Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Elomi’s Up to K and JJ Multi-Way and Convertible Strap Bras

If you are a full figure who wears DD+ cup size bras you might appreciate a bra that takes the weight off parts of your shoulders that carry too much of it most of the time.

Some woman who reviewed the following bras say they do just that, as well as save one from neck and shoulder pain and another points out that they work great with summer racer-back tops and dresses!

These Elomi bras, and I am including one that only goes up to H cup sizes, but happened to be a seamless, plunge bra at the end of this post, all come with a J hook that we can use to change the straps from straight shoulder style to racer-back , or X-Back strap style!

Elomi’s Rita up to K cup Multi-Way Bras

I believe this style has been around the longest of these three, and can be found, today starting at $26 using this Elomi Rita Bras New with Tags at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores link.

 2/27/17 update: These are no longer available at Her Room, but are at eBay using that text link to then just above!

This is just a picture of Elomi’s Rita bra, which was available in 4 colors in the 34G to K, 36 to 40E to K, 42E to HH, 44E to H and 46E to FF size range for $44.95, (sale color), to $60 at Her Room.
At Her Room these bras currently have a 4 star average out of their current 32 reviews.

They get repeated raves for:
  • Comfort
  • Lift
  • Support
  • Coverage
  • Fit
Among other things women say they love / like about these bras!

Also mentioned is the a fore noted decrease of neck and shoulder pain and increase of fashion options!

For what it is worth, this style is one I want to try myself, being now a long time daily wearer of their Caitlyn bras.

Both the Rita and the Etta bras have 4 part cups, Like their award winning Caitlyn bras, excellent for bust support for us women who wear those cup sizes up to K and JJ that these styles come in.

Etta Convertible Bandless up to JJ Cup Bras

These bras have a shorter underwire, found to work better for the higher set breasts of women with shorter torsos.

2017: These are still available at Her Room, whose link is in the right column, in black and nude in the 34G to JJ, 36 to 42E to JJ and 44E to G size range.

These bras currently have a 4.5 star average out of their 3 reviews, by women who wear sizes:
  • 34JJ
  • 40HH
  • 34H
What I find interesting is that Her Room’s Tip is Not Recommended for Women who wear larger than a DDD cup…

To me this makes no sense to me because they are apparently made for women who need larger than DDD cup size bras…

The reviewers say things like
  • Love the Fit
  • Ordered another one directly after trying on the 1st one
  • Looks Great
  • Feels Great
  • Please do not stop making these bras

Bijou Banded Contour Seamless Plunge up to H Cup Bras

Ok, it does not say plunge, but it looks like that to me and some of it current 9 reviewers, who give it a 4.5 Star average so far!

2017: Elomi's Bijou bras are available in limited sizes on sale at Her Room in black, nude and pansy in the 34F to H, 36 to 42E to H and 44E to G size range!

Here is a summary of the most reoccurring comments by reviewers: 
  • Great Support
  • Nice Plunge
  • Pretty with lots of oomph
  • Very Comfy
  • Great Shape
  • Sexy and Comfy 
Well there you have it, three bras that you can wear with race-back fashions that give your neck and shoulder a break in some cases! 

Someday I hope to try them all myself, when I have the money 
and if the Bijou comes in a HH cup by then… 



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