Friday, January 27, 2006

Fredericks Ladies sexy underwear is for Full figure women!

You’ve probably heard, read or even seen Fredericks of Hollywood’s lingerie store. And you may have noticed that they never use full figure women in pictures in their online or paper catalog, but they carry many styles in plus sizes. You may have been reluctant to try their underwear, plus size shapewear or lingerie.

I was. Then I saw exactly what I wanted in a pair of lace boy short, at a good price. The price was too good to not try it. This is their Lace Boy Panty. When I wrote about them here, I mentioned they are extremely comfy and wear well. As in the waist band does not roll. Although near thong like, they do not go up your backside.

I had no idea if I looked better in them. I see myself in the mirror about once a day brushing my teeth. I’m all for comfort. I have no time to spare and am not too concerned about the way I look. But having written about them I felt I should. As it turns out they do look a whole lot better than the undies I had been wearing! At least from the front! I figure I have a considerable gut protruding from just above the pelvis. So I figure almost nothing will make me look good from the side. But that actually looked a bit better too!

Another surprising thing about shopping Fredericks is these panties came with a prepaid return label. I called customer service, where it’s easy to talk to a human! Sure enough they assured me you can return panties to them, for any reason. I’m keeping mine. And I’m getting more. For $5 a pair with both comfort and good looks, what else would a girl do? Try some of their other styles that’s also what I’m planning to do. More later!

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