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Are Elomi's Caitlyn Bras one of the Best Large Cup Size Bras

These bras are included among Bare Necessities Top 12 Bras, and I wear mine near daily. For me this is largely due to their having the shortest adjusting straps, important for us petite women!

Do You Find these to Be Among the Best DD+ Bras?

Most of the following is an article about them I moved from my old site.

Caitlyn Underwire Bras by Elomi

These bras come in sizes 34 and 36E to K, 38 to 46DD to K, 44 and 46DD to HH

These highly rated, and Undie Award Winning, (at Her Room), Elomi bras are available in standard, and seasonal fashion, colors at Bare Necessities, Her Room and other fine lingerie stores! You can find these bras in sizes up to 42K and 46HH at Her Room, whose link is in this blog's right column!

Since I started wearing this style, I buy most of mine using this:New, with Tags Elomi Caitlyn underwire bras at Buy it Now prices, at eBay stores link.

Elomi Caitlyn bras have:
  • side sling support
  • they do not have the ultra sheer mesh v-neckline Goddess' Keira bras have
  • 3-section cups with a satin simplex bottom. This gives you an elegant touch appearance wise, with ultra support! 
  • The side slings and molded, but unpadded cups give you maximum lift and shaping. 
  • These bras have leotard backs, that, and the restrictive stretch straps keep you supported and comfy all day! 
  • They have a fresh, light look embellished with Austrian embroidery on a satin base, tiny satin bows and center gore and the apex of the cups, (where the cups meet the straps).

One of the nicest embellishments of these bras are the rich fashion colors they come in. Matching panties are also available in size medium to 4XL. Like the bras, different stores have them in different colors.

what Reviewers Like about these Bras

Women are thrilled about how well these bras fit, are supportive, give them a flattering appearance and comfort. Below are some additional comments about by women who review these bras. They are just some of the reviews from women who wear G to HH cup sizes and 34 to 42 inch band sizes!
  • One likes this bra's look and matching panties, as well as its exceptional lift and support
  • One likes that it has enough of a band to give large her large breast great support, without oozing back fat!
  • One woman who reviews this bra has one for each day of the week, (at Bigger Bras review)
  • Another, at Her Room, is ordering her third
I think the one about one for every day of the week says it all! I am looking forward to trying these bras, hopefully soon!

10/2012; I did try these bras, and am thrilled! You can read my brief review about them, and learn where I get mine for less here. This style has turned into my most days of most weeks, daily bra.
Republished 8/31/13
last Update: 8/4/14

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Which are the Best Large Cup Bras

Are Panache’s Tango II Bras 1 of the Top G to K Cup Styles?

Yesterday when I posted Bare Necessities’ top 12 Bras of all time, I noticed a general lack of large cup, G to K range, bra styles. I personally would suggest Panache’s Tango II balconette bras and you can read what Busts 4 Justice has to say about the plunge style of these bras here . What do you think?

Current Best Prices for these Bras

While I am not updating the rest of this post on 2/27/17, I find Bravissimo has these bras in a variety of colors, in sizes 28FF to J, 30F to K and 32 to 40DD to K for about $33.90 full price!

You can click on this red version's picture to go straight to it at Bravissimo, where you can scroll down to view the panties, sizes 8 to 20 for about $17.58!

9/26/15: I am finding 401 of these Award Winning bras starting at $13 using this New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices Panache Tango II Bras link! You can use it today and check out what is available in your size by typing your bra size after 'Panache Tango II bras' in their search box.

This is just a picture but you can find links to Her Room in this blog's right column. These were $54, full price. They currently have onr for $40 clearance color out of this styles 4 colors there. You can also check out its Undies Award Winner status and reviews there.

Other fine on line stores like Figleaves and Bare Necessities usually have them in about the same full price and on sale in discontinued fashion colors.

Panache Super Tango II Bras

sizes 28 - 40K, 42D-J and 44DD-FF

This full busted, plus size bra receives very high ratings from many women. Myself included. This is Panache's Super Bra Tango II Underwire Balconette bra #3251. It also comes in an enjoyed plunge version, up to H cup sizes.

You can find these bras it in basic and fashion colors at Bare Necessities, whose link is also in this blog's right column for $54 to $37 sale colors.
The Structure of these Bras
A pretty underwire bra made of fine mesh with embroidered leaf design. This bra has 3 sectioned cups for extra support. It has super strong underwires and wider hooks and eyes in its larger sizes. This bra has a plush back, heat sealed with rounded edges. Even its slides, hooks and rings are nylon coated metal for extra strength.

Well we pay a lot for full figure busted plus size bras. With this bra you get your money's worth! This bra's wings are made of a strong, transparent fabric. And dual layered in cup sizes GG to J!

