Friday, May 28, 2010

Astonishing sales and discounts on Plus Size Fashions and Full Figure Bras

I am so astonished; I even took to time to shop a few before writing this! I shopped the Roaman's - Deals Of The Week and Discount! They have 4 sales running you can apply a 30% discount to.

You will find details about them near the top of our Plus Size Women’s Clothing page. Where you will also find details about Avenue’s Buy 1 get 1 at 50% off, naturally much of their apparel is on sale too! Like sun dresses for $22.90!

Roaman’s is also having a major, up to 70% off bra sale, details are near the top of our Full Figure bras page, and you can apply the 30% off discount there too!

You will find lots of full figure and large cup size bras at Bare Necessities’ Memorial Day weekend sale. Many of them will be on sale in their discontinued colors…(For years I have recommended Bare Necessities for this especially.)

So much so with this sale, that if you use their Memorial Day Sale at Savings Starting at 25% Off! Exclusions apply, ends 06.01.10 to go to the sale, you might just as well click on the Shop the Sale by you Bra Size option, on your left after you scroll down a bit.

Now for the truly astonishing part:
This Panache Harmony large cup bra, which I happen to be wearing to day, one of my favorites, is on sale, for $28, in all 6 available colors! I am finding it in several band sizes in cup sizes up to JJ and band sizes up to 40FF.
Click on its picture to see if your size is available in this excellent, very UP LIFTING bra, at HALF PRICE!

Seems like all stores, especially your favorites, should be checked out for early sales this holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A dress I highly recommend for just $34.50 at Baby Phat

Baby Phat is having a 2 hour, 50% off sale, right now, 1 to 3pm est. In it is this dress I just got, along with a few other things, from Baby Phat. Tried it on, in purple, this am! Loved it!
Started to try it on with lots of other stuff in my closet…as a jumper, under jackets…
looked at the time, and had to stop.
Click this dress now to see what select styles are on sale at 50% off at Baby Phat, until 3 today!
If I am trying to get away from my near uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, is having a sundress, that I can wear as a jumper too, with t-shirts, as well as blouses, in two colors gonna hinder or help?
Either way, I am defiantly turning to urban wear and classis suit styling for my new look.
Makers of both are helping by give great discounts lately!

Monday, May 24, 2010

3 ways to save on Full Figure Bras this week!

All at Roaman’s! If you wear bras in sizes from 36A up to 40L, 42M, 54K and 58J, you might want to look at Roaman’s semi-annual bra sale! Where you will find full figure bras on sale at up to 70% off! That is just one of 3 ways to save on bras at Roaman’s!
  • Use the code in the One Stop Plus text link, above our Jessica London banner link, in this page’s right column for further discounts. 
  • Once you order, you will be in rolled in their buy 5 get 1 free bra club. Details are available at each bra’s description!

The sale you will find this highly rated underwire Goddess bras in sizes up to 42G and 46DDD for just $30! You can find out where to get them in large cup sizes by reading Goddess Keira large cup bras.

They also have other Goddess soft cup bras at this sale too.

They have their popular Comfort Choice leisure Pretty Lace Cami full figure bras, now just $22.50 to $25 and the ever popular Satin Tracings Bali Bras below, for just $20 to $23!

They also have this Aviana wire free bra,

which appears to be the wireless version of Aviana’s underwire comfort minimizer bras below.
 32 - 46 D, DD, DDD, G, H
This underwire version above has ratings on a par with the soft cup at Roaman's, but only comes in cup sizes up to H…

Below is what I believe to be the same soft cup bra as the one above on sale at Roaman’s. If you click on it, you will find it in comparable sizes, but for $46.50. Even with Bigger Bras’ 10% discount, the better price is at Roaman’s, today, if they have your size!
 36 - 44 F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M
Enjoy the savings!

Friday, May 21, 2010

20% off Apple Bottoms’ Pretty Young Thing collection

Apple Bottoms’ 20% off discount on their PYT collection is on until 5/25. You will find these dresses below, as well as tops, leggings and skinny jeans in full figure sizes at this sale. Currently Baby Phat has a free shipping offer you can find at the top right of our Urban Fashion page.

If you like the belted shirtwaist look this Denim dress is just $63.20 and available in all plus sizes! It is mostly cotton with some spandex and has pockets!

