Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yes Anonymous! Lots of stylish clothes for us curvy women there!

Anonymous wrote in answer to my Aug. 24th post regarding Too Fat For Fashion. She finds many reasonably priced stylish plus size women’s clothing styles at CouponAlbum.

I checked out CouponAlbum out this AM. It’s what is sounds like. If you have time, it’s worth checking out sites like this. I recall seeing a few over the last several months. It’s a site where current coupons and deals are available for all manner of things. Including full figure women’s clothing!

I figure it’s worth having one of these stores in your favorites and checking them out for deals or coupons on almost anything before you buy. Unless you have favorite stores, like I do, that you just prefer to shop at. But other than that, it’s worth a look. Even if you do have favorite stores, it’s worth checking out to see if CouponAlbum has any coupons or discount codes from them at the moment.

I really like Silhouettes and Bigger Bras. I’m fairly certain the current savings for Silhouettes and the 15% off at Bigger Bras code I have posted here are likely to be the best offers of the moment.

But it’s worth looking. You don’t know until you do!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you like Goddess plus size bras and thongs, a current deal for you!

Fresh Pair now has this deal, till supplies run out. If you buy two of their Goddess bras, you get a free thong.

Like their very handy to have, Smooth Simplicity Bra pictured below. It’s offered at its standard price. Fresh Pair carries it in sizes up to 52DDD in 3 colors.

Bigger Bras gives carries the same bra, and has a 15% off code “fallbra”, till Sept. 30th. They carry it in the same sizes and in pink as well as the more typical white, nude and black you’ll find at Fresh Pair.

Click on this Smooth Simplicity Goddess bra to shop for it, without the free thong, at Bigger Bras. Note the code fallbra to save 15% off your order at checkout before you go!

Goddess Smooth Simplicity Seamless Molded Padded Shoulder Strap Bras 3910

Both stores offer free shipping!

Fresh Pair has a good variety of Goddess bras to choose from that this free thong offer applies to. They have underwire minimizers, strapless bras and long line or merry widows, as well as soft cup bras. And a nursing bra is included in this offer too. Plus the thong is very pretty!

Click on this banner to check out the 2 Goddess bras and a free thong deal at Fresh Pair

Friday, September 21, 2007

One fine Full Figure Bra Sized Swimsuit on Sale, and a new sexy, yet full coverage, style just in!

This Fantasie bra sized swimwear style is available in full figure bra sizes 40D, E, F and FF. And now it’s available at $17.10 off! Note the adjustable leg cut, makes fit a bit easier. You choose your own comfortable level of modesty! Just click on it’s picture to shop for it.

Fantasie of England Tarantella large cup One-Piece Underwire Swim Suit with adjustable leg cut 8634

This new Longitude swimwear style is alluring, yet full coverage and supportive. I like the unique swirls. It comes in black and sand too! Click on it’s picture to learn more, see the sand version or shop for it.

JUST ARRIVED - Longitude One Piece Mesh High Neck -  Style#31030 - Plus Size One Piece Bathing Suit

There are plenty of swimwear sales now, but new styles are getting a bit rare lately.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Holidays are coming! Do you have anything to wear for special events?

A brief look at one slim cut and one body skimming plus sizes special occasion dresses for us.

I know I'm not ready because I had a retirement party to go to just this Saturday night. I popped on my old reliable, long, flowing, twirling at the slightest twitch of the hip, it grew wide with me) knit dress.

I had to leave in a half and hour and my black dress had a hole in the seam. Up front, and obvious. Gulp! Routing through my closet I found my stock of t-shirt dresses I brought when I was merely full busted, not plus sized. The first, black of course, one I tried on fit! I slipped on my dressiest shoes, my suit jacket, (that’s just me, I like a suit jacket) and I was ready to go.

Well I thought I was ready, but now I have to look into formal wear and party dresses my self.

When I got to the party I found that while I was more dressed up than one or two people, I was not really dressed up enough. I felt as if I was down playing this man’s retirement, who the party was for. OK I could have easily worn that outfit to work.

Fortunately when it comes to plus size special occasion dresses now, it no longer a problem of is there any in my size. It’s a question of which dress or outfit to choose!

I’m not overly fond of, and in fact am tired of black, but it seems to be my go to color. If you have one black and tortoise shell calico cats, you are kind of going to lean toward the dark colors. Besides a black dress is good for all year! So I started by looking at black formal dresses.

Yesterday I was writing about this shantung black dress suit, and thinking yeah that would have been nice to have in the closet. If you click on it's picture you'll see a large version at Women's Suits store. There you can see how sublty sparkly this suit's dress is!

Women's Formal Fall And Winter Donna Vinci Black Suit (5089)

Except, I’m kind of short, it would likely be too long. Think Morticia Adams, without the sleeves and train. Still I thought how handy a dress like the one in this special occasion suit would be. You could wear it for real formal events with the jacket it comes with. And for clubbing or evening wear with something like this faux fur stole.

Faux Fur Stole

Now in my case the fur from the tortoise shell calico cat on the dress would pull the brown of the fur stole and the trendy animal look together more completely too! Just kidding, I do have a clothing brush.

Then I though about this dress below by Silhouettes, in their printed dresses, not special occasion dresses section. Now for many special events I have go to, this would be fine, even better than the rather plain black t-shirt dress I wore last Saturday night. For religious happy occasions, it still covers the knees, (well it would mine!) has a high enough neckline and has some sleeve. Plus it looks festive. Also light weight, better for dancing!

