Thursday, July 26, 2012

2 Bra and Intimates Sales, a Comparison

New fall colors are coming out in many of the bra and intimate styles we favor. The older ones are on sale! Sadly, sizes are limited. It seems to me that between Bravissimo and Bare Necessities new sales, he easiest and fastest way to find the styles on sale in your size is to go to Bravissimo’s sale, and shop by your band and cup size.

I have a detailed description of how to do just that, currently, at the top of our large cup size bras page.

Having said that you can shop Bare Necessities and get an extra 30% Off Clearance Sale, (until 7/31), and enjoy these clearance styles with an additional discount!

Just one problem, if you shop Bare Necessities by bra size to speed our search, often they will have a sizes in their sale section’s left column shop by bra size menu, that have no sale colors available in a given size you selected.

I found this to be the case in 2 out of 3 bra sizes I gave their current sale’s search facility this AM.

This means it might take longer to shop styles that are in their clearance, that have more than one color, that you were interested in at Clearance prices with a discount prices. No problem at all are styles given on just one color, such as the lace version of Le Mystere’s lace Tisha bras, in rose quartz below. These bras are on sale just in this color and many sizes are available up to 40G

Note the code in Bare Necessities’’ Take an Additional 30% OFF Clearance Styles with code EXTRA30 at Ends 07.31.12. and use it to go straight to their sale.

Or, if you find a style that is not in clearance that you want, you can use their 10% off discount code: EBTS10, (from their link currently at the top of our full figure bras, up to H cup size, page), to enjoy it for less!

You can use this Bravissimo  link to go straight to their current sale, then browse by;
  • Category
  • Bra Band size
  •  and Cup size
  • Or Shop the Whole Sale 
I do not know how long this sale will last but Bravissimo has bras in band sizes 28 to 40 and cup sizes D to L!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cooling, Beautiful Space Bras

10% discount code at end of post!

Bare Necessities recommends Space Bras for helping us take the heat of summer!

Spacer Bras provide modesty and airflow with their breathable, lightweight foam contour cups. The cups of these bras are constructed in layers that allow air to pass through. This helps keep you cool in the warmer weather!

Bare Necessities’ best sellers of this style begin with Elomi’s Hermione full figure and large cup size bras, which now come in charcoal, fawn and a new navy color! I wear these bras and if you are full busted, you really should try them if for no other reason, the COMFY STRAPS!!

Some other Spacer Bras Bare Necessities also recommends these pretty Fantasie bras. They have 4, mixed reviews at Her Room and five 5 star reviews at Bare Necessities below! They come in sizes 30 to 36DD to GG, 38DD to G and 40DD to F.
They also recommend what appear to be the spacer bra version of Chantelle’s C Chic bras!

Not among the 21 spacer bras Bare Necessities suggests

 This, and another Chantelle bra I wrote about here, are the first spacer bras I think I ever saw.

The more standard looking spacer / T-shirt bra that article looks at is still available in stores, for $80. I had to look and found: Today, using this Chantelle 3951 bras, New With Tags at eBay stores link, I am finding them in a variety of sizes, at Buy it Now, not bid, prices, starting at $23!

I did not find this bra below with the unique strap seems to be out of stock everywhere, including eBay stores, Except Bigger Bras. They have it, in nude, in size 34E and say they can back-order it, in black, white and nude, in all sizes 32 to 40B, C and D and 32 to 38E.
 Chantelle Space Bra T-Shirt 3956 at
 I suggest ordering from eBay stores if you are especially confident about your size in the bra you are shopping.

I did that for over a year, with great success! Since I have been working out, I do not really know my bra size.
This means I will be sticking to stores until I do!

Here is a discount code we can use at Bare Necessities, until 1/15/13! Enjoy 10% Off with code EBTS10 at Now hopefully this will make trying new bras, spacer ones or not, much easier!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Figleaves, up to 60% Off Discounted Bra styles

Ending Soon

Figleaves has an excellent selection of full figure and large cup size bras, as well as other intimates, apparel and swimwear. They have been running an End of Season Sale that is now in its Final Reductions, Ending Soon stage.

This is what I am finding searching some categories of this sale:
  • DD+ Full Figure shows 115, this search included panties too
  • GG+ has 78 bra styles in this sale section
  • A to D cup Plus Size 95 bra styles 
Here is a great example, at 70% Off, just $17.40 in nude, and available in many sizes 32 – 34D to G, 36D, G and H, 38D, DD, DDD and G, 40DD, DDD and G and 42DD and DDD is Wacoal’s La Femme semi sheer bra below! This is just a picture,

but you can find it at Figleaves by:
  • Using 60%* off Figleaves Final Reductions 
  • Then select Shop Women’s
  • Select Full Figure, in the Style search in their left column menu of this sale
  • Then sort by Price: Low – High and scroll down a bit. 
This style is also on sale in it’s other two colors, at $23.20 in black and $41 in its Majolica blue colors. Even though its one review is not so good at Fig leaves, it has a 4.5 star average at Her Room!

