Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shop 25% Off Full Figure Bras, with a possible additional 15% Off coupon!

Use this Bare Necessities banner below, then select Promotions from their left column. On the right half of the page you will find, until 2/3/10, their 25% off bras sale. Now use this Retail Me Not coupon code RETAILMENOT09, there are exclusions, which I can not find out, but as Aqua Marine, one of our readers here pointed out in the past, it is worth a try. A Retail Me Not discount code did work for her purchase of a large cup bra there!
Bare Necessities
You will find full figure bras at this sale by Glamorize, (up to size 56H!), Playtex, Vanity Fair, Olga and Bali bras, like their Seductive Curves Seamless Full Figure below. They are highly rated at Her Room, (currently 4 stars out of 44 reviews). They are the same price there too.

Currently they have 105 Bra styles at their 25% off Every Day Bras sale!

This Bare Necessities sale does end 2/3/10. I do not know when the price on the Bali bra pictured above goes back to normal at Her Room, but if you click on its picture, that is where you go, so you can check out the reviews and see if you think it would be good for you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Phat and other Urban Wear deals on Plus Size Dresses

Watching eBay this week for urban wear at great prices. This body skimming Baby Phat neck sash dress, size 3X is just $25. That is a bid price, and the bid on this dress will end on 1/31, just use its link in the previous sentence to view the details. It is new with tags.
$25 is a great price for a machine washable, nice to wear to work, trendy, yet elegant dress!

Currently the same dress, available in sizes 1X to 3X, is available at Baby Phat, for $50.
You can see the savings could easily be great!

These fringed trendy plus size dresses are also on bid, but that will end, quite soon, in size XL only. This club wear mini dress is also new with tags. Use this This Baby Phat black mini club dress in size XL link to view its details at Ocean Drive Style of Miami, Your Trusted Source of Urban Wear and more! link.

The Dereon dress I was thrilled about on my Jan. 22nd post is here back down to $20! You can view its details by using this Dereon Mini black sweater dress, size 1XL link. This bid will not end until 2/2.

Which only goes to show;
It seems the best bet, price wise is to, watch an item you are interested in, and see if it goes on sale, or to bid. The bidding prices seem the best.
Sometimes, a sale price on an items may not even be over, when it is over. (?)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you Sara V. Frenzy! & a look at Vintage inspired, Plus Size Dresses and Intimates

Fat-shionista is a blog that Sara V. Frenzy recently started. Looking at it, perhaps with the upcoming general romance Valentine ’s Day coming soon, put me in the mind of vintage clothing. Sara’s profile reveals she is into all vintage clothing and accessories, except vintage puppies. I just like the bit about puppies and had to add it here.

Her posts made me think of what stuck me as, useful today, yet vintage-like, to me, styles. Like these lace plus size cami bras. Vintage like to me, because they put a bit of lace at your neckline. Useful, as shown, looking, and feeling, pretty under your robe around the house. As well as low cut shirts, blouses and dresses.

Because it put me in the mind of long heavy silk gowns with lace necklines and matching bed jackets and long robes I had seen in antique and used clothing stores, in the late 70s.
These full figure bras come in sizes 36 to 54C to G, for just $20 to $28. They have adjustable rigid straps, and molded soft cups and come in 10 colors! Made even more affordable with One Stop Plus’ discounts! - $20 off $50+, $25 off $75+, $30 off $100+ w/code OSPCOUPON2

eDressMe encourages us to Revive your style with timeless Vintage styles. Shop eDressMe Vintage Styles now!. They have some fabulous vintage dresses, some in plus sizes. The dresses by Stop Staring! Are noted as running small. Of those I have looked at, they come in sizes up to XL, or 40, 32, 43 (bust, waist, hips).
They also have dresses by Queen or Heartz, that come in sizes up to 3XL. Like this green stretch satin wrap front dress, which is on sale now too, but sizes are limited.
Queen of Heartz Green Vintage Dresses
It turns out eDressMe has plenty of vintage and lots of plus size dresses and gowns. I will be checking out their Dresses Under $99 at eDressMe. Get Major Style without Spending Serious Cash! often, especially their vintage section.

Can anyone tell me how stretch satin wears?

So just to see, I went to eBay, typed Plus Size Vintage Dresses

Apparently, Vintage now, brings up lots of Maxi, gypsy peasant, and kimono dresses, as well as Victorian, civil war, goth as well as gothic, even rockabilly styles and, brace your self here, T-shirt dresses!

You will find plenty of plus size dresses at that above eBay listing. Some are, style and pricewise, very impressive.
I seldom think of wedding gowns, though I have seen them, and the prices.
This Vintage Ivory or White, Wedding dress, in sizes up to 32W, just $89.

This dress is New, with Tags, they give you an array of pictures of it. It has a train, for instance. They also have wearer reviews. I figure this is vintage inspired, rather than actual vintage.

