Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CaribGirl! Even cheaper Panache Pure, Smooth, Tango and up to Plus Size large cup sizes to 40GG!

CaribGirl, cheaper smooth Pure Tango and smoother and cheaper seamless Panache large cup bras!

Additionally; for CaribGirl after I got your email yesterday:
Yeah I’m well acquainted with the over G cup seamless problem which I bemoaned in my posting of Sept 6th. I too hope that someday we will see seamless full figure bras larger than G cup sizes.

Right now, and they say not for long and no date given Fresh Pair is having their 20% off site wide sale. Where you’ll find the smoother cup Pure Tango Panache for just $39.20! Just click on it’s picture to go straight to this bra on sale. And it comes in plus sizes too, 40D to GG!


And for smoother cup Panache full busted bras to size this seamless Superbra Porcelain molded bra below comes in sizes up to up to 38G. Freshpair has it in black and nude now for $43.20. I haven’t had a chance to compare this bra’s price other wise. But most standard color full figure Panache bras are fairly standard priced. And I don’t know how long Fresh Pair’s 20% off site wide sale will last. So click on it’s picture if you are interested to go straight to this bra on sale!


FreshPair has a good selection of both plus size and full busted bras. As well as plus size shapewear but on closer inspection of this sale, sadly, not all items are on sale. So far I see their plus size Spanx and Wacoal and other shapers are not sale.

Oh well. It’s still worth looking into. Fresh Pair always has free shipping and while lots of bras are not on sale many plus size Bali, Goddess and full buster Panache are on sale!

Enjoy what ever savings there are while they last!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CaribGirl Thank you for the bra review and there actually is a smooth cup Panache Tango bra!

I’m happy to know the Fiesta fits just like the Tango II! It’s also one of my favorite bras, except not smooth. I may have to use the library now and go ahead and buy one my self. After all I normally wear t-shirts. While this keeps my Tango II in great shape, I need more daily wear bras. And who doesn’t?

Speaking of more bras, there actually is a smooth Panache Tango bra called Superbra Tango Pure. As well as some totally smooth cup full figure Panache bras that come in sizes up to 36G! But the smooth cup Tango Pure is available at all the stores I feature here.
But its best price currently is at Figleaves. And they have it in black in 36G at the moment, but no other colors.

There are 2 other note worthy things about Figleaves at the moment too. They are still running their Buy 5 items; get the cheapest one free by using code BUY4GET5 when you check out. And they are running a 50% off sale.

While there are a wide variety of full figure bras on sale, of note to those of us who wear 36G, or up to 38G for that matter, is Panache’s Superbra Samba Underwire balcony in white, FOR JUST $24! And all 6 of the 6 women who review it would recommend it to a friend too!

You can shop for these bras directly at Figleaves by clicking on the picture above. just note the code BUY4GET5 before you go. Because at these prices, it might be real easy to find five lingerie items you want for the price of four!

Yes it seems just like it being full figure swimwear sale time now. As in up to 50% off many styles at Always for Me and 20% off plus size skirtinis till Sunday. You can find details here.
It’s definitely also full figure bra and other intimates sale time too!

And if you like the Panache’s Tango II for less, you can get it at Bare Necessities for as little as $27.19 in its apricot color in sizes up to 38K and 40HH, just every full figured and large cup size I checked. Acutally it will be 10% less than $27.19 using this banner below. And Yes CaribGirl, also in 36G! It appears to be a good time for both of us to stock up!

Bare Necessities

If you need this 10% off full figure bras banner in the future, just book mark this intimates page. I’ll carry it in that page's right column as long as Bare Necessities honors it. And they really are a great place to find excellent plus size bras and lingerie. Especially cheaper in discontinued colors!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Way to Go CaribGirl! And some excellent Full Figure Bras are still on sale!

CaribGirl! That is exactly the Panache bra, and panties, I was eyeing up! I really like Panache! And this fine full figure bra is still on sale! Nowhere near as good a price break as CaribGirl got it with the special 20% off discount, but still! And they still have it in my size! Sadly the matching panties seem to be gone.

CaribGirl, please give us a review when you’ve worn it, or at least tried it on!
Or I will. If I can keep from buying books long enough to catch my size in this beautiful bra before it goes away.

Even though the 20% off site wide sale is over, they still have some great plus size and full busted bras on sale at better than average prices. As usual for Bare Necessities, they have great price cuts on discontinued colors. You still have to act fast there though.

