54.36 to $57.46 New with Tags at eBay Stores.

That said, I needed the paler color, and the only ones available in my size were black…
Possibly next time for me!

FYI Elomi Carmen Bras NWT for Less

In the last post here I found this style $64 at all stores. Here is a brief breakdown of 3 of the 4 available for less at eBay stores, using this Elomi Carmen Bras New with Tags, Buy it Now prices at eBay stores link.
  • $54.36 Black sizes 38 to 42FF to HH
  • $55.87 32 to 44DD to JJ
  • $57.46 Sand color 32 to 42, 
  • but in 32GG, H and HH only…oh sob… 

You can view the black one well in the post just before this one, or click on the link to these styles at eBay stores above.
Here is a picture of the sand colored one with the Carmen panties!

Just occurred to me to see what Amazon has for Elomi Bras! Consider this below a bit of a test: Having looked, they have the normal price for the Carmen Plunge bras, but others well worth browsing if you, like I, are a fan of Elomi Bras!



Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finally an Elomi Bra that comes in 32 Band Sizes!

Also in sizes Up to 34 to 40JJ, 42GG, 44G and 46DD

For some time now, (I think about 2 years), I have made comments to Elomi on Facebook and Twitter, (occasionally), along the lines of Oh Please make your bras in 32 band sizes!

I believe I might have mentioned how some full figure women are fuller in the hips, yet slighter, in some ways, above their waists…

I am thrilled to run into this, one so far, Elomi bra that comes in:
  • bra sizes 32GG to JJ, as well as
  • 34G to JJ
  • 36 to 40D to JJ
  • 42D to GG
  • 44D to G 
  • and 46D and DD. 

So far I am finding them at Bigger Bras, Bare Necessities and Her Room. They do not qualify for the former two stores current discounts, and are $64 at all three stores.

Her Room however has this excellent Free $20 Gift Card when you spend $100+ at HerRoom! Exclusions apply. Limited time offer, ends 12/18/15. Shop lingerie!! I have enjoyed this sort of thing from Her Room in the past and highly recommend it! The $20 gift cert you get this year will be good until the end of 1/28/16.

Naturally this is also a good way to add to our Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon points, if you have joined this free program. I have and you can read about the pros & cons, as I see it, of Her Room’s VIPoints program here if you like.

Elomi’s Carmen Plunge, with Stretch Cups, (and convertible to Racer Back) Bras

This is the black in this style, and I am so thrilled about their finally doing a 32 band size bra, I will show a picture of this one below it in its sand color!

This is just a picture, but you can find a link to Her Room in this blog's right column.

These plunge underwire bras feature Elomi’s usual 4 part, (or 3 part with additional side support panel), cups.

However this particular one has stretch crochet look top panel across the tops of its cups. This bra’s one current reviewer says ‘makes them more adjustable for a smoother fit’.

This is just a picture of this bra and matching panty in the above mentioned sand color!
These are available in sizes M to 4X. If you click on the above bra pictured in black and scroll down, you can find these panties at Her Room on the right.

This is a picture of this bra using its J hook to make the racer-back conversion! You can wear it regular style too of course.

Elomi has plenty of great plunge bras and convertible, to racer-back, bras, and full cup bras of course, in large cup and band sizes too!

Until now, I have never seen, (and oh boy did I look!), them in band size 32 until today! I am so glad they made at least one bra style, and that it is a plunge style, in this smaller band size!

I plan to make both of these, (black and sand), OK... at least one, in to my current wee budget!

I had to make the move to Curvy Kate, (32JJ balcony), from the Elomi bras, (full cup and plunge 34HH), I loved, due to diet and exercise for health reasons.

I did try Freya…going through plenty of exchanges and finally returns, at Her Room. I ended up giving up on Freya for me. Pity as I really love their appearance…

I will likely stick with the Curvy Kate balcony styles, as I am so tired of the full cup bras at this point…I believe I wore them for too many years.

That said, I hope Elomi makes more plunge styles in this 32GG to JJ cup size range.

If they do, I will certainly be thrilled to try them!

Her Room was excellent about the whole exchange and return process back when I was giving the Freya styles, and sizes, a go.

Their Gift Certs are nice and so is the VIPoints incentive.



