Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anonymous, Fauve only goes up to H cup sizes

Yes I found that chart really handy too! And use it often. The price of Fauve bras won’t matter much to us because as you can read here at Fantasie’s site, they only go up to H cup sizes. Perhaps they will make a line for us somewhat more endowed women later. Then we can wonder if we want to go the price.

I came across some other interesting bra info lately. Full Figure Plus' bra support post brings up some interesting points I never considered. You can read it by clicking here.

Things like that minimizer bras for us fuller busted women don’t really work but will reduce breast elasticity over time, (#6). And that some medications can affect breast size, (#3). I do not believe that Glen Johnson, the writer is referring to the likes of Fauve bras when he writes about you get what you pay for. I think Fantasie, Panache, Freya and Le Mystere are likely worth the money.

Well I know Panache, Fantasie and Le Mystere are! Freya has some beautiful bras I’d like to try some day. It does appear we have come to a lull in great bra sale time of year lately. Bigger Bras clearance sale may well be ending soon too.

I’m hoping to post new sales and styles of plus size and full busted bras here in the near future. Remember: Checking for discontinued colors at Bare Necessities is often a great way to get excellent prices on our size bras!

If the hour glass figure was the rarest, then it seems to me there should be a lot more inverted triangle shaped women out there like us. It does make dressing a challenge at the very least! I often go for the knit dress. If I get one where the top part just makes the stretch, the bottom half does not have too much excessive drape. Can’t always get that though!

I hope to look into who to write about bra design later this week. When I find it I’ll post it here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yes Anonymous, there is a good source of Bra Cup Size Info!

It’s not so much what they call each bra size, but what measurement they mean by each bra size.
Click on this link to go to Bigger Bras How to Fit a Bra page. When you scroll down a bit under their fitting instructions you’ll come to their big long handy Bra Cup Size Comparison Chart!

This is where we can learn that when Le Mystere calls a bra an H cup they are talking about 8 inches of cup size. Yet Fantasie calls an H cup 11 inches! And Bigger Bras lists plenty of bra manufacturers! That is a good page to keep in your favorites and consult when bra shopping!

Recently Bigger Bras revamped their website. So now if you click on this Le Mystere Full Fit Bra below, the scroll down, you get a small selection of this bra cup manufacture’s size list with each bras description! Just not the ones we were writing about, unfortunately. But they are all in the big list on the How to Fit a Bra page. Well not all, but many bra manufactures cup sizes by inch are listed!

Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-Shirt and Sweater Bra 9955

Although I can wear that bra above as my make due seamless, it does not fit as seen above. Wearing it in a G cup gives us HH cup sized women, well, lots of cleavage. Hopefully in the near future I’ll know how a HH cup fits in that bra. But I doubt it will be as soon as I like. It is, for a make due fit, comfy and pretty supportive. And for being short, the straps do adjust way up!

Like you noticed about the surplice cut in D cup swimwear did not work well. Likewise the Le Mystere Carina will not make due in a G cup the way the Dream Tisha will for us. A real pity because the straps are out of this world smooth and soft silky. But I tried it on and, owing to the cut of the cups; my breasts just fall right out.

The Lands End swim tops sound great. Love those prices! Writing about swimwear for a few years now I’ve noticed often the best prices are in the late summer and fall. It may be possible for my current swimwear to last till then. Well I can hope! Having my daughter tugging at my clothes all the time and perhaps distaste for the feel of sunscreen on my skin, I’ve opted for the swim skirt. Do they sell those at Wal-Mart and the like as separates too? Although it seems sun screens are getting less icky every year!

I wonder how many inverted triangle shaped women are out there. I recall reading; I think it was Allure, a small study of women’s body shapes. For unusual, I believe we come in second rarest. The rarest, if I am recalling this correctly, shape being the hour glass figure.

