Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolution Let My Shape do the Fitting for You!

Let My Shape figure out what brands, designers and styles fit you before you even begin to shop!

A No Pain Good Gains New Years resolution instead of the usual, I will do more of what I dislike and less of what I like resolutions we have come to know.

Open a My Shape Personal Shop, feed in all the info they need, (No Money involved, its Free!), to lead you to the clothes that will actually fit you well!

You can read about the, well 3 I have noticed so far, advantages of doing this, and what you will need to open one by reading My Shape, Your Personalized Shop!.


My Shape also sends you sale and discount info and today has a a 30% to 50% Semi-Annual Sale going on. You do not have to shop My Shape to open & / or use your personal shop there, but you might decide to after all.

If you are reading this because you follow the large cup bras sales posted here, we might have a fit problem in common.
If the bust fits, in a top, dress or jacket, even t-shirts, the shoulders will be way too big.
I am hoping My Shape lead me to what really FITS.
So far, for my inverted triangle shape, they have led me to brands I had not considered and some I have thought about and not yet tried.

If you happen to have an inverted triangle shape, My Shape calls this a P shape, So far I notice they suggest lots of Shape fx, which I had not thought much of before. In truth, I was only semi-aware of the brand. Their shaping apparel makes sense, as the close fit would handle the discrepancies between the much large top and the narrow hips I have. Makes sense. Now I never would have thought of that, but My Shape Knew!
Like this Hold-You-In pencil dress.

Usually I only manage to get a dress that fits my bust fine, by shoulders sloppily, and my hips like a loose sack. This is will be a VAST IMPROVEMENT!
That is just One Example!

It cost the same at My Shape and Amazon, yet at times there are discounts, I get an email about once a week with their current discounts. Eventually Shape fx clothing will be included in their discount at a time when I have a bit of $ left to spiffy up my look! Not likely this month, but eventually!

This is just one of the many brands and designers they recommend for me, based on my measurements and tastes.

More than discount, My Shape will tell me which size to order from Shape fx, and other makers, based on my measurements I gave them and their knowledge of these fashion lines.

See what I mean?

  • Set up a My Shape Personal Shop
  • You will learn what to shop in which size
  • You will be alerted to sales and discounts
  • Plus you will spend less time returning clothing that does not quite fit!

Make the resolution to let My Shape handle the best fitting apparel for YOU!

Happy New Years!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

50% Off Plus Size Bras!

I have been finding lots of nice prices sale, and regular prices on large cup bras lately.
For sale prices on plus size bras it’s hard to beat Just My Size’s 50% Off sale below!
You will find lots of Playtex, 4 Glamorise and one Bali bra among Just My Size’s 50% off sale! I do not know how long this sale will last.
The above-mentioned Glamorise bras come in sizes up to 50, 56 and 58I and their posture bra comes in sizes up to 58J. I could use something like that, I feel slumped.
The Bali bras come in sizes 36 to 48B to DDThe of the one Playtex bras, the 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wirefree bra, come in sizes:
  • 36B to DD
  • 38 – 46B to G
  • 48B – DDD
  • 50 and 52C - DDD
  • 54C – DD

I really do not have the time to check out all the Playtex bras, but the other ones I looked at seem to have a slightly, and just slightly, smaller size range.
I have always been intrigued by Playtex. After years of wearing the wrong size bras, band size too big, cup size too small, the old TV commercials saying about how their bras “lift and Separate” will likely remain etched in my mind. Even though I have enjoyed these qualities in the properly fitting bras I have been wearing in recent years, I am still stuck with that…
Or perhaps it is the prices?
At this half price sale
The Bali bras are $17.40
The Glamorise bras $18.50 to $25.20
The Playtex bras $16 to $18
Could be the prices, likely both though.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Figleaves and Bare Necessities up to 50% Off Sales!

Both Bare Necessities and Figleaves are having 50% off sales right now! At Figleaves you can find a $15 plus size bra I have featured at the top of our full figure and large cup bras page. Along with other great bras, panties and other intimates and apparel.