Tuesday, December 08, 2015

20% Off Sexy Sleepwear at Her Room

Currently Her Room has this deal above running which includes plus size lingerie styles by Oh La La Cheri, Dream Girl, Shirley of Hollywood and Seven ‘Til Midnight!

They also have a 60% off sleepwear, 30% off Their Very Best by Bali, Vanity Fair, Maidenform and more!

Here is a look at a few of the current

20% Off Plus Size Lingerie styles

This Beyonce Satin Corset and Thong Set is available in sizes 32 to 44 and one of the 8 full figure lingerie styles and 3 hosiery styles by Dream Girl now at 20% Off!


If you are on the lighter side of plus, you might want to check out the other styles by Dream Girl and the rest too as they are all on sale for 20% Off!

Naturally if you belong to Her Room’s VIPoints loyalty program, this is a nice way to rack up more points!

This Seven ‘til Midnight Floral Lace and Mesh Bustier and Thong set is available in SM to 4X, just $33 full price and one of this brands 6 full figure styles on sale now!


This Oh La La Cheri V Plunge Skirted Teddy is available in sizes 1X to 4X, one of their 7 lingerie styles and two panty styles at this 20% off event! Included in this event is their $12 pearl thongs!


This is one of Shirley of Hollywood’s more PG lingerie styles. Many are open cup styles. This 3 piece plus size peignoir baby doll set comes in pink and black as well in sizes 1X to 4X.


This is just one of their 17 plus size lingerie styles at Her Room, now on sale!

I do not know how long this event is on, so browse it soon!



Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wear Your Heels with a Smile This Season

Sole Serum is made to target and relieve Foot Pain

I got mine during the summer because I have other feet problems, and still cannot get to a podiatrist yet, and it works for them (my doctor says calluses growing in my feet, gulp)!

Aiming to write share this info with other women who actually have pain from high heels, I wore my 4 inch heels around the house a bit this summer, without using Sole Serum and found they hurt less than my above mentioned feet problem.

As the problem with my feet got worse lately, and it hurts no matter what I am wearing on my feet. So I have tried Sole Serum and It Works!

Also, for me it seems to have a cumulative effect:

I put it on in the early morning, (6 Am), before giving our dog his approx. 1 hour walk
Then again later around midday
The results are no more pain for the rest of the day into night, (which include our dog’s approx. 1 hour PM walk)

While it says it works by blocking the foot’s pain signals, it does not produce a numbing feeling like novacane does. I am still aware of the parts of my feet I use it on, they just do not hurt like _ell!

So I would highly recommend trying this while Sole Serum while the price is nice! I have no idea how long their Now just $16.99! deal will last…Says $16.99 as I post this!

They are also offering Free Shipping on purchases over $30!


I believe the shipping deal ends sometime next June…

According to Sole Serum’s Story page: FORBES named Sole Serum one of 2014’s most innovative health and beauty products,
and Sole Serum has been featured in publications like:
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Health
  • Self
  • Seventeen
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Essence
  • Brides
  • and US Weekly 

So apparently it is not just working for me

While I am still planning to get to a podiatrist, I am sure glad this exists and I can get some relief until I get around to that!



Monday, November 23, 2015

50% Off Avenue Boots Plus an Extra $10 Off Too

Avenue has boots in sizes 7 to 13 in wide and extra wide widths, (wide calf too!), which all appear to be on sale at 50% Off now!

We can, with this CJ Exclusive - Extra $10 Off Any Boot With Code AVSHOE10 get these styles for even less!

Here are just a few, of the 58, Avenue’s Booties, Boots and Mid-Calf boots on sale now!

Three Highly Rated Boots

These three are now $32 to $37, before the extra $10 off!

All of these styles
  • Come in sizes 8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½ and 10 to 13
  • In Wide or Extra Wide and Calf
  • With Cushioned Inner Soles
  • And Non-Slip Outer Soles
  • And have Zipper sides 

Avenue’s Montreal Sweater Cuff Engineer Boot comes in Black and Brown colors and has a 4.5 star average out of its current 10 reviews!

 Avenue Montreal Sweater Cuff Engineer Boot 

Their Austin Fringe Bootie is a wide width style with a 4.5 star average out of its current 13 reviews. These pretty booties come in brown and black colors. Besides the overall beauty of this style, I also like the 2 inch stacked heels!