I know it runs in my father’s side of the family and my daughter has always had it. All those cute pajamas sets she got as a toddler, even a current gift one, when the tops fit, the bottoms fall off. Eventually the bottoms fit, but the tops can’t by then. Recently she wanted me to get this suit. I clicked on its picture for her, then scrolled down and showed her the size charts and how it is that I am a size 20W or 22W chest, a size 18W waist and size 8 hips. I told her that’s a lot of taking in I don’t have the time to do. And I got to avoid explaining how it is so not in our budget. I hope she enjoys putting together her own outfits, because it seems even her slender 8 year old self has been heading the same way proportionally too.

Any other full busted inverted triangle shaped ladies out there too? I wonder if these things go together.

Looking at how the week to come is shaping up, it seems I’ll get around to looking into whom exactly to write to by middle or late in the week. To my way of thinking; if a bra is going to cost some of us around $50 each, we should get a REAL GOOD FIT. And Seamless should be possible too!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Anonymous Thanks again! & I wonder who we should write to?

I was looking at that Panache tankini last year my self. Good to see it comes in cup sizes up to J now. It’s also good to know that d cup swimwear style could possibly work on us women with who normally wear HH cup bras! It is too bad about your timing on the purchases though. Perhaps you’ll have better luck this year!

The very Idea of being able to fit in to a D cup Swimsuit though! Think of the much larger selection and the savings!

Lots of the styles I write about here, with the exception of the Christina and Just My Size Swimwear, likely all fit D cup sized women! The President / CEO of Always for Me told me this is pretty much true of all plus size swimwear. Always for Me advises often, especially for their own chic but cheap plus size swimwear, if you wear a D cup or larger bra, just order a size larger!

Actually for me, an extreme inverted triangle shaped woman, I’d get one of Always for Me’s own brand of tankini or skirtini swimsuit from their clearance section. (here is a direct link to it. Sales
) And see if the bottoms fit any larger friends of mine.

Soon the responsibilities that overwhelm my weekends will over take me. But early next week I hope to look into who we could write to at the fuller cup bra makers. Just incase either of us, and perhaps other full busted women, get in the letter writing mood. I know, the mood its self eludes me too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Actually Anonymous there is One Smooth Over G cup Full Fit Bra I know of!

Not up to HH yet, but Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha underwire Full Fit Bra now comes in cup sizes up to H! Her Room and Bare Necessities have it in stock in sizes up to H cup sizes! And currently Bigger Bras, whose link I just put on this blog page’s right column, has this bra in nude in 36H for $61.20, in stock.

To give you an idea of fit, this is one of my make due smooth cup bras. I wear a lot of t-shirts. The one I am wearing at the moment is a 36G. They just came out with the H cup sizes about a month or so ago! Who knows may be next year HH cups sizes will be added!?!?! It’s a good bra under a t-shirt. This bra is often on sale in discontinued colors at Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras!

Bigger Bras also normally has a 10% off code on their pages. And some times they give me a 15% off discount code which I post at the top right of my Bra Sized Swimwear page. Bigger Bras carries lots of, usually underwire, Fantasie, Freya and other large cup bra sized swimwear. I have tried a Fantasie one piece, too long for us petite women. And I have a Fantasie underwire tankini top, just right! I have not tried any of the many underwire bikinis tops or Freya swimwear styles yet. But I sure am glad I found bra sized swimwear!

My other make due smooth G cup bra is Fantasie 4500. The Le Mystere is a bit padded, this Fantasie one is not. Both have molded cups. And my snuggly daughter does not like it as the underwires between my breasts stick out and poke her on the Fantasie one. This does not happen with the Le Mystere in the same make due size 36G.

She absolutely loved the Panache Tango II, my first HH bra when I first got it. It took a while for me to figure out my cup size, and then find it. She likes Panache’s Harmony bra too!

One of my favorite things about the Fantasie molded 4500 are that the straps stay put. The Le Mystere ones did, up till about 6 months of really quite often wearing. But for us petite women, the Fantasie 4500 may not work anymore. Bigger Bras tells us in its description that they have made the straps longer now.

Ok so that’s one larger than a G cup smooth full busted bra.

Thanks again for the extra waist cincher info! You may be right ordering the Harmony in a J cup. I wear that one in an HH and it does appear to be a little like Busting Out over the cups. However my breasts actually never leave the cups. Even when lying down. The lift and support is just GREAT!