True this is, price wise, an extreme example of an excellent find at this sale, but you can shop it by bra size, and it is well worth browsing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today Only BOGO FREE Avenue Tops

Today Avenue is running a Buy One Get One FREE Top deal. Sadly, this is only on line, so nipping out to their local store will not get you these savings…

Plus many of their summer tops are on sale a greatly reduced prices. The Asymmetrical Tiered red, (comes in dark blue too), top featured near the top of our home page is now just $20!

With plenty of hot weather still to come, Avenue has tanks starting at $8, knit tops at $15 and blouses starting at $17!

There is a, (now $20!), Maxi skirt that goes with these, now $15, knit tank tops! Both the tops and skirts are getting excellent ratings! The tops come in four colors, the skirts in two.
 Avenue Plus Size Laser Trim Tank
This customer favorite bias stripe Burnout T is now $25, down from $40!
 Avenue Plus Size Mixed Stripe Burnout Tee
This feminine cascading ruffle blouse is now on sale at $17 off at Avenue’s blouse sale section.
Avenue Plus Size Cascading Ruffle Blouse

If you use this $20 off $60, $25 off $75 and $30 off $100 at with code AV121064 through 8/31/12 link today you will find this BOGO Free Tops code, on the right of Avenue’s page and the sales in their left column menu.

The discount code in the Avenue link above is good until the end of August, should you need or want more than just tops! They also have new blouses, on sale already, you can save on using Today’s BOGO Free Tops code!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BOGO at 50% Off Shorts and Fashions starting at $14.98

Torrid, a good source for full figure trendy fashions and plus size size short shorts, and other bottoms is having a BOGO at 50% Off Shorts Event!
Use their Buy One, Get One 50% Off All Shorts! Shop Now! link, and note the discount code in this Get 10% off your entire purchase at - Use Coupon Code 7AF12OFF! Expires 7/28/12 link to enjoy great savings on their styles!

These lilac shorts are still available in sizes 12 to 28 and part of this excellent BOGO at ½ price deal! You will also find other color cut offs denim and short shorts, twill and sateen short shorts, capri and a Bermuda short style at this sale event!
Torrid Denim - Lilac Pigment Dye Cutoff Shorts
Meanwhile, Ashley Stewart is have a great Clearance Sale!
They have:

This Web Exclusive Pleated, Curve Enhancing, Knit Dress is from their New Arrivals, yet under $40 and still available in sizes 2X and 3X!
One of the beautiful, flattering and not too pricey to begin with, Ashley Stewart styles you can use the 20% savings code on from New Arrivals! 
I especially like that these stores are willing to sell us shorts cheap, and its not even August!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

15% Off Customer Favorite and up to 60% Off other Full Figure and Full Bust Bras

Currently if you click on Figleaves links below you will find 141 customer favorite bra styles, as well as other intimates and apparel, at 15% Off! Not only that, but Figleaves end of season sale is now in its ‘Up to 60% Off’ price reductions stage!

Browse these sales by your size, using the left column menu, to expedite your search!

I am finding many styles such as Fantasie’s Smoothing balcony, full cup and balcony T-shirt bras, Freya, Chantelle and other fine Fantasie bra sat 15% Off! Remarkably, even the larger cup size, GG to J, version of Freya’s top rated Arabella bras are marked down!

   Shop Lingerie at! 
545845_Figleaves annual sale 50% off 250 x 250 

 The Difference between shopping the sales at Figleaves and Bare Necessities by Bra Size

Bare Necessities is having an Up to 70% Off Hundreds of Clearance Styles Blowout sale: This is great and their link is in the left column.

I like shopping Bare Necessities, and once you do, they send you discount coupons from time to time!

However, at this particular blowout sale, (I find this is sometimes the case with them, sometimes not):

  • They will say they have styles in my size on sale.
  • This time it is four bras.
  • Each one has sale colors or a color 
  • and it is not available in my bra size. 

This sort of thing does not happen at Figleaves. 

When you shop by bra size there, it will be in stock in the sale version, or it will not come up in the search.

Both great stores, but just so you know…

Monday, July 09, 2012

Two Best Selling and Popular Elomi Bras in new Navy Colors

You can find Elomi’s popular Betty plunge bras at both Her Room and Bare Necessities in its new Navy / polka dot color below!

Her Room has this style in sizes 34GG to HH, 36 to 42D to HH, 44D to G and 46D and DD. Use this Elomi Betty Bras icon link to go straight to it at Her Room.

Bare Necessities, whose link is in the right column, does not have quite that wide a range of bra sizes, but they have the panties in this new navy color in sizes M to 4X.