This, on sale for $55, dress / top is 95% rayon 5% spandex, is also available in all sizes.
But this 100% rayon one shoulder dress is sold out in size 1X, and is $38.40 at this sale.
I’ve taken an interest in Rayon clothing because…

Not only do I really use the info in wearer reviews, I am apparently alos interested in what fictional characters recommend!

As the author of the Dexter books, Jeff Lindsay, lives in Miami I guess I take it seriously when his character Dexter recommends Rayon shirts for Miami weather.
I believe it was mentioned in the first book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)

Yeah, I am still open to all the suggestions given on how to beat the heat!

I believe one of my favorite summer blouses of the past was 100% rayon, that helped also encourages me to pursue this!

Do you have any experience with rayon clothing?

Anyway, the 20% off Apple Bottoms’ Pretty Young Thing sale ends 5/25, so take advantage of it soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

50% off Urban fashions & Plus Size Fashions on Sale with a Coupon!

Today, (between 1 to 3pm est. Baby Phat is having a 50% off sale on select styles of their Soft Lips collection. there are many sales, and you can combine some with discounts!
Click on this Spatter Cat Tee, $14.50 during this sale and available in all plus sizes!

Avenue print sundresses are further marked down to $22.90 and Jessica London is having an up to 70% off site wide sale. You can view a current 50% Off discount, good for both stores at the top of our plus size dresses page.

I like Avenue’s Seam Science T-shirts and tanks, starting at $14.90. Hopefully clicking on this link will take you to all their styles!

You can read about Roaman’s 3 sales and a discount you can use when shopping it at the top of our plus size women’s clothing page.
You will find leggings at 50% and jeans at 60% off by denim 24/7 at Roaman’s semi annual sale, both in petite and tall sizes!

This is the average size above, but these cotton / spandex jeans are just $20 to $22 in all lengths!
I think I have to try these!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Most Excellent Half Price Large Cup Size Bra Purchase from an eBay Seller Experience!

Fastest way to judge how this worked: I did it again, before even writing this!

Last Wed, 5/12/10, I ordered a bra I wanted, in its buttermilk color for years. I even watched it go out of stock everywhere in that color. Now I am wearing the Fantasie’s Mariette bra, #6102, you see below, but in that color, in a size 34J, for just $32.90. That includes shipping and handling! Update 5/21/10: If you like, you can read Fantasie Mariette full figure bras to find out why they have excellent reviews and my wild enthusiasm for them, now that I have worn mine for two days.

Because I brought it at Curves Lingerie by Chamousey and received it just yesterday, 5/17/10.
You can purchase it at Bigger Bras below for $78, in its up to J cup size, or for just $62 in its up to 40G cup sizes, (Fantasie #6103), at Her Room, Fig leaves for $62 and from $43.40, some colors and sizes, to $62 at Bigger Bras.
in bra sizes 32 - 40 GG; 32 - 38 H, HH, J
True it only costs $41.80 at Bravissimo today, but that is before shipping and handling, and its still more than I paid!

I purchased this bra above for 21.49 British pounds which came to $32.90, that is with shipping and handling.

Before writing this, I ordered a Fantasie’s Kara large cup bra in size 34JJ this time from Belle Lingerie.
That cost me 23.44 pounds, which turned out to be $34.79, the price with shipping.

As a rough estimate, it appears that if I add approx. $11.50 to the British pound price that will be my approx us price, at a bra costing around 20 lbs, with shipping and handling!

Below is Fantasie’s Kara bra, at Bigger Bras, in size 34JJ. This bra got a great review from a woman who wears a JJ cup bra. Oh yes, I really do use those reviews!
30 - 40 GG; 30 - 38 H, HH, J, JJ, K
This bra is $84 at Bigger Bras in sizes up to 40GG and 38K, $74 in smaller cup sizes up to 40D to G. It is the same price at Her Room, and Figleaves, (but Bigger Bras does have their usual 10% discount on their pages), where it gets excellent reviews!
Mine will cost $34.79. Hey you can do this too!

I ordered it in Mocha color and went with JJ because, the cups on the Fantasie bra I am now wearing, from Chamousey, at 34J are a bit too small. I have been wearing Panache bras for years now. So far, it could be Fantasie cup sizes are a tad smaller?