The breast falling out of cup thing does happen with the Le Mystere Dream Tisha in my current make due 36G size, but only when lying down.

I’ll post more smooth over G cup bra styles, as well as full busted bra sales, here as I find them!

Maybe if we all wrote Panache, Fantasie, Le Mystere and Freya and told them we need smooth cup bras over H cup sizes too. And in Average, petite and tall strap sizes. And make those straps true long wear, no slip at all straps as in the Fantasie 4500 bra. Maybe one of those bra company would make one!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks again Anonymous! And a Tip for Savings when shopping Her Room

I really like the Rago cincher too. To save when shopping at Her Room use the Her Room vote and save 10% link in the right column of this page. If clicking on a link or picture here does not work, press your control key when clicking on the link.

The Flexees waist cincher below that you recommend looks very beautiful, & SMOOTH too!

Now if I can just get my waist down to a 33” – 34” size! I’ve got exercise penciled in for March. The problem with being a mother is you pencil yourself in a lot. Then you erase a lot. I did look around for this Flexees waist cincher in larger than a 2X, which is what the above comes in, maybe later….

And thank you again for answering my other waist cincher question I forgot about. When I first wanted to try a waist cincher, I wondered, do you order your waist measurement? Or order a bit smaller for cinching value?

But as you, Anonymous, were nice enough to include your waist 33” and the size in the above cincher you wear, XL. Which the size chart tells at the cincher above tells us is a waist size 31” to 32”. We, or at least I, now know that to get some satisfactory cinching you order a size smaller!

Thanks again that clears up a lot! I ordered one at my waist size that when I tried it on, well it sort of hung around me. I noticed the company discontinued that one some months later. So I felt I really could not base sizing on that particular waist cincher.

And I understand about the short length being an issue for us petite women. I did order 2 of those Squeem cinchers I wore out. For me they were both long torso. I’m 5’1 ½” short. The first one fit perfect. The second one bruised the tops of my thighs when I sat. Same size, same brand, go figure.

A tip from on 36HH bra sized short woman to another:
The Panache Super Tango II is a bit on the long strap size for me. It’s a good bra, but I get far more lift and support from Panache’s Harmony underwire Balcony Bra. I believe it simply has shorter straps!! It’s still on sale at Bare Necessities in its Petrol color. And you can save 10% if you use the 10% off full figure bras Bare Necessities link in this blog’s main page’s right column.

I try to post sales on larger than G cup bras here as I find them. And as you can easily imagine, I look quite often! I also go off in pursuit of the elusive larger than a G cup smooth seamless bra. If you see one, that is not a Goddess, let me know! I don’t know why, but I’ve tried Goddess bras on twice and it seems they are actually shaped for an entirely other female form than my own. I’ve never had that experience with other bras, but there it is.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Anonymous, Thanks for Your Input! & Which Waist Nipper?

Thanks for weighing in on the loose of form fitting dress question! I know I’ve got the ‘When are you due?’ question when wearing loose dresses too.

Obviously my concerns, shape wise, would be well served by a waist cincher or nipper.

Which waist nipper would you, Anonymous, wear? Or any full figured waist cincher, or nipper wearer wear? Your advice will be appreciated! I have an event coming up in March and my wardrobe is never ready!

Cinching Pretty? Pictured below is one of 5 plus size Rago cinchers and a nipper on sale today at Her Room


Today I found Rago, and Flexees, full figure waist cinchers and nippers on sale. Like this pretty one above that gets lots of good reviews.

And they are all so much cheaper than the Squeem waist cincher I wore out so completely!

The Squeen waist cinching vest I wrote of in my last blog is a bit pricey. But it was so comfy I wore it daily, even with jeans, till its stays wear popping out! At Rago or Flexees prices I could wear them most days. Well at least in the winter. It’s a warm way to dress!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What do you Feel more Comfortable In Form Fitting or Loose Dresses?

