Tuesday, June 29, 2010

50% off Baby Phat Plus Size Dresses, Jeans and Tops

Including plus size blouses I highly recommend for women who wear large cup size bras! It is still available in its white color in all plus sizes!

That instantly fitted blouse and other urban fashion from Baby Phat’s Dream Catcher collection will be on sale at 50% off, for 2 hours, between 1 – 3 pm est. today!

Click on this watercolor, feather print one shoulder dress to see the sale tops, dresses, jeans and pants on sale, between 1-3.
In fact the 3rd blouse I show in my Instantly fitted Plus Size Blouses! One perfect for women who wear Large Cup Size Bras! post is on sale, not just today’s 2 hr sale, for just $30. I got this blouse last week,
with the Knit plus size jeansicon, also on sale, they look great, together, and with other things in my wardrobe already!

Actually, I ordered them one morning last week, they hit the porch the next morning, and I paid standard shipping!

Which was noting compared to:

I live in This Old House. It dose not have central air.

It was very hot upstairs in my bedroom. Yet when I tried this fitted blouse and knit jeans on…

I posed in front of the mirror for quite a while.
I hate the heat
But I had not looked so good in years, and about 30 pounds

The jeans fit so well, and it being summer, I finally knew that knit Capri by Baby Phat
And these Splatter Cat Capri
could only look better than the shorts I normally wear.
I ordered them on Friday, they hit the porch yesterday, Monday, (standard shipping!), and I will be looking a lot better this summer for sure!
Like the blouse, and knit jeans, these Carpi pants are also on sale, every day at $30, which did not hurt either!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bras up to 50% off at Bare Necessities Sale!

Sizes are all over the place at this Bare Necessities sale, and that is a good thing! More typical is their having Freya’s pretty Antoinette large cup bras, at ½ price, in just sizes 36H, 30HH and J.

Unusual is their having Freya’s highly rated Jolie plunge full figure bras, in its amethyst color, at 30% off in sizes 30 to 38D to G.

Enjoy the sale prices while your size lasts.

  • If you click on this bra to go Bare Necessities, 
  • you can then click on the Semi Annual sale banner near the top of their page. 
  • Scroll down to the near the bottom once you do to find the 
  • Shop Clearance by Size option to get to 
  • get your size on sale in the styles you want while they last!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Figleaves’ up to 50% off sale on fine Full Figure Bras and More!

Today is the start of Figleaves’ up to 50% Off Sale! You will find Panache’s Eliza full figure bras, in sizes up to 40HH, in baby pink for just $41, a few of Freya’s Jolie large cup bras left in sizes 30H, HH, 34 and 36GG and 36J for just $49! Just examples of bras I have no doubt mentioned before.

This Faubourg 183 buds and roses cotton bra. One of two Faubourg 183 cottony full figure bras on sale now at Figleaves. I posted a picture of this one below earlier this year. These are now just $41, mostly cotton, great for summer!
iconThese bras are so pretty, and cottony, I wish I could get down to a G cup or the like!

Faubourg 183 also makes these eyelet cotton bras below/ They come in this dark pink color and white at Fig leaves, and pale blue and Bravissimo’s exclusive honey color. Figleaves has them in sizes 30 to 38DD to GG, and Bravissimo has them in up to G cup sizes. Currently they are on sale at Figleaves for just $37 in their pink color. On these bras Fig leaves has a buy a bra and panty set, get 2nd panty free!
Just a small example of the nice prices and lingerie at Figleaves sale! Shop it while you sizes last!

If you want cool cottony, (60% cotton), bust support in up to J cup sizes, Bravissimo, to your lower right, has Vanity Fair’s Pure large cup bras in black and white colors!
Click on this banner below to go to Fig leaves up to 20% off sale!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plus Size Dresses at 25-50% off at Baby Phat

Today, between 1 to 3pm est, you can find select plus size dressess by Baby Phat on sale at 25% to 50% off! You will find other discounts on urban fashions by Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Dereon and Rocawear on our urban wear page too! Most of these stores have new lines in this, and last week!
Clickin on this picture of one of the sale dresses, should take you to their sale page!
Or at least Baby Phat. Then you just click on Baby Phat’s name at the top left of their page, to get to their home page to find the sale!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you Smith for your Shapewear comment!