Sadly this is just a picture of both these beautiful bras and panties

Both Bare Necessities and Her Room have Elomi’s best selling, oh so comfy strap Hermione bras in its new solid navy color! They both have them in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H, 44DD to GG and 46DD to FF.
You can click on this bra’s picture to browse it at Bare Necessities.
 I might not be tired of the color navy after all!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Marlies Dekkers Unique Bras and a nice Deal

To go with them
In addition, a brief look at Slightly less affordable styles at eBay stores

 If you wear bras in the 32 to 38B to F and 40D to E range Bare Necessities has six full figure Marlies Dekkers bras that come with Free Cotton Tank Tops for you to check out. The unique neckline or over bust straps of Marlies Dekkers bras are perfect with these tank tops as you can see from this picture of them together: Sorry, it is just a picture, but the tank tops come in black or white in sizes small to extra large, while supplies last…or until 7/9/12.

This black version of the above shown with tank top Dewberry color, (which Bare Necessities has too!), comes in sizes 32 to 36A to E and 38B to E. but it also has a review of this bra style, as shown above, as much an accessory as a bra. The woman, (who wears a 34D), who reviews it tells us the bra itself is awesome and so comfy she forgets she has it on!
This one above if from their whole, (34, many of which are thongs), selection of Marlies Dekkers styles.

This one is from the Marlies Dekkers bras found in Bare Necessities’ bp, (Bare Plus), section which the sizes in the 1st paragraph her refer to.
Here it is pictured with one of the Free black tank tops!

Just because I am curious, I had to check out Marlies Dekker bras at eBay

I can say for the styles above and others that Bare Necessities has currently, the prices are much the same. These are pricey bras: The ones at Bare Necessities are in the $85 to $121 range.

However, for more unique Marlies Dekker styles in even more limited sizes, but worth browsing, and for a bit less! This style whose cup, (note the signature Marlies Dekker over bust strap draped above the cup), is available in sizes 36A and B and 32B.

Here is another unique print bra style also for $80, at Buy it Now prices, both with Free Shipping and New With Tags at eBay stores today!

Just use this New With Tags Marlies Dekker Bras at eBay stores link to browse what is on available when you are reading this. Who know what sizes and styles will show up at what prices!

Actually there are currently several other uniquely printed with original over bust, (or perhaps neckline?), straps you will find at that link today, some for $70!

The Bare Necessities offer is excellent though. The shipping will be free, because they give free shipping on orders of $70 and the cotton tank tops are a $45 value.
My tanks and Tees are quite often of the cheaper variety…

If I can get down to a smaller size
Or If Marlies Dekker eventually makes larger bras
I plan to try them!
Perhaps we will meet in the middle!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

B1G1 at 50% Off, 20% - 25% Off Fashion Discounts Today

Including 25% Off Avenue’s up to 60% off sale items

You can enjoy Torrid’s trendy fashion and Hot Topic’s tanks and Tees today at their Buy 1 get 1 at 50% Off discount. You will find links below to Hot Topic and one with Torrid’s discounts code!

If you take a Dr Jay’s link from our short shorts page, by clicking on their color saturated shorts and skirt at the top, you will find a 20% Off code good for any order today!

Take this Shop now! link to Avenue today and you will find their 25% off code you can use site wide, including their Up to 60% Off styles you will see at the left of their page that link will take you to!

This is one of Avenue’s customer favorite tops from their up to 60% Off sale section you can apply their 25% off code to! This flattering twist front style comes in teal too, is available in sizes 14 to 32 for $25, before you apply the discount code!

  Avenue Plus Size Shirred Sleeve Top

Use Torrid’s Get 10% off your entire purchase at - Use Coupon Code 7AF12OFF! Expires 7/28/12 link today, then their name once you get to Torrid, and you will find their Buy 1 Get 1 at 50% Off, site wide, Including Clearance Deal TODAY!

Click on this Soft Kitty song T shirt, from The Big Bang Theory, and you will find it, and all other Ts and tanks are part of Hot Topic’s Buy One Get One at 50% Off deal today.

  The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Song Girls T-Shirt

They have a wide selection trendy styles and accessories. This T-shirt above comes in sizes XS to 3X!

I am sure there are plenty more sales and discounts out there today.

These are just a few that got my attention. Have an excellent holiday!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Extra 30% Off select Sale Styles at Igigi

Igigi designs sophisticated fashions just for full figure women! You can read more about why you might want to consider their fashions on our Igigi page.

Until 7/5 you can take this IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Extra 30%OFF July 4th Sale! "HAPPT4th" link to their select sale styles and use the code in it to get an extra 30% off their flattering and award winning styles!

This is just a picture of one of the many dress styles you will find in their current four pages of select dresses, gowns, tops, jackets, skirts and accessories you find at this sale!

Enjoy these savings!