You will find links in the right column to Her Room and Bravissimo, who also carrying this style in a range of colors!

Last Update: 2/27/17
Re published here 8/29/13
Originally written: 3/27/07
Anne Hunter

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bare Necessities Top 12 Bras Ever

Originally Written in August of 2012, at this June 2014 Update, much has changed and will no doubt continue to change. Although, surprisingly, much more has stayed the same!

I will continue to try to update this page as best I can.

Bare Necessities Best Bras of All Time is a gauge which bras sell best. I also pay careful attention to reviews of bras by women who are shaped like me.

If it is time for you to choose a new bra style and / or style, knowing which bras are ordered the most might help you decide which ones to try.

I found it interesting that all 12 bras come in full figure bra sizes! I believe Bare Necessities considers this range to be 36C to 54H. Even so, some of these Top bras come in smaller band sizes too. This is great because we can be full figured and need a smaller than 36 inch bra band size too!

Bare Necessities' Top 12 Bras

A recent email from Bare Necessities led me to their Top 12 Bras of All Time. When I note the sizes, or size range and colors available below, I am referring to at Bare Necessities, at the time of this writing.
#1. Le Mystere's Dream Tisha full fit bras held the top position! These bras are also award winners at Her Room. They come in a lace version and in sizes 32 to 44C to H! These bras are now even more comfortable, with a lighter weight fabric and softer cups! They are available in five colors, a lace version and often seem to come out in fashion colors too!
#2. Vanity Fair's Satin Solutions bras appear, at this update, to be discontinued. These favorite bras came in sizes 36 to 44C to DD. Below is a picture of these bras and I am finding 6 of these in limited sizes, using this Vanity Fair Satin Solutions Bras New with Tags link at eBay stores starting at $15. (6/24/14)

#3. Bali's Satin Tracings is the 3rd best selling bras!Bare Necessities has these bras in most of the 34 to 44C to G, 46 and 48D and DD and 50C to DD size range.
#4. Playtex's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire Free bra comes in sizes 46G and 54DDD. They have this style in 5 colors and women who review it there find it a good value, high quality, supportive and some feel it is a wardrobe must have.
#5. Wacoal's Body Suede Ultra Seamless Underwire bras has numerous rave reviews. The best ones I have read about them are largely from women who wear bra sizes 40 to 44D to DDD.
#6. Felina's Harlow lace demi-cup bras is available in 4 colors in sizes 32 to 40B to DDD and are just $36! These elegant and seductive bras get great reviews and are not very expensive for an especially pretty bra with the comfort of a daily wear style!
#7. Spanx's Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Front-Close Underwire Bra comes in sizes 32 to 36A to DD, 38B to DD and 40 and 42C to DD, in four colors. I look at the picture and my shoulders just say AHHH! I wish it came in my size too! These straps, (however these are not adjustable straps), are one reason why back fat will not show in this bra and it gets high ratings for quality!
#8. Maidenform's One Fabulous Fit Demi-Underwire T-shirt Bra comes in sizes 32 to 36A to DD and 38B to DD in five colors. They tell us this bra is America's #1 Maidenform T-shirt bra and most reviewers there find it to be a wardrobe Must Have. Be aware; most reviewers of this bra there, currently, say they had an average or petite body type, rather than Curvy or full figured.
#9. DKNY's Signature Lace Seamless Underwire Bras come in six colors in sizes 32 to 36B to D. These bras have a 5 star average out of 20 reviews and women find them comfortable, sexy and stylish!
#10. Wacoal's best selling Awareness bras. Click on this bra's picture to find them in sizes 32D - G, 34 - 42C to H and 44C to DDD in 5 colors! This bra is well known, and loved, for its full figure fit!
#11. Elomi's Caitlyn Side Support Underwire Bras are great for us full busted women! These have been my nearly every day bras now for over a year! Women who review them find them to have a high quality and be a wardrobe must have. They are available in sizes 34 and 36E to K, 38 to 42DD to K, 44 and 46DD to HH in black, white, nude and fashion colors!
#12. Va Bien's Ultra-Lift Strapless Convertible Bras are said to be the ultimate bra for full busted and full figure women alike! These smooth, seamless bras are available in nude and black in sizes 32 to 46B to I size range.

Where to get these Bras on Sale

Some of these bras are brands often excluded from Bare Necessities discounts, such as Wacoal and Elomi. Most of these bras do qualify for their discounts! Quite often they, and other stores, such as Her Room, have brands like Bali and Vanity Fair, on sale or in B1G1 type deals too! Most of the stores featured in the right column will put discontinued colors in these styles on sale. The less expensive ones, such as Bali, Maidenform, Playtex and Vanity Fair are often on sale, or in some kind of discount at many of these stores. I try to post such sales and discount on this blog.

