Monday, October 31, 2005

Looking for a petite ladies suit at a great price?

Right now at's online store, you’ll find a short sleeve skirt suit at $15.99. This is a beautiful tailored suit, built along the lines Edith Head might have dressed up actresses for Hitchcock movies in. Dove grey with white collar and cuffs. Plus a white flower corsage pin!

Owing to the great price on a lovely women’s suit, appropriate for business or special occasions alike, they are down to 4 available sizes, as apposed to last week’s 5 sizes. But if you need a great cheap suit in women’s Petite sizes 6P, 10P, 16P or 20P, check these suits out soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A good source of washable, reasonably priced women’s suits up to size 26W, and Petite sizes up to 20P!

Well it’s taken a while, and a bit of looking around, but I finally found a good source of women’s suits. Figure flattering suits. Many of which are suitable for business and / or special occasions.

At you can find flattering skirt and pants suits for as little as $15.99, less in petite sizes! You can read about one of their figure friendly pants suits.

Or check out the current shipping special here, at the top corner of this page!
They actually carry suits in sizes 8W to 26W and 6P to 20P. Or that’s the size range I found there so far.

You can view pictures of the swatches of fabric for each color their apparel comes in, by clicking on the “color / style” button next to most of the suit's pictures. That’s so much nicer than wondering what shade of “leaf” or some other color, an online store is talking about.

Before finding Blair, I kept finding ladies suits whose jackets stopped at the waist. Not figure flattering for many women I know.

I’m pretty impressed! It seems the top price for a women’s suit there is $49.99. At those prices, you could by several suits, and mix them with your existing separates and other suits. You'd be ready to dress for anything!

You’d just have to choose carefully. But their pictures of color swatches will make that easier. And their suits can be had for as little as $15.99. That makes it easier all around!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Getting ready for the slopes or any other outdoor winter sports or activities?

Looking for some great outdoor active wear for skiing, walking, or outdoor sports? Need a great jacket to keep you warm while watching the kids sleigh riding?

Found some great women’s, high quality, washable ski pants and a ski jacket in sizes 14W to 32W. The pants come in petite and regular lengths as well!

If you are like me, it’s not likely you’ll be keeping your place as warm this year as you did last winter. You really don’t want to get home with a bad chill to shake off.

These ski pants and jackets are pricey, yet made to last. Your home heating gas or oil will be gone when it’s used up. These high quality ski pants and jackets will help motivate you out the door, where you can warm up by moving around, and return home easily warmer than when you left!

You’ll want them to clean off the car, shovel the driveway and walk, and of course to ski in too!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Need a pale pink dress shoe in an extra wide width?

Earlier this month I wrote about Shoe Buy’s sale center. Currently there you’ll find Naturalizer’s “Galley”, a narrow heeled pump in a pale pink color, nectar leather, on sale at 22% off! These 1 ¾ inch heeled pumps have a ballerina motif. Very feminine!

They also come in a black and black fabric color. They black colors are not on sale, but they are reasonably priced to begin with.

Naturalizer has several heeled wide width women’s shoes that come in widths up to extra wide. In the sale center at currently you'll find more Naturalizer women’s wide shoes in widths up to extra wide:

  • heeled pumps
  • closed toed sling backs
  • ankle strapped heeled dress shoes
  • narrow heeled sandals

All of which would make nice dress shoe, some good for both special occasions and business footwear.

Naturalizer also has a comfort shoe in two colors on sale there.

And that just what the online store has by Naturalizer in their sale center in widths up to extra wide!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Found Trotters’ classic narrow heeled pumps in extra wide widths!

Earlier this month I wrote about narrow heeled pumps, but they were only available in widths up to wide.

Trotters has several classic pumps this fall, that I’ve found so far, that come in widths up to extra wide. Well they come in regular and narrow too.

One style is their “Lana” which has a narrow 2 ¼ inch heel. These are simple, undecorated slip-on pumps. They come in deep, rich fall colors of red, navy and mocha. They have genuine kid or patent leather uppers.

For comfort features they provide a padded foot bed and flexible soles. And they are beautiful classic pumps. You’ll find them at I know they are there presently.

Where ever you find them, they'd make stylish dress or business shoes. Handy colors for any fall wardrobe!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Where and how to get 65% off brand name women’s shoes anytime

Found a Sale Center at Shoe Buy’s online store where you can get 65% off women’s shoes of any width and size by brand name shoe makers like Rockport and Naturalizer and many more.

Find out how to do this quickly, and the other reasons you might want to do your online shoe shopping at that online store by clicking here! Or just play with their Sale Center search engine by going here “Shoes up to 65% off! ".

They have lots of specials and sales on their regularly priced footwear too. And they have a 110% price guarantee. If you find your Shoe Buy purchase at a lower price on any non-auction website, their online store will refund you 110% of the price difference.

And that’s just one of the many good reasons to shop for women’s shoes of all widths at their online store!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Found more of these Classic pumps, with a 2 ¼ inch heel, by Rockport, but in 5 fall colors, also available in wide widths!

More fall colors in classic pumps by Rockport! These 2 ¼ inch narrow heeled pumps will also provide some slimming effect. Though likely not quite as much as their 2 ½ inched “Queensburg” pumps. But these 2 ¼ inch heeled “Pasadena” shoes come in Navy and Rich Red too! The Pasadena pumps come in widths narrow, regular and wide. The Queensburg shoes are available in narrow as well as medium and wide widths.

Both have the same excellent provisions for comfort in long term walking features. Both have the same traction and durability features. The durability features make these shoes a great investment. These stylish, quality pumps will never go out of fashion!

They seem to be going fast though. They are both available at and!. So if one store does not have your shoe size and width, the other might! Both of these online stores carry wide width women’s shoes and both have free shipping and free returns!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Classic, yet narrow heeled, so visually slimming pumps. In widths narrow to wide, loaded with comfort features!

Well it’s definitely fall! Getting a bit chilly for sandals. But just right for these Rockport shoes I found lately at These are narrow, but not stiletto, 2 ½” heeled pumps. Classic pumps in black, chocolate brown and tan, how’s that for fall colors. They come in widths up to wide in sizes 5 to 11.

I certainly would love to take advantage of this shoe’s visually slimming narrow heel! These shoes would be nice dress shoes, good for career wear and I’d like to wear them with jeans too. But I’d likely forget myself and get them scuffed up. Like I can afford to buy then wreck a pair of dress shoes!

I’m all for comfort and dual usages in clothing, shoes too!

As for comfort features these women’s wide shoes, they come in narrow to wide, have them! They have an extra deep heel cushion and a forefoot construction made to prevent foot fatigue. If that was not enough, they have a moisture absorption feature and rubber soles for traction!

Of course rubber soles are just the thing for shy people, like me, who want to wear heels. QUIET!