One bra that struck me today was Fantasie’s Allure Underwire Balcony Bra. A smooth cup underwire bra with pretty embroidery where it won't show under a T-shirt. Now on sale at 50% off and still available in some plus sizes, (40D and 40DD), and in cup sizes in 38 up to E and F! And this appears to be on sale in all the 3 colors they have.

Other Fantasie and Panache bras are also on sale. Like one of my favorite Panache bras in apricot color is still on sale for just $27.19, less if you use the 10% off link for full figure bras below!

Use this 10% off banner to get there and enjoy at least that much off if you are shopping full figure bras. Bare Necessities is definitely a store worth watching for plus size intimate sales!

Bare Necessities

I’ll post Bare Necessities sale here as I become aware of them too!

Friday, October 12, 2007

3 great limited time discounts on full figure bras, luxury suits and swimwear

These came to my attention all at once. Just the kind of thing I was expecting last weekend.

Here they are in order of expiration:

Bare Necessities is having a site wide sale. Till Monday the 15th you can get the high quality full figure bras I often enthuse about here,
as well as plus size shapers, panties and all manner of intimates at 20% off!

Just take this banner and enjoy the savings, till Monday, October 15th.
Bare Necessities

Women’s suits, whose high fashion, lavish plus size women’s suits I’m featuring here this week, I show some of their more understated suits, will give you free shipping and $10 off all orders if you use the code LUXURY when ordering. That’s good till Tuesday, October 16th.

And Swimsuits for All will take $10 off your order of $60 till Wednesday, October 17th if you use code 1010P, Their plus size women’s swimwear sale prices are so low, I can’t find a single swimsuit for us larger ladies that cost $60 there now. Not that I looked all day. I couldn’t, but I did indeed look. So if you need 2 swimsuits, or a suit and a cover up, or to shop for the whole family, between their great low prices and the discount, now is a good time to check them out!

$10 off any $60 purchase. Enter coupon code: 1010P at! May not be combined with any other offer.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fantasie’s new fall winter bra sized swimwear line! And $18 plus size swimsuits!

Finally one of Fantasie’s new bra sized swimwear lines is available at least one store now!
Their Mombassa swimwear line’s one piece swim suit comes in full figure bra sizes up to 40E! Also up to G cup sizes in bra band sizes 34 to 38, and up to 36GG bra size in one style! Well at these are the largest bra sizes Figleaves is carrying it in now.


And Swimsuits for all has 3 swimdress styles, a retro sheath and a tank swimsuit by It Figures on sale now for just $18!
Click on this banner below to go straight to that sale if you need cheap, yet high quality, plus size swimwear!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Trendy Women’s Wide Width Shoes

Normally I write about wide and extra wide dress shoes we can wear all day at work with most business attire. Or for special occasions, or to polish your casual look. I like the shoes that will do all these things best.

Here I like to write about trendy plus size fashions. Especially when they jump right out at me and I can’t miss them. If they are interesting enough I feel I must share them here.

Because this year we’ve seen, at least in fashion magazines, one of my favorite style issues:
A real spin on old standard styles of both business attire and now shoes.

Now available in wide widths in sizes 5 ½ to 11 this 3 inch heeled, women’s wide width grey tweed dress platform pump. You’ll find it at Zappos, if you click on its picture.

Stuart Weitzman - Marianne (Gray Tweed) - Women's

And these 4 inch heeled platform oxfords in sizes 4 to 11
Stuart Weitzman - Hartford (Bone Butter Calf) - Women's

Granted both of these Stuart Wietzman women’s wide width shoe styles are much pricier than fashions I usually write about. But I’m just thrilled and surprised to see extremely high heeled, sexy and charming trendy women’s shoes in wide widths at all!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Miraclesuit swimwear, and Jackets and Coats on sale!

OK it’s a strange combination, but it’s true. You’ll find full figure Miraclesuit swimwear on sale now for less than $100! Well that’s 4 out of the 5 styles available at Bigger Bras.

And Silhouettes is offering greatly reduced prices on several styles of suit jackets, outer wear jackets and coats now! You can read about that better here It’s pretty surprising because they are selling some of these coats and jackets for as much as $20 to $40 off!

So far these are the unusual sales I’ve seen lately. Miraclesuit under $100 seems to be rare and a great way to try one.

And other stores for us curvier women I usually check out don’t seem to be having their outer wear style jackets and coats on sale yet. And there are lots of new styles to choose from now too! Unlike other stores, Silhouettes seems to have to best variety so far, as well as sales. But maybe I’m just bias because I like their styles. You’ll find a banner link to Silhouettes in the right column of this page.