Last time I wore Fantasie bras, the band sizes were a full size bigger, but I have not read complaints about this in their bras reviews lately, so I went with the 34 and it seems perfect, or exactly like a Panache 34!

At this rate, I will have a fresh bra for every day of the week even if I don’t get around to washing any for 8 days!

Now the real way to save $ on these bras is to get them at auction at eBay sellers:

Fantasie’s Cally bras are among Bigger Bras top ten Customer Favorites Fantasie bras! The strapless version is on sale at Figleaves, $25, in sizes up to 38D in vanilla color.

Bigger Bras has it, below, in sizes up to 30JJ and 32J, for just $59 and in sizes up to 42DD for just $52
some sizes left between 32 - 42 DD

Alternatively, I could bid on this bra in size 34JJ, in a confetti pink color, with a shipping rate of 3 pounds.

That bid ends in 3 hours! There are three of these in stock, all new, with tags. All bids end in 3+ hours. Currently these bids are starting at 2.20, to 4.20 British pounds.

So I bid and it appears I am in a bidding war, I guess it is called…
I will let you know how that went tomorrow, I am up to trying to out bid the current top bid of 4.20 pounds.

And I have never done this before,

But at this rate, even if I bid up to, well it would not be right to post it I guess,

but I believe I could easily end up going from a woman with, soon to be 8 good fitting, supportive bras that I am happy with, to one with, and matching panties!

I will let you know how this goes!

Monday, May 17, 2010

15% off Figleaves brands of Full Figure Bras

Reminder, this is the last day to get Le Mystere Full Fit and Large Cup Bras at 50% off at Bare Necessities, (for now). Read our last post to find out how!

Figleaves has 5 lingerie lines that have either plus size, or large cup size bras. You can read a bit about each at the top of our full figure bras page. Until the end of May you can take 15% off Figleaves’ brand lingerie, (or Figleaves brand anything), by using code fig15usa.

While Figleaves brand bras, so far as I can find, come in sizes up to 42FF, 36GG and 38G, they are all inexpensive compared to the usual large cup size bras and designer plus size and full figure bra styles. Their Midnight Grace and Butterfly Blue lingerie lines especially aim for chic and flirty, but with support. They have rich colors and vivid prints and attention to details!

This Anemone underwire balconette bra, from their Midnight Grace line is a fine example of the above. It comes in 32 to 38D to G, has 3 reviews with a five star average. And is just $36, before the discount!
The Midnight Grace intimates collection also has maternity bras. Matching panties & / or thongs are generally available and some styles even have garter belts, chemise a Basques.

So far as I know, this 15% off discount also should apply to the Figleaves brand items in their outlet store!

For instance, now you will find this Gardenia underwire bra by Midnight Blue still available in seven sizes from 3232F to 38FF, at $16 off in Fig leaves Outlet. You can likely apply their 15% off discount to that too!
Click on its picture to see all the styles currently in the outlet from Figleaves Midnight Grace intimates line.
I will explore and write here about other Fig leaves intimates in full figure and large cup sizes as the month goes on!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Full Figure and Large Cup Size Bras 50% Off!

Until 5/17 Bare Necessities has several Le Mystere bras on sale at 40% off. In addition, Le Mystere is not excluded for the 10% off Bare Necessities offer in this pages right column!

So you can get great bras like Le Mystere’s Full figure Dream Tisha bras and its pretty lace trimmed version and several other for 50% off!

Click on the 10% off Bare Necessities banner to your right, then select Bras on Sale, then use their Brand feature and select Le Mystere, if you like, to shop this sale at the best savings!

These styles seem to be on sale in some colors, and versions of the popular Dream Tisha bra.
This Le Mystere Baroque Tisha bra below being an exception. It gets excellent reviews at Her Room and comes in sizes 32 to 42C to G, in 2 sale, 2 regular priced colors.

Enjoy the savings!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you Samantha & Bentenchosayonara for your comments!

Thank you for commenting on our Did ABC and Fox have a double standard post! I could not agree with you more! I also find some things about this interesting:

Mention of Fox’s Family Guy show. I watch a lot of FOX TV, I figure The Family Guy’s Peter Griffin has to be the most sexually confident character ever! I guess that is easy for a cartoon character…
For some reason, perhaps because in my life, I have been involved with heavy than slender men, I am still amazed that people, at least in advertising apparently, do see full figure women, or men, as attractive and sexy.

