Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ashley Stewart’s Strapless Butterfly Bras

These Ashley Stewart bras come in black, mocha and black extended sizes and have ratings of 3.9, 3 and 4 star averages at this updating, (8/20/14). They do not come in my size, so I cannot review them, but I am a big believer in It’s a Firm Bra Band that makes the support. So I wish I could, and will show you why down the page a bit.

These bras are $29.50 and the extended size version is on sale for $19.99 at this update. The regular sized styles are both listed as Best Sellers at Ashley Stewart!

Speaking of bra related info I cannot checkout myself, here’s an enjoyable read about 3 online companies new bra sizing methods by Molly Mulshine for BetaBeat, Hack Your Rack: We Tested Top Bra Startups so You Don’t Have To!

Convertible Butterfly Bras

These bras have removable straps and a double back band. comes, You can  l size range click on this bra's picture at this update to find it in sizes 42DDD, 44D, DD and DDD.
You can find the black version of this style in sizes 38D3, 40D3, 40DD, 42D, 42D3, 44D and 44DD. I am not all that comfortable with bra sizing such as 42D3, but you can view Her Room's nice explanation of it on this method on their Universal Cup Size icon page.

Convertible Strapless Butterfly Bra

This is a picture of their Butterfly Bra Back, which says ‘Extreme Support’ to me. This back style really got my attention. They call this back style double back wrap panels.
Click on this picture of their Extended Size Convertible Strapless Bras to find this version on sale at $19.99 in sizes 46D3 and 46DD.
Convertible Strapless Butterfly Bra (Extended Sizes)

Ashley Stewart tells us:
  • These bras can be worn 6 different ways
  • They include graduated push-up gel pads
  • They have Underwire Contour cups
  • They also come with clear straps 
If they came in my size, I would try them to see if this double back band makes for extra firm support!

If you have already tried these bras, please let me know how they are, as I am intrigued!

Latest Update: 8/20/14
Originally written: 12/10/13

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