You can shop the Bare Necessities sale by bra size. Currently if you have a 40D bra size, you will find 8 bras on sale. If you have a 34J bra size, you will find these beautiful Panache Eliza balconette large cup bras in sizes 30J to K, 32E to HH, 34GG, 36E and GG, 38F and 40GG, at 30% off!

Therefore, while many of these sale bras have limited sizes and sale colors, some styles have a good range of sizes still in stock.
Bare Necessities kicks in some extras by way of their $20 gift certificate on top of that, should you spend $100, and free shipping on orders of $50!
You can get to the Bare Necessities sale by taking this banner below.
Bare Necessities
Figleaves has, among the many full figure bras on sale, Panache’s Cleo bra below, in sizes up to 30G, 32GG, 34, 36 and 38H in this color below, for just $41!

They also have Pour Moi?’s Provence full figure for just $23.10 in brown, white, and black in sizes up to 40G!
These are just examples, of just the bras you will find at these two sales. There are plenty of other intimates and more at these sales.
Just take this link to Figleaves, then take the red Sale banner in their top right menu to go to the Fig leaves sale.
Merry Christmas and Happy Savings!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It’s a good time to shop Luxury Full Figure Bras at Bigger Bras!

Bigger Bras’ 15% off in stock items offer to your right will be over with the year. They do have lots of luxury full figure and large cup bras in stock, and on sale already! Now is a good time to try brands like Empreinte, Chantelle and other pricier bra brands they carry.
The following luxury bras have excellent reviews and are on sale and in stock at Bigger Bras!
This Empreinte Melody seamless bra below is about half price and in stock in sizes 40C, D and E and 42C, E and F.
Another of Empreinte’s best selling bras is their Thalia full cup bra, again at about half price in sizes 40F and 40E.
That is just a small sampling of what is on sale and in stock by Empreinte bras at Bigger Bras today.
This Chantelle Legend Bra is not on sale, but very highly rated and in stock in assorted sizes up to 34H, 36C, 38E, 40E and 40D.
I could go on, but you get the idea, get 15% off purchased of in stock items on orders of $40 or more by using the code 15holly when you order at Bigger Bras now, until the end of the year.
A good time to check for highly rated luxury bras, if you wanted to try them, is now!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

40% off Avenue’s Plus Size Womens Clothing

Want to see plus size special occasion dresses for less? Avenue has a wide selection of inexpensive party dresses, plus lots of other affordable plus size clothing. Until 12/21 they also have a 40% off discount plus Free Express Shipping upgrade for your order. This is not just on dresses, This offer is good on most everything except gift cards and clearance items.
Like this stretch velvet dress, available in sizes 14 to 28 in black, 14 to 20 in its Bordeaux color.
Avenue Plus Size Lainey Stretch Velvet Dress
Just take this banner below to see the code and details of this 40% off discount at Avenue!

40% off at 12/17-12/21!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you AquaMarine for source of Discount codes and T-Shirts

I have made much of wanting seamless large cup bras, essentially T-shirt bras. While checking out the site AquaMarine wrote us of for a source of, sometimes they work, sometimes not, (discount codes), just for the heck of it I took a code to The Gap. As I have been for some time now wishing I had more of than just the two T-shirts I found in the attic, they are stretch Gap T-shirts.

Thanks to my inadvertent exercise plan, I had lost a bit of weight, I guess about 12 to 15lbs, but I still wear a J cup size bra. I am wearing a Regular women’s size Large in Gap stretch t-shirts. Mine are 2% spandex, the rest cotton, theirs are, currently on sale for $12.50, rather than $16.50, are 5% spandex, the rest cotton. Good for winter, I imagine.

You could go to the gap via this Old Navy link below, where the Gap is at the top left, then try to use the RetailMeNot code given today “HOORAH” to get 25% off.