 Avenue Austin Fringe Bootie 

Avenue’s Fremont Faux Suede Buckle Boot has extra wide calves, (and stretch goring at the back to ensure comfort) and comes in extra wide width in grey, black and brown. Avenue Fremont Faux Suede Buckle Boot 

These boots have a 4.5 star rating out of their current 22 reviews!
These are now $35 at 50% Off!

If you decide to purchase, just remember to use the code in the text link above when checking out to get the best price!

Actually it appears Avenue’s New Arrivals are on sale at 50%, as I write this.
I do not know how long this sale runs…



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

50% Off E.L.F. Today!

And an Apology

Today we can enjoy All of E.L.F.’s excellent makeup and beauty products at 50% Off!

They have this as Singles Day. I am pretty sure this is Veterans Day.

However, if we use code SINGLES today, on a minimum order of $30, can get our purchases at 50% Off, until the end of today!

I Am Sorry Most of the Links to E.L.F. on this Blog Do Not Work

Bet you thought this would be an apology about their calling 11/11 Singles Day!
I cannot apologize for that, as I have no idea what that is about, for E.L.F….

No. This is the 2nd time I have found links to E.L.F. that worked when I put them here not working…
So far this one below continues to work, so I am going with this one, which I will also keep in this blog’s right column, until, (I so hope this does not happen), it stops working…

 e.l.f. cosmetics 

I apologize for any inconvenience anyone has found trying to find E.L.F. products and deals I have recommended here in the past,
or today using previous posts on this blog.

I will try to fix this, as soon as I find my day extender…
Having done this before,
I will likely just post pictures of products here,
rather than their pictures with links straight to them here in future.

I know we can shop E.L.F. locally now, but CVS, Walmart do not have all their products, nor do they have excellent deals like this one today!



Thursday, November 05, 2015

New Kiyonna Sparkly and Shimmering Holiday Styles

With a possible 20% Off discount available!

Kiyonna’s beautiful full figure fashions tend to cost a bit more, but when dressing for special occasions, you might want to have a few of their new dresses and other separates on hand!

Currently Kiyonna has both shimmering metallic and sequined dresses and skirts in, as well as a sumptuous velvet maxi slit skirt and other totally beautiful special event gowns in New Arrivals

These are just pictures below of these new styles below but you can use their Use code FALL 2015, until 11/15/15 to get 20% Off purchases of $150 or more at Kiyonna.com link to go to Kiyonna and find them all in New Arrivals!

Kiyonna’s New Party Skirt Styles

All of these styles are available in sizes 10 to 32, or 0X to 5X.

The off center slit of this fantastic velvet skirt creates its faux wrap look. Easy to wear and feel at ease in so you can enjoy events without appearance concerns! Too new for reviews, as I believe all of these styles below, still I would think this skirt would be a pleasure to wear, comfort wise!

This is a picture of their new velvet opulence skirt in olive

and again, worn with a tucked in top, in rich burgundy! 

Kiyonna’s Baroque Sequin skirt only comes in this gold color. This light weight skirt is fully lined for comfort and has an elastic waist band.

Kiyonna shows a picture of with styled with a white blouse tucked in and that way looks very nice too

This is the red shimmer version of their classic A-line cut Limited Edition Shimmer Circle Skirt, which also is available in silver shimmer. This metallic lace skirt also has a comfortable lining!

New Party Dresses and Gowns

Their Metallic Mavin Lace Dress is also a Limited Edition style and only available in this maple shimmer metallic lace.
The flattering A-line dress is well worth checking out from all angles available at its description, to better appreciate its pretty V-back styling and lace shoulder style.

Their Grand Gatsby Gown features two different types of sequins throughout. This style is available in this solid onyx

and this way, with the rose gold center insert, front and back! 

Their Velvet Luxe Wrap Dress is a true wrap style, with dolman sleeves, which comes in this green, as well as black, teal and purple!

While this wrap gown is available in all sizes 10 to 32 in this green and black, it is down to sizes 10 to 20, (0X to 2X), in teal and purple…

Kiyonna fashions are a bit pricey, but they look, and feel wonderful! This morning I checked out Kiyonna Fashions, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores and found 287 of them, starting at $8.50 to $20!
That said, there are just a few, and then they rapidly go up to $30 to $40
Which is Still half price in many cases!