Smith commented on our Squeem wearer reviews post of post of 11/28/06. I do not know if Lytess shapewear was available anywhere back then, but I have just recently tired the Lytess bike shorts, which I wear near nightly, just because they are so comfy! I cannot wait to get the Lytess leggings to wear with tunics and / or dresses and skirts in the fall! Then I will be wearing this shapewear style all the time! Well, weather permitting anyway…

I got mine, the bike shorts below, at Roaman’s. They were on sale at the time, now they are $62. However, an eBay seller has them for $50, with free shipping, new with tags, but he does not give the size(s) on any of the three styles of Lytess shapers he carries. You can email him a question though, or apparently call. Use this Lytess Shapewear, New with tags, free shipping link to go to that eBay sellers Lytess page.
Or click on this picture to see them at Roaman’s

You can always use the One Stop Plus discount code, in the right column of this page, when shopping at Roaman’s to save!
Roaman’s and the eBay seller I mentioned above both have Lyetss’ corrective belt and push up panty, but they do not have the leggings, which I found, below at Figleaves!
I can not tell you if I lost anything, like inches, as this shapewear style advertises you will. I just tried them on at the end of a hard work day, found they felt great, wore them as pajamas, and have been wearing them, as such, and around the house ever since!

Two women from Fig leaves’ blog tired them in a nice orderly fashion. I read their finding about the Lytess leggings a while back. Turns out it was the Blogleaves post of 10/22/09, Shaping up.

I have also seen a variety of Lytess shapewear styles at Amazon, buy typing Lytess into their search engine, and Bliss. In fact, I believe I used Bliss’ sizing info for this brand before ordering.

What I love about them are that they are so soft, stretchy and comfy! The bike shorts have no back seam. So how, their being so soft and stretchy makes me think the knees will not bag after a couple of hours of wear, when I get the leggings.

Do they have an immediate slimming effect? I think a bit. Yet I am not sure I trust my judgment by the time I put them on to go to sleep. I recommend you check out the reviews of women at Bliss now, and Roamans and Fig leaves, when some women get around to reviewing them there.

As for me, I want to have Lytess bikini panties too, should they actually exist. It is the sort of extremely, put it on and forget about it comfort we all should enjoy! All the time!

Oh yeah, perhaps because I am 5’ 1.5” short: I can wear the bike shorts like Spanx higher power panties, right up to my under bust. It Could really be that they are that stretchy though…I like that too. Smoothing out the mid section all the way!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

25% Off Full Figure Bras and other lingerie at Bare Necessities!

Until 6/21/10 you can get 25% off full figure bras and other intimates at Bare Necessities! This discount has very few exclusions. Just use the code in the banner at the end of this post when you check out to get 25% off!

One sale bra they have in good supply is my favorite daily wear bra, this version of the Panache Super Tango II large cup size bras.

They have it, at 41% off already, ($34), and still available in sizes up to 30 to 34K, up to 36 and 38G and in sizes 40D to JJ.

This Fantasie Serene bra has 2 excellent reviews at Her Room so far. It might be nice to try it with Bare Necessities discount, as its only $58 to begin with. Not a bad price as Fantasie bras go! Bare Necessities has it in sizes 30 to 38D to GG and 40D to G in white and nude. I believe Her Room has it in black as well.

I believe its just Spanx for Men, is the Spanx exclusion. Yep! I had to look. There is a Spanx for Men. It is t-shirts.
So then this Spanx bra, which looks so comfy…and comes in sizes up to 42DD in three to six colors!

It is rather pricey, so trying one at 25% off would be very nice!

Just note the code in this banner below before you go and enjoy the savings at Bare Necessities!
You might also enjoy the Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more there too!
Bare Necessities

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Instantly fitted Plus Size Blouses! One perfect for women who wear Large Cup Size Bras!

For that tailored silhouette, without the tailor!

I brought two of these plus size blouses from Baby Phat and am thrilled with them! I ordered the white first, noting the fit, and no busting open, no threat of buttons flying, not even straining between my breasts top style, had to order the black for daily wear, saving the white for nice…

Now if you came here looking for large cup bras, you might already know that similar, not buttons to fly blouses can be had at Carissa Rose! They are beautiful. They have darts in the front with hook, and eye closures. Sadly, they are a bit pricey for me. I hope that someday…

Baby Phat’s zipper front, smocked waist blouses are the great for both the large bust factor, and the smocking around the waist makes for that nice tailored look, instantly! Not too pricey either!

As soon as I received my black blouse, they came out with these new Ruffle blouses with smocked waists below. They come in black, white, red and blue! They will no doubt give the tailored look to full figure women! But will buttons fly if I order in a size that actually fits my shoulders? Or will I have to go larger?
It may well work for us full busted ladies! Even with buttons, as the smocking all the way around will add a bit extra fabric in the bust.

The extra fabric could easily be where the ease of movement in the shoulders in my black and white blouses above comes from. I kid you not, it feels like a t-shirt, not restrictions in arm movement. I never expected that from blouses!

To take all the button strain consideration out of it, both Dereon and Apple Bottoms have sleeveless tops, with smocked waists! I have them pictured at the top of our Urban Fashion page now.

However, looking at their back views, a tad on the racer back style, they are now quite as bra friendly as the above blouses. So if women who need large cup size bras would want to wear them….I do not recall strapless or racer back bras over G cup sizes. Do you know of any?