Some of these bras for less at eBay stores

You can buy, not just bid, bras, new, with tags at eBay stores. To buy rather than bid, you want what eBay calls Buy it Now prices. Be sure to select New, under Condition in eBay's left column menu.
Here are a couple of the above stores I have links set up to. I myself have brought the Elomi Caitlyn bras and an Elomi Suzie plunge bra, new with tags, at eBay stores and am very happy with these purchases. The prices are excellent!
#2 Vanity Fair's Satin Solutions Bras may be available currently using this Vanity Fair #75005 bras, new with tags, at eBay Stores link. like # 2 above is said to replace Vanity Fair's 75310 bras, which come in the same sizes as this current style, 75005. If you use this Lace Contour 75310 bras, New with Tags link you can still find them at eBay stores. #5. I checked them out at eBay stores, at Buy it Now prices, and found you can get them starting at $27! Use this New, with Tags, Wacoal Body Suede Ultra Bras link to browse these much more affordable bras!
#11. New Elomi Caitlyn underwire bras At this writing, there are 375 of this style, in assorted sizes and colors, at Buy it Now prices, starting at $20!
Additional Best Selling Bra styles
Bare Necessities has a full 25 Best Selling Bra styles page as well. There you will find larger cup favorites, such as the Panache Super Tango II, Freya's Arabella as well as more Bali, Wacoal other styles!

Latest Update: 6/24/14
Originally written: 8/1/12

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Lingerie Sales

Hips and Curves Up to 60% Off Lingerie Sale

Hips and Curves is my favorite plus size lingerie. Currently they have this excellent Labor Day Sale!

The Labor Day Sale Event Is Happening Now! Up to 60% Off!

This sale runs until 9/2/13, so enjoy it soon!

Bracli Lace & Pearl Thongs, at 15% Off

While a good deal more risqué anything else I ever mention here, I believe these pearl thongs likely have special merits.

Sadly, they are in the $85 range, at Bare Necessities. There they get excellent reviews, in average sizes, none as yet in the full figure size some of this style comes in…

Classic Shapewear, where the shipping is always Free, (no minimum!), has some in plus size, in the $75 range, now on sale at 15% Off! You can read more about these thongs here.

Changes to this Full Figure Fashion Blog


Many of the text links over the years have come from its plus size women’s clothing site.

I will be moving much of that site to this blog this week.

So this week, many of those links will not work anymore.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
Any of that info I find, in the months to come, to still be relevant will be found in this blog’s new Contents block in the column to your right.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kiyonna's 25% Off, No Minimum, Discount

Kiyonna has been celebrating their 17th Birthday! They have this excellent discount that we can use on all their separates, swimwear and, all but their wedding, dresses!

Some Kiyonna Customer Favorites

One of the best things about this discount is that it has no minimum! So it's easier, well less expensive, to try Kiyonna fashions.

I like to try a store's customer favorites 1st and think they currently have some excellent styles to try there! Kiyonna's Haven Faux Wrap top has two 5 star ratings, one from a women who already has 2 of these and is considering getting another in a 3rd!

 Haven Faux Wrap Top, Blue Ribbon (Women's Plus Size)

As Kiyonna is well known for their flattering wrap and faux wrap dresses and tops, it would seem silly not to show you at least one each top and dress...

Kiyonna's Whimsy Wrap Dress has 14 five star reviews, out of its current 16 ones.

A quick skimming of these shows 2 reviewers telling us we cannot go wrong with this dress! Flattering, versatile, does not need to be ironed, all excellent qualities in a dress!

 Casual Evening Whimsy Wrap Dress, Black Noir (Plus Size)

 Currently they have maxi-dresses, a hi-lo dress, lace and mesh dresses, as well as a ruched top and dress, (the latter with lace sleeves and slenderizing black side panels!), in customer favorites.

That said, they have excellent new arrivals and their other departments are well worth checking out too!

The Discount Code

The only exclusions to this discount are Bridal Dresses, shapewear and accessories! This offer does end tomorrow.

If you wanted to try Kiyonna for less use their


This is good until the end of 8/22/13 PT.

You can click on the top or dress above to go straight to Kiyonna!

Kiyonna is always a great place to find flattering, waist line enhancing, or creating, tops and dresses! 8/21/13 Anne

Friday, August 16, 2013

UP to 40% Off Bras that Nearly Never Go On Sale

Bare Necessities has plenty of great deals lately, but my favorite is their Up to 40% Off during the Most Wanted Bra Sale at Select styles, ends 8.27.13.!

