Pearl and Lace Thongs


I usually am against thongs in general, for health reasons, but in the case of pearl thongs, I make the exception. I also suggest you check out the reviews available for the versions of these I show below, when available. The ones I read my self leave me intrigued. Plus, over the years since I started writing about this thong style, I find them getting more affordable!

Finally Hips and Curves has these in sizes up to 6X again!

Update: 2/22/16 If you click on this picture of Hips and Curves' Stretch Lace Pearl Thong you can find it in sizes 1X to 6X in this solid red, and black for $19.95!

Stretch Lace Pearl Thong  

$10 Pearl Thongs!

When I last wrote of this style I only found lace and pearl styles by Bracli for prices starting at $80, and few in plus sizes.

This is just a picture of this style by Oh La La Cheri, which you will find them in 6 colors in sizes up to 4X for just $10 to $12 at Her Room! Her Room's link is in the right column here.

Check out the reviews there to learn why you might want to find them in the first place! Also, you may want to order a size up, based on the reviews...

According to Her Room's size chart for this brand the size 4X accommodates a 51 to 54 inch hips.

Who carries this thong style

Bracli makes a variety of pretty, but expensive, lace versions of these thongs, panties, culotte and tanga style panties of this ilk. I believe it, combined with the picture above should make it pretty clear where the faux pearls are involved.

If you click on the picture of the lace and pearl style below it will take you to the 7 of these styles by Bracli at Bare Necessities that come in sizes up to Large. While the often have discounts, and usually Bracli qualifies, this brand:
  • Prices start at $80
  • Only comes up to Large now at Bare Necessities
  • Large measures 44 to 47 inches there
  • Reviews say runs small and cannot return
  • They do have 6 pearl and lace thongs there...

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I will let you know when those come up in our Plus Size Fashion Blog, likely discreetly mentioned within a blog about savings on bra styles...

Latest update: 9/12/16
Update prior to that: 12/8/15
I no longer recall and lost notes regarding when I first started writing about this lingerie style

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