This link could be worth checking out often, especially if you keep money in PayPal. I recently had a great Bravissimo bra eBay purchase, which would have gone a lot faster, and smoother, had I simply used PayPal first.
Even so, the bra showed up a week earlier than anticipated!
More on that later…



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two E.L.F. Halloween Deals that end Tomorrow

Currently we can Score one of five top-rated favorites for FREE with any $15 purchase! Offer valid 10/13-10/19 with promocode MYSTERY! These enclude:
  • Contouring Kabuki Brush
  • Bronzer Pallet
  • Blemish Control Primer
  • Perfect Finish HD Powder
  • or Studio Blush Palette Light 
Considering how much make up and beauty products we can get with $15 at E.L.F., a real nice deal!

E.L.F. Halloween Looks Kits for $5

We can also enjoy e.l.f. Halloween Kits just $5! Get boo-tiful at scary-good savings! For a limited time only our Halloween kits are just $5 ($8 - $12 value). Offer Valid 10/9-10/19. which are pretty nice cosmetics to have on hand the rest of the year too!
This is what we get with their Devil look kit And this their Angel kit. They also have a
  • Cat
  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • Glam 
  • and Flapper kits! 

Last month I wrote about their exfoliating cleansing cloths, and am still loving them!
Also, I mentioned how their Illuminating eye cream was not irritating my eyes.
The only eye cream can use on my lids which has not done that. Still true!
I highly recommend both of these!

Since then Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards have come out and
E.L.F.’s Daily Hydration Moisturizer is a winner to them.
My daughter enjoys it too, for whatever that is worth.
She Is more consistent with usage than I ever am apt to be!

Sorry I could not get this post out sooner…



Thursday, October 15, 2015

New and Going Fast Sculptresse by Panache up to 46HH – J Bras

I see Panache’s Sculptresse full figure bra line is getting excellent reviews and has new styles in! I am going to show the limited sizes left but highly rated ones in this post 1st, just in case you are interested in trying them.

Panache’s Sculptresse bras aim to provide elegance, support and comfort for women who need bras in the 36 to 46D to J cup size range! Their matching panties come in sizes L to 6XL and I see Her Room also has an underwire bra sized sheer baby doll, (Sculptresse by Panache 7718 Paradise Babydoll Top), currently on sale, limited sizes…

Limited Sizes Sculptresse Full Figure Bras

This beautiful Liberty balconette has 2 excellent reviews from women who wear sizes 40GG and 36F. One just wants these bras to come in other sizes as well!

Click on its picture to find this style at Her Room, in limited sizes.

If you decide to purchase, be sure to take advantage of their totally free Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon! You can read about my experience with Her Room’s VIPoints if you like. Also I noticed, they Do Not flood you with emails if you join!


Her Room has the Sculptresse Flirtini full cup bras in this cherry spot color

Bare Necessities in this fishnet design


Either way they, like the Liberty bras, are available in limited sizes , but there are no reviews for either.

Newer Panache Sculptresse Full Figure Bras

Their new Kitty full cup bras are still available in 34 and 36E to H, 38E to HH and 40 to 46D to HH sizes!


Their relatively new Charisse full cup bras are still available in most of its 36 too 38E to HH, and 40E to GG, 42D to G, 44D, DD and E and 46F and J size range.


 OK, so this one seems to be a bit limited in sizes already too…

A Sculptresse Bra that is on its 3rd color

Their Chi Chi full cup bras are available in two full price and one sale color in, what is left of what could have been the 36 to 42D to HH and 44D to FF size range.

They likely came in sizes up to 46HH, maybe larger, as well but up to 44FF is what is left of this style at the moment, at Her Room…


The Chi Chi bras have 6 very good reviews at Her Room and I Bare Necessities as well, (Sculptresse 38GG Blue Leopard Chi Chi Full Cup Bra), in this blue animal version, in limited sizes…

If you need large band and cup size bras, looks like Panache’s Sculptresse bras might be well worth trying, they sure do not stay in stock long!

Also, I am not finding them for less at eBay stores. I looked.