Featured at the top of my home page and on page 178 of Glamour’s March issue is this beautiful georgette dress from Avenue below. In Glamour it is worn by a larger woman than below. And it looks great!
Clicking on this dress will take you to Avenue
Avenue Rebecca Georgette DressAS SEEN IN GLAMOUR Womens Plus Size

For some time now Glamour has been suggesting form fitting and body skimming dresses to us full figure women. And Kimono styles like those featured near the top of my dress page recently.

Do you like the way you look and feel in form fitting dresses? Or do you prefer looser shift dresses like this one below?

Could be I like it because it has pockets. Although Avenue has body skimming dresses with on seam pockets lately!
Clicking on this dress below will take you to Silhouettes
Geometric Print Dress

Further on in the March issue of Glamour I see they recommend a heavily pleated Lavin trapeze dress. Silhouettes has this pleated trapeze dress in their outlet store now for just $58.99! It’s available in the rouge color below in all sizes 12W to 26W and most of those sizes in black! You can click on its picture to shop for it in Silhouettes’ Outlet store.
Pleated Trapeze Dress

Glamour recommends this in their Fashion section, to no particular body shaped woman. I like it and the shift dresses Silhouettes has in both their normal store and in the Outlet because, pockets or not, it also takes negates the shapewear issue! Well aside from what bra to wear.

With a form fitting dress I, for one, would have to consider a body briefer. But it is not likely I’ll find a body briefer for a 36HH bra size. A high waist panty like a Spanx Power panty and cover the bulge between the panty and bra with a shaping cami. Or perhaps this Spanx Higher Power High-Waisted Power Panty could work.

If it dose not fold under my bra and the legs do not come down to my knees. So I’m kind of short. But it might…..

See this is the sort of thing I might go through when I think of wearing a form fitting pale colored spring dress like the one at the top of this post. I wore a form fitting black dress last to a place I know had low lighting, under my favorite suit jacket. And I wore my, now worn to smithereens, Sqeem waist cinching vest. That’s the color and place consideration.

Or I might just tell myself: OK that’s just me, bulges and all!

What about you?

What kind of dresses do you prefer and why?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Harriet, about that Red Dress, and your wonderful blog!

Hi Harriet!
I looked into this and found:

The good news is that the store that carried that dress, Silhouettes, does ship to Sweden!

The bad news is as I suspected, this dress is out of stock. Considering that the post it features in was December of 2006, I was not really surprised.

But you’ll find plenty of lovely plus size dresses at Silhouettes and Silhouettes’ Outlet store. I’ll likely always have a link to both in the right column of this blog’s main page. Below is one of their current sale banners. You’ll find different current sale banner, which changes each month, about the 3rd day into it, by clicking on the link to this page.. There too, it will be in the right column.

ALL JEANS Buy One Get One 50% Off

Clicking on any of those banners will take you to Silhouettes or their Outlet store.

Often I find Silhouettes puts some dresses in the Tops and Jackets in their Outlet store. Also if any of their clothes, shoes or accessories becomes unavailable in their regular store, often you’ll find them in their Outlet store at even better prices!

This does not always happen. I once waited for a vest to go on sale, or into the Outlet store. It just went out of stock instead.

I checked out your Enastaende Mamma blog and I love the If Love was a Computer File in Yourself! The kitten and pup picture is great there too! And some of the other posts I could read and the babelfish reference in should I blog in English. I am glad you commented to me in English. If you hadn’t I’d would have to had use babelfish myself!

The listing of top 40 BBW’s of all time is great too.

I’ll be back to read more!

I just tried Google Translate and Babel Fish and find no Swedish to English! Gulp! Have I got the right language? If it is Swedish, where can I get a translation?

Thank you!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes Anonymous they too have nice footwear!

Newport News does have nice shoes, sandals and boots! And at excellent prices too! But they do not seem to carry wide and extra wide width shoes. I looked around a bit and saw none. I think Silhouettes and
have the best selection of wide and extra wide shoes. Well that’s what I saw. Like these extra wide dress sandals below. Click on them to read about them at Zappos.
Bella-Vita - Wren (Tortoise Patent Leather) - Women's

Back in the fall I was moaning here about the lack of extra wide tortoise colored shoes, sandals or boots. True Silhouettes has tortoise ankle boots and sexy high heeled shoes, up to wide.

