Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vote Your Opinion of the Size of fashion models

Want to tell a publication what you think of the size of fashion models? Here is your chance to tell Parade magazine. It comes in Some Sunday News Papers. Their November 12th 2006 issue asked the question on page 2. Read about it and cast your vote by clicking on this link.

Scroll down a bit while you are there and enjoy some reader’s commentary!
When I cast my vote this AM the current stats were:

  • Out of 1708 votes
  • 93% felt models were too thin
  • 7% felt they were the right size

This was all brought up by the Spanish fashion designers banning excessively thin models from their run ways. While Karl Lagerfeld says models are not too skinny. So Parade is kind enough to ask us!

And quickly, before it goes off your news stand.
I tried to find this online for us. But I’m not finding it yet.

Glamour Magazine’s December issue, page 58:
Gives us a graphic showing how Clothes DO LOOK BETTER on Healthy Bodies! In answer to the same issue. Designers being hit with criticism regarding models skinniness. With a little creative photo-shopping they give us a good contrasting eyeful. Same model. Same dress and shoes. A few pounds added and the thin one looks like a woman with a terrible wasting disease.

I’m gonna hang that right by my desk where my daughter can see it! It makes a good point for too thin looks sickly.

Glamour has for some time now been running Dress for your size, at any size and shape type articles. And why not. Why should they mind their readers coming in all sizes? Why should anyone selling to the public?

Apropos to real life:

Personally when I was looking for a amorous adventure I held with a line from a Woody Allen movie: “I’ll take the one that eats.”
And from what I’ve experienced, lot of men like women with healthy appetites too!

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