Monday, November 06, 2006

about the Importance of Size Acceptance

Can a woman who promotes, tries and even wears full figure shapewear promote size acceptance? Actually I do and I can.

Here is why. I believe in it. And more importantly I believe in the importance of accepting yourself at whatever size your happen to be. At the moment. Any moment.

It’s important for you if you feel you are overweight. Because it’s better to be at peace with your self. Especially if you want to do good things for yourself. Like get yourself in shape and be healthy. You can read a great deal more about that here at Life & Wellness Coaching for people of all sizes, twelve different Plus Size fitness workouts, and TONS of info on self-care / self-appreciation!.

And it’s important for the children you come in contact with. Very important. They are growing and need fuel from food to grow. And many, including my daughter, who turned 7 today, are afraid of eating because they are afraid of getting fat.

Yes, that is what she told me when I asked why she will not eat breakfast. Afraid of getting fat.
I explained to her that all the growing, learning and playing that she does would make getting fat near impossible. If fact she might not even be able to do these things well if she continues to avoid food.

The first I heard of this, from her, was years ago when she was at daycare. At that point in time she accepted my guidance more readily. She quickly resumed normal eating. I assumed the ladies at daycare, were discussing weight loss diets in front of the children. These big beautiful women appeared to take lunch with or near the children.

Now I am overweight. My daughter sees some commercials. She says “Mama, you should get that.” This is regarding the latest commercials for weight loss fast pills. I tell her, no mama just has to get some exercise.

I’ve read a little about protecting your child from fear of getting fat. This is what I’ve read:
Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today's Weight-Obsessed World (Berg, Francie M. Afraid to Eat Series.)

It seems to be about not giving your child the idea she has to finish what’s on her plate. Or making food a reward for good deeds done. And not putting your self down about your size in front of her.

I don’t even diet in front of me. I’ve been on two, totally doctor prescribed diets. One, for an ulcer like condition, the bland diet. I was not over weight then. I was underweight and losing. Losing stomach lining too.

Then in my mid 20s, in lots of stomach pain. After an ultrasound my doctor told me to not eat any fats. Just for several weeks. Not till a while after he removed my stony, muddy gall bladder. And it worked! No more excruciating pain!!

I never believed in diets to loose weight. Never believed I’d like to try that. So I did not. I enjoy cooking. I like to spend all Sunday cooking and have planned left overs ½ the week. When it comes to diet for myself, alone during my work week, it’s gotta be fast. With an quick clean up.

I am intrigued by shapewear because I hope to fit into clothing I’m too cheap to replace. I figure I can loose it fast enough when I start exercising regularly in this December. I also figure if it took 5 years to get this out of shape, it will take at least half that time to get back into shape.

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