I am not surprised that once again Igigi helps lead the way with beautiful styles and thoughtful and percept ideas! Still love that Celebrate your Curves though!
Check out Yuliya Raquel’s, (Igigi’s creator), perspective on size and beauty below!

Here is a link to Igigi’s, now many, lovely videos, which should encourage us all, good music on plenty of them too!

And just because my daughter and I love it, and you might not have caught it the last time I posted it… and talking TV any way… Garcia Rules!

Yes there is something sexy and generally attractive about confidence. Given the general attitude about full figure people in this society, lets take all the encouragement we can get, enjoy and share it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

40% Off any full price Baby Phat item!

Today only, until 11:59 pm est., you can get new arrivals, any full price item at Baby Phat at 40% off. They have beautiful plus size dresses and other trendy plus size fashions, hand bags and accessories!
Baby Phat has several dresses in this style print, as well as a new water color dress from their new Part of the Dream collection. They also have other one shoulder dresses!
I especially like this new feather styled Capri!
It also has hanging feathers at its front right hip and a similar feather graphic on the front.

I would like an opinion, if you have a moment:

Should a 5foot 1.5 inch short woman wear Capri pants?

I have resisted for years, feeling like, oh yeah, what I really need here is a horizontal line? I doubt it but...

What do you think?

Anyway, this 40% off discount is just good for today!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 popular Donna Vinci Women’s Suits you can get at 10% Off!

Womensuits sells luxurious dress suits, and more, and they tend to come in full figure sizes! They just brought 6 of their Donna Vinci suits skirt suits back in stock, for a limited time!
Unbelievably, these suits are
  • Currently in stock in all their sizes. When I look at their suits, this is NEVER the case!
  • You can get them, or any DONNA by Donna Vinci, Vinci Couture, DVC Exclusive, Donna Vinci or Lisa Rene suits at 10% off, until 5/14/10, by using code DONNA when you check out!

I feel I must post these fast, before these women’s suits leave stock again so a brief note about the following.

This off white special occasion suit comes in sizes up to 20W. You can dress it up or down with your own accessories!
Mother of The Bride, Church, Special Occasion Suit by Donna Vinci 2802

This golden silk suit has a unique asymmetrical jacket closure and comes in sizes up to 24W!
Women's Fine High Fashion Designer Special Occasion Church Suit by Donna Vinci 5199

This military styled skirt suit also comes in sizes up to 24W. It is a knit, with front zip closure and feminine tulip hemmed skirt.
Women's Fine High Fashion Designer Special Occasion Church Suit by Donna Vinci 2805

This sunny knit three piece special occasion suit comes in sizes up to 22W.
Women's Fine High Fashion Designer Special Occasion Church Suit by Donna Vinci 2810

Click on this
Women's Fine High Fashion Designer Special Occasion Church Suit by Donna Vinci 5172
link to see this beautiful in its simplicity, silver silk skirt suit. It comes in sizes up to 24W.

Use this
Women's Fine High Fashion Designer Special Occasion Church Suit by Donna Vinci 5170
link to see a lime silk skirt with novelty collar and a detachable modesty panel at its neckline that looks like a camisole, but dresses a lot cooler!

Womensuits has a wide selection of dress and special occasion suits and dresses. You can shop by size, brand, category even color there. They tend to ship free in the continental US.

However, their ladies’ suits go out of stock REAL FAST.

If you are like me, and are always at a loss as to what to wear for special events, this is an excellent opportunity to handle that!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Up to 65% Off Plus Size Jeans at Baby Phat today!

Today, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm est you will find a selection of plus size jeans, Capri, trousers and active wear pants at Baby Phat on sale for as much as 65% off!

Clicking on these Lindsay wash signature skinny jeans below should take you to the page of pants at this sale. From 1 to 3 pm today, it will show their up to 65% off prices! These jeans pictured below are still available in sizes 14 to 24.

It appears a jumpsuit and mini skirt are also in this sale.

This, savings wise, is the best 2 hour Baby Phat sale I have seen yet!

I find their sale section is also worth checking out on a regular basis!