Now I find these tortoise dress sandals at Zappos in widths narrow to extra wide! They are kind of new, but already have 3 excellent reviews. They also come in black patent and bone patent colors too. One woman reviewer has them in all three colors. To me that says a lot about a shoe.

That’s one of my favorite things about Zappos, wearer reviews. The others are free shipping and you can shop by size, width, price range, type of shoe and even color. Still Silhouettes does have excellent prices in extra wide shoes, especially in their Outlet store!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wide and Extra Wide Women’s Shoes at Great Outlet Prices

I’ve featured several of Silhouettes’ new spring styles here. They seem to all come in widths up to extra wide and are inexpensive to begin with. Shoes, boots and sandals I had featured on my shoe page in the past are in Silhouettes Outlet now. Where you’ll find stylish wide and extra wide shoes for as little as $9.99!

These halter sandals are now just $19.99!
Halter Sandal

As are these Micro suede T-strap wedge heeled dress shoes!
Microsuede T-Strap Wedge

These Vintage Leather Boots below are now in Silhouettes’ Outlet store for $44.01 less than their original price! They have both wide widths in the foot and an extra wide, 17”, calf.
Vintage Leather Boot

If you click on the pictures of the above dress shoes you’ll go straight to Silhouettes Outlet store.
If you click on these wide width and calf boots above you go to Silhouettes, but with an error message. Just use the Outlet link at the right near top of their site to go to the Outlet store. You’ll currently find them Shoes and Accessories.

I included this error message at Silhouettes picture link to show you what it looks like. If you are reading about a suit, shoe or anything at this site, and you get that message, odds are excellent that that suit, or what have you, has moved to the Silhouettes Outlet Store! That means you’ll be find what you are looking for at its least expensive.

I’ll likely always keep a direct link to Silhouettes’ Outlet in this page’s right column too. It is always worth it to check out what’s on sale there.

I figure it’s the least I could do, seeing as how the excellent plus size bra sales are coming to a close for the time being.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sales and Discounts on New Spring Fashions

New spring styles are arriving in plus size fashions! And so are the sales and discounts. But many end in the next few days.

I love this new silk suit at Silhouettes below! But if you are looking for more extravagant suits for special occasions, Check out the Women’s suits new spring collection at the top of our Home, Suits, and Formal Wear pages. You can get an extra $10 off any of their dress suit, but that expires tomorrow. Details are on all of those pages.

Click on this silk dress suit and to shop for it at Silhouettes. It comes in sizes up to 26W. Use the code in the Silhouettes banner in the right column of our Suits and Separates page to get 20% off orders there of $100 or more. That changes monthly. But usually not till the first few days of the month go by.
Silk Tie Front Jacket

Bare Necessities’ winter sale will end on the 15th. They still have plenty of plus size bras at 25% to 50% off. Use the 10% off full figure bras banner in this page’s right column. Then if you shop by your bra size, if any are on sale those bras will come up. I checked!

Lane Bryant will give you 50% off their top ten best selling plus size apparel through the 11th. I do not know if that can be combined with this lovely 10% off code below. But I really think it should work.
Lane Bryant Catalog (Arizona Mail Order)

I used to think Lane Bryant was for little old ladies. Not. And if you like pinks, reds and lavenders they’ve got plenty in their Valentines day section. Including sequined ruby, as well as black, silver, gold, purple and royal blue, dress sling backs. Those dress shoes come in widths up to extra wide. Lane Bryant has lots of other red shoes too. They also have inexpensive pretty panties, bras and sleep wear.

Why did I not mention these sales earlier in the week? Well my daughter was sick most of the week. Then she got better. Then she swallowed a steel ball bearing. Then I got sick. And that’s what all happened since last Sunday. Otherwise I would have wrote about these sales sooner.

Well I’ve never been good at February, but at least the sales are good and the new spring styles are refreshing!