In a recent email from Avenue they were showing their “vintage” styles. To Avenue, recently, vintage means denim Bermuda shorts, cuffed straight-legged boyfriend jeans and thermal hoodies.

I also figure “Vintage” is a matter of perspective.

Friday, January 22, 2010

½ price Dereon Plus Size Dresses!

I was just looking at this dress yesterday, available in size 1XL, at an eBay store I was checking out for urban wear. It was bids starting at $20.48 and Buy it Now for $60. Today these dresses, New With Tags, they have 3 at this writing, are on sale at $30 Buy it Now. This sale will last 3 days and size charts are available if you scroll down when you click on this Dereon Mini black sweater dress, size 1XL.

This dress would be a versatile addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It’s also a perfect example of what I love about urban fashion sometimes, a new twist on a classic!

This dress is at Ocean Drive Style of Miami, Your Trusted Source of Urban Wear and more!, the most organized, and to my thinking fastest, way to shop urban fashions for the plus size woman. I guess that is why I check there often.
Now I have learned they have sales, and this is one of them!

I have been checking out full figure bras and shapewear, all New with Tags, at eBay stores too. I know that Bella Lingerie has a January sale, you can shop plus size and large cup size bras and swimwear there, by bra size.

Another store with great organization, making it a easy and fast place to search what you want quick! Both of the above mentioned eBay stores are highly rated sellers too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bare Necessities Most Wanted Bras Sale!

It turns out the surprise I got about my favorite Panache bra being just $30 yesterday at Bare Necessities is all part of their Most Wanted Bras Sale! This sale also features the Panache Harmony large cup bras in 6 color choices, in sizes 30 to 38K, and 40D to JJ, at just $30, as is the Panache Tango II bra I mentioned in yesterday’s post. That seems to be it for large cup size bras at this sale. They do have some other full figure bras!

You will find full figure bras at this sale by Vanity Fair, Glamorize, Dominique, Anita and these leopard print Wacoal bras below too. They get great reviews at Her Room, but if you click on this bra’s picture below now you will find them at 45% off at Bare Necessities in sizes 34 to 40C to G and 42 – 44DD and DDD.

You will also find this Panache sports bra in full figure sizes 32 to 38G, 40E and 42DD, at 39% off. This is a high impact underwire sports bra that gets pretty good, 3.5 stars out of 13 ratings at Bigger Bras for good support, non sliding straps, comfort and breathability. Clicking on its picture below will bring you to Bare Necessities where it is just $40!

Bare Necessities Most Wanted Bras sale will end on 2/1/10, but if you have a hard size to find, act sooner rather than later. I often have been ready to buy just after my size runs out. Don’t let it happen to you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top rated Full Figure Bras by Panache now just $30!

These top rated full figure bras by Panache are available in a multitude of sizes and on sale for just $29.99, in white, at Bare Necessities! That’s right, Panache’s Tango II large cup bras are available in sizes 30 to 40D to K, 42D to J and 44DD and E at this sale price in white. Act while your size is still available!
Just click on its picture below to go straight to it, on sale, in all those size, at Bare Necessities.

I found these when looking at what’s new at Bare Necessities. Perhaps that is why all these sizes are available.

This is what I mean by Bare Necessities is a great place to find plus size and large cup size bras in discontinued colors at great prices. I just hope their putting the white on sale does not mean they are discontinuing this bra style, as these are my favorite every day bras.

These bras won the favorite Overall Full Figure Bras in the 2009 Undies Awards.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What Sheath and Pencil Plus Size Dresses can do for you!

Even if you have an inverted triangle shape, (little hip, no butt to speak of), like me, a plus size dresses, and skirts, that go in close to your knees accentuate your ultra feminine hips! However, if you do have an inverted triangle shape, you might want to stick with the Shape fx styles, like the Hold-You-In Pencil dress I showed on my post of 12/31/09, recommended by Who offer Styles that Fit and Flatter! Igigi, a very fit conscious designer, suggest this shape accentuating dress below for all shapes. Which also comes in black as well, in sizes 12 to 32.

These dresses are in new arrivals. I have been watching IGIGI New Arrivals for a few weeks and a funny thing is, they always first run low, then out of stock in their smallest, size 12 and their largest, size 30 /32. I guess their styles really fit the gamut of full figure sizes quite well! Both the Pacific Blue and Black version of this dress above are doing the same thing.

Anyway, the beauty of a simple dress, as sheath and pencil dresses tend to be, is you can often get way with using a simple dress for everything! It depends on how you accessorize them, or where them with a suit jacket, shawl, shrug and so on…

Jessica London has an array of sheath dresses in now. Even a color block and a print one. Just click on this nice simple easy to dress up, or make business like with a suit jacket dress below.

If you actually have hips to speak of, these Jessica London sheath dresses will show off your shapely curves well!