Or you, or I for that matter, (except my funds are tight, and my holiday shopping not quite done), Could take the Discount Codes link in the top paragraph, scroll down to find the gap, coupon and shop it from there.

In other words, I do not know if you have to go through their, Retail Me Not’s site to enjoy these savings with their code, or can apply them from anywhere on line?

But I am looking. Likewise this goes for the Bare Necessities code given, in my last post. It seems they do not post when these codes are good until, nor from where.

I can say that the Gap size large regular women’s t-shirt in 2% spandex fits a 165lb short women who wears a J cup size bra, being me. If you are comfy with the thickset look, which I am. I can also say, below 70 degrees, 2% spandex is good, comfy even, about 70 degrees, just too clammy.

Do you have a favorite T-shirt? Mine have varied over the years. Now it is the above mentioned.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Possibly 15% Off Full Figure Bras already on Sale, at 20% Off at Bare Necessities!

AquaMarine, one our readers sent this 15% off code in her comment RetaiMeNot09 for use at Bare Necessities. She said she used it to get a Panache tango large cup bra for just $36.04!! That is a great price for this bra! That is at its sale price, 20% off, until tomorrow, that I know of, and with an additional 15% off!

I don’t have anything except AquaMarine’s word on this, see blog reply of 12/11/09, but it could not hurt to try the code that worked for her, and, hopefully, get an additional 15% off!

Thank you AquaMarine!

Where did you get that code? Are there more discount codes like that?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you Plus size nursing bras and Nicole Candy, Both the Sale and Outlet have plenty of Full Figure Bras at Great Prices!

Not much in the way of plus size sleepwear on sale in Bare Necessities’ Outlet, yet plenty of beautiful bras! Such as Fantrasie’s Savannah full figure bras and both of their Olivia plus size and large cup size bras at 50% off, but sizes are very limited.

The sale is better, in that the bras are available in more sizes, at 20% off!
Like these Elomi Caitlyn side support large cup bras for just $38 and available in many, if not all sizes 38 to 46DD to HH, and some smaller band and cup sizes!

Thank you Plus size nursing bras and Nicole Candy for your kind words regarding previous posts here!
And Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bare Necessities site wide 20% Off Sale!

Until 12/15 Bare Necessities is having a sale on nearly every style in their online store!

No discount code is needed; sale prices are listed at items descriptions.

So far I have seen my favorite large cup bras, the Panache Tango and Harmony bras at this sale, as well as plenty of other full figure bras. They have lots of plus size shapewear, panties and hosiery too!

Use this banner below to go straight to Bare Necessities’ sale!
Bare Necessities

Monday, December 07, 2009

Plus Size Corsets on Sale, with Free Shipping

This sale ends today, sorry I did not post it here sooner. Fredericks of Hollywood has seductive full figure bra in sizes 32 – 44D to FF and corsets in sizes up to 3XL, 44 and 44D and plus size lingerie you will find throughout their site. They have. Some of their best selling corsets are on sale!
One of the sale corsets is their Hollywood Dream Corset, which come in 9 colors in sizes up to 44, just $39 today. Use the discount banner below to find it in corsets at Frederick's.

Its new, for fuller busted women, their Halter Dream Corsets below, just $49 today. It comes in sizes up to 38 in 7 colors. This one is not listed in their plus size corset section.

This Fredericks bra comes in sizes up to 42D to F and is on sale now at 2 for$24.50 each. You might want 2, they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The corset pictures are not links, but this bra and discount text are! This offer below is good until the end of the year!
Shop now and save 15% off all orders through 12-31!
I am sorry about being late on posting this sale.
I am, for the 3rd year in a row, deep in the heart of Homework problems with my, now, 4th grader. If you have, or will soon have, children in school, value your child’s and your own sanity, home life and you child’s education & love of learning, I’d suggest you read

I wish I read it years ago, before I got off on the wrong foot with my daughters’ teachers and principle. It is full of practical advice, and why you would want to use it info regarding getting less homework, and higher quality of the homework you child does receive.
That is why I did not post this sale sooner. Priorities. You know.