One of the Sale Full Figure Bras at 40% Off

Panache’s new Sculptresse line’s Pure Lace Bra is 40% Off, now $37, in all 3 of its colors! It is available in sizes 36 + 38F to H, 40DD to GG, 42D to FF, 44D to F and 46D to E!

This bra has an excellent review from a woman who considers herself Curvy and wears a size 38G.

Other Bras are at this Sale

Use that link in the 1st paragraph today and you will find 34 bra styles. This includes styles in up to K cup sizes. These Nearly Never On Sale brands, which are usually excluded from Bare Necessities’ discount, at this sale include:
  • Elomi
  • Cleo by Panache
  • Fantasie
  • Freya
  • Panache
  • Chantelle
  • Wacaol
  • Natori
  • Spanx 
 Also they have brands on sale that at least are often included in Bare Necessities’ numerous discounts such as:
  • Parfait by Affinitas
  • Felina
  • Le Mystere 
 and a few other brands I am not sure of, on sale or included in discounts, often or not wise…

I suggest you enjoy this great sale to try new styles, stock up on the ones you already enjoy, or, if possible, both!



Monday, August 12, 2013

25% Off Full Figure Bras & More

Bare Necessities 25% Off discount ends at the end of today. They are celebrating their 15th year and as purveyors of excellent lingerie and more, I figure we should celebrate with them if we can and stock up on favorite, or try new bras, undies and more using their 25% off discount code which you will find on their site!

Brands that Qualify for this Discount

Sadly their usual exclusions from discounts apply; Elomi, Fantasie, Panache, Wacoal, Spanx and so on… However, we can enjoy Le Mystere, try Curvy Kate, stock up on Goddess, Bali, Vanity Fair and other favorite brands that we can apply this discount to!

One New, up to 40G, Bra to try

Parfait by Affinitas is a brand that qualifies now has these new Odette bras. They come in the 30 – 40D to G size range, $48 before the discount and a nice style for fall!

Parfait by Affinitas usually gets good reviews from full figure women and the matching panties in this new line come in sizes S to XXL.

This 25% Off Discount

This current discount ends at the end of today, 11:59PM, 8/12/13. It is good to have a few brands that are normally included in Bare Necessities discounts, as they come up often, and are a great place to shop excellent full figure intimates. Use this link to go straight to the sale and enjoy new lingerie at an excellent discount!
Sorry about not Posting this Sooner
I would have posted this sooner, but last week, when it started, was my first week home from the hospital.

I am learning, slowly, how to, and not, recover from heart surgery. Having had:

  • An emergency appendectomy, when I was 6
  • A gall bladder removal, in my 20s
  • And a C section, 5 days before turning 40 

I can tell you now, heart surgery is not like those other ones. Harder to recover from to say the least!

Not that I am doing poorly at it, it is just that having been spoiled by a lifetime of near consistent robust good health…I could be the world’s worst invalid! I aim to do better this week at, among other things, keeping us posted on new sales, discounts and styles.

Avoid heart surgery if you can. It is a worthy endeavor.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Why I’ve not posted + In Future

Why I have not Posted since 7/21/13

Last Thursday am, (7/25/13), I went to the emergency room and I believe, (granted the 25 until 7/28 are a bit of a blur to me), Friday 7/26, I had my previously mentioned here aortic aneurism operated on. I also had my aortic valve fixed! Previously I had a 2 part one, now I have a 3 part, (normal), one!

Yesterday afternoon I got out of the hospital and I am doing pretty well!

That said, if you can at all avoid heart surgery do so. It is painful and hard to recover from.

It will be a while before I am my usual energetic self. For me, this will not be easy. Well it has not been so far anyway.

My aortic aneurism and valve problem was genetic. Could not been avoided. If you can avoid it, do yourself that big favor!

The Future of this blog and its Plus Size Women’s Clothing site

This current versions of Plus Size Women’s Clothing is actually its third revision. It will expire in early September.

It has gotten too big for me and I believe I am just going to let it go.

Since it, and this blog have been mostly about bras, often large cup size bras, I think, if I can muster the energy for it, I will let this blog turn into evolve into a blog about bras, or full bust fashions.

I might even rename it…
I may keep some of the best info from the current site, bringing it over her slowly this month.

This all remains to be seen.
Kind of like when am I going to get my usual energy level back…

What do you think of this

Do you look to this post for:
  • The occasional look at new styles
  • Cheaper at eBay bra styles
  • full figure fashions at great prices
  • Great Full Bust Bras on sale with a discount 
If you look to this site for any of the above or something else I have been providing over the years, and would like me to continue, now is the time to let me know!

Just comment here to do so!

Best wishes!
Get or stay healthy and enjoy life!