Baby Phat, once you get on their mailing list, your choice by the way, sends you recommended styles, usually on sale!
They just sent me some in an email:
This one has a nice, fitted with darts front, with buttons, (may work…), and a tad of smocking the back.
Here it is in black, available in sizes 1X to 3X, for just $30!
And here is in white, only size 2X and 3X left, and still $54. If you go there, clicking one this white one, and use the more views feature, you can really see the patch of smocking on the back.
So with these two bottom black and white ones here you get the fitted look smooth in the front, held firmer by the back smocking!

Actually, I believe I have seen this look before, perhaps in the sale section of Apple Bottoms, lately, with a back tie, rather than smocking.

In these blouses, and afore mentioned tops with solid fronts, I love the way the center is not baggy like blouses I had prior to this did!

I just hope the other style work for us fuller busted women, and that I can get a chance to try some, before they leave stock!

Better yet, more zip front, perhaps varying degrees of smocking, styles in more colors!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exquisite Plus Size Evening Gowns at 15% Off

You can use Womensuits 15% off code ‘SUMMER’ on anything in their site, over and over, until 6/20/10! Now they have a Vinci Couture line that includes evening gowns like this one below. They come in full figure sizes like 22W and 24W, and smaller. Like this one below!
Empire Bodice Print Evening Gown by Vinci Couture (12006)
They are even in stock at the moment! I usually go there to check out their women’s suits, they are more out than in stock.

Just go to Womensuits and use their  enlarge picture to really appreciate the following, or any of their Vinci  Couture gowns!

Here is a slightly more sedate style, which comes in sizes up to 24W.
Modestly Elegant Sequined Special Occasion Evening Gown by Vinci Couture (12008)
You can preorder this light weight silk gown below also comes in sizes up to 24W.
Silkily Fabric Gown with Intricately Pleated Bodice by Vinci Couture (12005)
Their usually lavish women’s suits tend to be less expensive than the above, and other Vinci Couture gowns you will find in their Formal Dresses Collection under Women’s Collection at their page’s near top left.
So it is a great time to use this 15% off discount, especially if you like these styles and need formal wear or lavish evening gowns!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Goddess Bras’ Keira, up to N cup size Wins Undies Awards!

You can find the 2010 winners of the Undies Awards at Her Room now. The winner for best full figure bra is Goddess’ Keira Full Figure Bras! The well designed plus size, comes in sizes up to 46K, and large cup bras, comes in sizes 36DDD to N, 38 to 42DD to N, size 44DD to L and 46DD to K. Click on its picture below to go to Her Room to check out the Undies Awards, and find these bras in this full range of sizes!
So far as I can see, Her Room seems to have the best size ranges available for these bras!

Now for the best price on these award winning bras!
Roaman's, during their UP to 70% off Semi Annual Bra sale, has it for just $30. Sadly they only have them in limited sizes.

Both Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras have them at 10% discounts. Bare Necessities’’ discount comes from using the banner in this page’s right column. Bigger Bras has their discount codes on their pages. Bare Necessities has a good range of sizes, and Bigger Bras has a fair range of large cup sizes, like G to L, in stock, and a wide range of sizes you can back order.

I tired looking for this bra at eBay stores, using my New with Tags Goddess Bras at eBay link in this pages right column. Using the Goddess style #6090, and name, Keira, I could not narrow down the search. Goddess bras at eBay are NUMEROUS! But perhaps you can check it out just by searching in your bra size, an available option there, just in case you want to see if you can get a better price!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Legende Chantelle Bras, for as little as $23 in Full Figure sizes

With an average of five stars out of 104 reviews at Her Room, and well rated at other stores, Legende seems an appropriate name for these beautiful Chantelle bras below. The price of $88 is a bit forbidding for, well I do not know about you, but certainly me!

So I had to look at eBay stores. Yes! I found these bras in full figure sizes like 40B and 40DDDDD, Buy it Now prices of $23 and $25, one with free shipping! Lots of other sizes, and bid prices, like $15 on a larger cup size 34DDDD are available too.

To check out these beautiful and higly rated full figure bras, currently 110 of them, use this Legende Chantelle Bras, all New condition at eBay stores link.
Click on this bra’s picture to read its reviews at Her Room, where you can shop it in ivory, black and coffee colors in its fuller rang of sizes: 32C to G, 34 to 40C to H and 42C to F.
At the page the eBay stores link above takes you to you will be able to narrow your search down by bra band and cup sizes. For instance, it is the only place I can find these bras in B cup sizes, (33 of them in B cup sizes currently).
You can still find them in cafĂ© color at Bigger Bras in sizes 32, 34, 36, 40 and 42C, and 32D, as well as in size 42F in ivory. There you can take advantage of their nearly constant 10% off discount code found on their pages…
Having successfully purchased some Fantasie bras, as Buy it Now items from top selling eBay stores, (have not won a bid yet, but only tired once), I am confident that would be excellent way to enjoy these Chantelle bras!