Friday, December 04, 2009

It seems if we want Seamless Large Cup Size Bras, we will have to Speak UP!

Well write more wearer reviews and perhaps if we blog about wanting seamless large cup bras in greater than an H cup sizes, that could help.

Based on Dr. Ujjwal’s, (of Plus Size Inform-Blog), response to my question on 12/2/09, regarding this: is it a fabric issue? No, they do not survey a wide enough variety of women. They fear investing $s in a product, larger than H cup seamless bras, as an example, then getting stuck with it.
Manufacturers do pay attention to public awareness blogs!

Le Mystere Dream Tisha full figure bras are on sale for $58 at Bigger Bras, making their discount to your right applicable. It is in stock in many sizes up to 44H.
I asked customer service (back in 8/1/08 blog post), at Bigger Bras about this and they told me bra manufacturers do read their customer reviews. That would be another place you would want to voice your opinions and wishes about bras!

It seems likely they read wearer reviews at all stores who buy their products. It should be, it would be an inexpensive survey like info source for them!

If you are a bra manufacture reading this:
Just check out how fast sizes like 34 to 38J bras sizes go out of stock at Bare Necessities, Fig leaves and Her Room sale and Clearance sections once they go on sale as discontinued colors.

I never did a daily study from when they first go on sale to when each size is out of stock. I do know that from the time I note them to the time I figure I can get one into my budget, say 3 weeks, my size is gone.

That is just in what is available! Even though the selection is getting better and better, I still want to see seamless full figure bras available in H to K cup sizes.

Is it just me? How about you?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thank you Dr. Ujjwal you have a nice & informative Plus Size Information blog!

Dr Ujjwal commented on our post of 11/9/09 lately. His blog, Plus Size Inform-Blog has lots of practical information about fabrics, tailoring, as well as plus size cultural, I guess what you might call culture, fitness and psychology. He has encouraging articles about famous plus size models and celebrities. Just in case the skinny fashion world makes you feel less than lovely from time to time…

A question for Dr. Ujjwal:

Upon reading your profile and some of you blog, it is apparent you learned in textiles!

And you have noticed that I focus, largely, on one type of garment. That is because bras, especially full figure bras, and even more so large cup bras, tend to cost a fortune! Yet they last not very long. So I try to find us ladies who need them the best prices and new styles as I can.

The question:
Is there a problem getting a fabric that would accommodate a larger than H cup seamless large cup bra? Is that why we do not see them? If we do, as in the Elomi smoothing foam underwire bra, #EL1220, use to come in sizes up to 34J and 36K, not any more…

Do you suppose it is a fabric problem or a structure problem? Or something I, not a bra designer, would not think of?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Buy 2 Plus Size Bras, at 20% Off, get 1 On The Spot

Right now, until tomorrow, Bare Necessities has Olga, Playtex, Vanity Fair, Bali and other plus size bras on sale at 20% off! Many of them qualify for their Buy 2 get 1 Free on the spot offer. Like this Bali Passion for Comfort bra below.

To find the bras that qualify for this buy two get 1 free, on the spot, offer click on this bra’s picture, then select Promotions under Sale in Bare Necessities left column. Or take their banner to your right. Once you get there, scroll down a bit to find the dark red horizontal banner that says Sales & Promotions. That that link to see this and other great deals they have on intimates and sleepwear now!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Additional 20% off Sale Full Figure and Large Cup Bras!