I have an Avenue skirt in every color I could get it in, because it, has pockets, (OK I love pockets), and goes in at the knees. The visual effect, even on my near hipless self is: Vavavoom shapely curves! I guess all you need is the distance around your knees to be smaller than you hips to get this effect!

Having dresses to turn to, be it for daily wear or special occasions, makes dressing a breeze! You have none of that, the best blouse for this skirt is at the cleaners going on when you have dresses to turn to! Put it on, accessorize, and go!

Especially nice are simple black, or any color, dresses that can be worn for events, parties or at the office. The mood is based on how you accessorize them.

I know, as I have relied on one favorite black knit that has grown, literally and figuratively, over the years. I think I started as a size L and I have worn it up to being a size 2 or 3XL. Apparently, you can do this with some knits, gradually, over the years! Now this dress has died. It developed a hole, yet it is at the waist line. Perhaps I will try a broad belted style after all!

So whether you have a sexy curvy shape with hips, or a none too curvy, inverted triangle, diamond or rectangle, no waist shape, as IGIGI puts it, if so go Shape fx.for all the fit that stretch fabrics can give you.

A sheath dress, will give you simplicity you can play around will for all dressing purposes and shapely hips.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bare Necessities Clearance Sale is Ending

Their clearance sale ends tomorrow, and they still have 40 styles in their DD+ , or large cup bras section. Figleaves clearance sale is down to 70% off and you will find lots of plus size bras and panties in Her Room’s clearance sale, which is up to 60% off.

They also have Olga bras that while apparently not in the clearance sale, are on sale anyway for $27, or less. They are all Olga’s Christina bras, which I guess is their plus size line. All that have ratings, 5 out of 6, are highly rated!

This Comfort sleek strap minimizer bra below, women who review it seem to love it! It comes in sizes 36 to 42C, D and DD, in white, nude and black, now just $27

Yet you will not find this in the clearance section, so it pays to shop around at these stores.

Speaking of sales, as I have been learing about eBay, I found out their stores will notify you, if you like, of items going on sale you looked into. The Rocawear snake print, one shoulder dress in my last post is now on sale, in a Buy it Now way, at $40 and it was $60 last week.
Apparently you can just wait for the price to go down sometimes!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thanks for nice comment Diane! It made me look into Urban Wear at eBay

Diane liked the fringe dress on our Striking Plus Size Dresses from Rocawear, 7/8/09 post. I liked that one too, looked for it at Rocawear, found it out of stock, no surprise really. Then I found it, along with several Urban Wear eBay stores!
Pats Urban Wear has this dress in Large and XLarge sizes, $50, New With Tags, Buy it Now, or you have the option of watching it to see if it comes down! Click on the sizes to go straight to them.

Pats Urban Wear also has this stunning, and curve accentuating one shoulder snake print dress in size 2XL, with self bra! Also new with tags, but for $60, or watch it and see if you can get it for less. I believe they have it in other sizes too…

Click on the link with its name and size above the picture to go straight to it!
ON the less expensive, yet still new with tags, buy it now side, this Rocawear, fringe hem dress is available in sizes up to XL for just $14! Click on this Fringe Hem Dress link to go to it.

I believe the store who carries this one, fenjingkeyauction168, also has it in white, along with lots of other Rocawear and other urban fashion wear!

There you have it, New With Tags, buy it now, or watch it, plus size dresses in urban wear from $14 to $60. That was just a quick trip to some eBay stores this AM for me!

Thanks to Diane’s comment, and having my attention on great buys at eBay stores lately!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Plus Size and Large Cup Bras, New at an eBay Store!

Last month I started looking at eBay stores in earnest for brand new full figure bras, as well as women’s suits and Igigi fashions, which I like, but find pricey.
So far, for plus size and large cup bras I find Bella Lingerie to be the best!
And they are having a January Sale!
Why are they the best?
  • They carry bra makers I trust, Panache, Fantasie, Freya and more.
  • Their lingerie appears to be all New With Tags
  • Buy it Now seems to be an option, always.
  • You can shop their store by bra size, which is great because they have so much, it would take forever to go through all of their pages of lingerie.
  • The prices of course. I say of course…

but I have been looking for new plus size swimwear at eBay stores, but price wise what I find is on a par with Sales and Swimsuits for All. I do not know about you, but I do not really want to buy used clothes, and I am not interested in bidding, but you can if you like.

Currently Bella Lingerie has bras in sizes up to 30K, 32JJ, 34 and 36K, 38JJ, 40D to G, 42D to E and 44D

They invite you to type in the size you are looking for, or email them and they will find it for you. Service and Great Prices!

Here is an example today I found this 36J Fantasie Kara bra, new with tags. You can bid on it, or buy it now for $24.21 They have 9 bras in that size at the moment, not all the same either!

Another example: currently they have 21 bras in size 40D, like this Coral Panache Harmony bra for $13!
All brand new with tags! Check it out!