Until 11/30/09 you can get an 20% off plus size and large cup bras that are already marked down at Bigger Bras! Just see the details at the top right column. Click on that banner to select which kind of items are in stock and on sale you might want.
Here is what I found bra wise. Lots of higly rated Goddess bras, Panache large cup bras, Elomi and Le Mystere bras, like their Dream Tisha full fit t-shirt bras in, stock in sizes up to 34 to 44H, Already marked down to $58. As well as the lace version of it below
In stock in sizes up to 34 and 36H, 38E, 40 to 42H, 44B to F.
They also have Aviana’s plus size minimizer bra below, in stock in sizes 34D to H, 36D to DDD, 38D to H, 40D – G, 42 - 44D to H and 46DD to G, marked down to $41.
As well as other Aviana plus size bras, like their highly rated plus size soft cup bras in a wide variety of sizes up to 56I, now marked down to $38 and $42
It is true, there a lot of bra sales out there, especially, I expect, this weekend. For full figure bras, buying in stock, on sale bras at Bigger Bras, with their additional 20% discount might be the best money saver!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

30% Off Minimizer Full Figure Bras!

Only today, almost all minimizer bras are on sale at 30% off at Bare Necessities! That includes the popular Bali Satin Tracings bras, in sizes up to 36 to 44G and up to 46, to 50D. Today these large cup bras are just $22.40!

As well the Bali nipple concealing plus size bras below, for just $23.80!

You will also find this Glamorise large cup, large band size soft cup minimizer below at 30% off. It comes in sizes up to 36 to 46D to G and 48D, in black and white colors.

Shop the sale while it lasts and enjoy the savings!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sexy, (& wallet friendly!) Plus Size & Large Cup Bras and Discounts!

Lavinia bras come in sizes 32 to 42B to H, and 44B to DDD and they are beautiful!
If you click on the Lavinia banner in the right column, the page it goes to shows you their current discounts in their right column; $10 off orders of $60, $20 off $100 and $50 off $200, all until 11/30/09!
I usually wear and write about Panache and other pricier large cup bras. Now that I have seen Lavinia bras, I really hope I am closer to an H or G cup size! Unlike the lovely Harlequin Hestia Balconnet large cup bras I wrote about earlier in the week, yet similar in design, this plus size shelf bra, by Lavinia, comes in full figure size up to 36 to 40B to DD/E. Even women who need B & C cup bras can enjoy this sexy bra style. They are $43 less than the beautiful Panache bras I wrote about on Wednesday!

Their best selling Balcony Push Up Bra below comes in sizes 34 to 40B to DDD, is just $49, and comes in black, white and beige, and has excellent reviews!

Need larger cup bras? Their Full figure lace plus size bra, underwire support comes in sizes 32D to H, 34B to G, to 40B to H and 42B to G! It has a unique menswear and lace look and it’s marked down to $51!
Their semi-sheer bra I have at the top of our Intimates page now is a full cup style that comes in sizes 36B to DD, 36B to D and 38 to 42B to DDD. It’s marked down $11 off. I like the review that says it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Currently Lavinia is offering free shipping, and returns, in the US.

Better prices, Discounts and Free shipping! A good time to check out Lavinia Lingerie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beautiful new silky style of Panache Large Cup Bras and Basques

So far I have only found Panache’s new Harlequin Hestia Balconnet large cup bras at Her Room in their ivory color

and this lingerie line’s beautiful basques below at Her Room, in ivory, and at Bravissimo, in black as well as ivory.

Bravissimo’s band sizes include 28DD to G, both stores have the basques and Her Room the bra in sizes 30 to 38D to G!
Click on theses bras pictures above to shop for them at Her Room. If you are using US currency, you’ll like the basque’s price better at Bravissimo, $91, as opposed to Her Room’s $129. Sadly, Bravissimo does not have the bra yet…

The basque, in black, might be just the thing to wear under this sensuous looking gown by Igigi.


I was playing around with a price comparison tool I put on our pages at Plus Size Women’s Clothing, it’s in the right column of all of its pages if you want to play with it too.

I clicked on Plus Size Lingerie, put either large cup, or full figure bras into their search engine and ran into a lingerie line I never heard of before:
They have large cup and plus size bras in sizes 32 to 44A to H.
They have lots of balcony push up bras and shelf bras in full figure sizes like this one below.

It comes in sizes 32 to 44D to E
Have you tried bras by Lavinia? If so, how are they?