Sparkle Dress

It would be too dressy for me for work, yet just right for many other occasions. Well in my life anyway. While the black shantung sheaf type dress and jacket would cover nearly all occasions. OK it’s jacket and a simple black dress you might, and I do, all ready have makes it cover funerals too. A sobering thought, but just like happy events, being ready helps. Who knows, maybe some day Women’s Suits, the store who carries the formal black suit, will carry petite sizes!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Toni Thank You So Much, I really needed the comic relief this week and you Gave It!

No way am I taking you as rude. No Way! I really had a grueling week in way too many respects that really matter. Then I read what you saw from the previous head line. Massive Women!

Talk about cracking UP! I just went off on this silly tangent. Giggling all the way, to my self anyway. It’s so silly!

Oh Yeah! Now I have a weird, (this could be genetic trait watching my child), habit of taking things real literally. (thinking of my father and my brother, yeah, could be genetic....)

I went: Well I sure am a massive woman! A real Neutron star of a woman! (another possible genetic trait, had to look up Neutron Star at Wikipedia, had to do my home work) I mean I can be DENSE! Lots of MASS! Saturated Mass??

OK I got a bony face and outer limbs but it’s getting to be a Massive body too. Then again, in recent months had a slightly larger lady than I, said that I had no right to write about plus size anything. Well my waist measures as wide as my chest used to. But to her, I’m what, lean?

A matter of perspective?

I love your perspective regards: Massive Woman!

Are you a Massive Woman? Am I?

Here’s one for ya!
As a child I saw that 50’s movie about the 50 foot woman.
Now That Woman WAS MASSIVE!

I don’t think anything Swimsuits for All, or any online store, or this planet for that matter, has swimwear for her!


Massive women’s plus size swimwear sale at Swimsuits for All!

Right now you can get one adjustable strap Christina skirtini, still in sizes 22W and 24W, for just $39.98, and this Christina tankini below in sizes 18W to 24W, for just $29.98. And you can take an extra 20% off either of these or any of the other swimwear you find at Swimsuits for All’s clearance sale using their code clearance20.

Sweet Bloom Two Piece Plus Size Tankini Swimsuit by Christina®

Click on this link below to go straight to their clearance sale to see many more swimwear styles!

Special discount on clearance items from! Enter Code: clearance20. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Always for me still has a good supply of swimwear on sale now too! Their own 3 swimwear lines, which are designed based on years of customer feedback from full figure women, are cheaper than other designer swimwear at full price. Well worth checking out, and some of Always for Me’s swimwear is on sale too!

Plus Size Swimwear

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks vesta, it’s good to be warned!

I thought about it for a couple of days. It seems the only piece of apparel of any kind I purchased in more than one color is a now discontinued plus size lace boy short panty style by Fredericks of Hollywood. It’s a shame they don’t carry them anymore because they don’t roll down at my belly. They fit and wear about the same in all colors. The price was nice, which is why I got three different colors in the same style in the first place. And Fredericks does not carry them anymore.

But the fit was consistent. Fredericks does not have much of a plus size selection. But if you use this link, Full Figure Lingerie at and mouse over the words Bras, Panties and Lingerie in their horizontal menu bar, you’ll see Plus Size categories. In Lingerie, it’s all the way at the bottom, which is a long way down….

I have not tried any of their lingerie, and their bras only go up to 42F. Their Renaissance Corset
is on sale now. Now it’s almost $50, down from $64. It comes in sizes up to 3X. According to their size charts that’s a 52 inch bust measurement. But I doubt it would accommodate a rather large cup size. I could be wrong. It does have a lace up back…

Fredericks use to have a larger Plus Size section. Still there are lots of plus size lingerie stores. Some are featured here..

Getting back to different colors, different fit: Someday I buy something else in more than one color and see if the fit is the same. Or maybe in a fitting room somewhere. I’m intrigued now.

Friday, September 07, 2007

vesta44 Found not quite as pricey bras, and Thank You caribgirl!

After searching the stores I’m familiar with here, this is what I found. As caribgirl pointed out, Fantasie’s Specialty Smooth Underwire bra runs a cup size larger. I know it comes in sizes up to G, and it’s my make do bra. So I even looked to see if any of these stores have it in sizes 52G or 54G. Nope. You can sometimes get that Fantasie bra at a discontinued color price break at Bare Necessities too!

But I did find these.

Freshpair's Women's Bra Page, Always Free Shipping! When searching by bra size 52H I find 2 Goddess bras, one under $30!!

Bare Necessities has 4 size 54H Glamorize bras for under $40!! They have 2 Goddess styles more in size 42H, for less than $40! Apparently they are having a sale. I tried a few Glamorize full figure bras a few years ago, at that point, band size too big, cup size too small, but compared to others I tried at that time, a bit tight in band and cup.

Oh yeah, at that time, my then tiny daughter asked me what a jumping jack was. I showed her. while I was wearing a Glamorize bra I put on for the first time, less than a half hour before, one of it’s straps broke. On the first, and only jumping jack I showed her. OK it was not the right size, and not a sports bra. I’m just giving you my limited Glamorize experience. Another one, for what I knew of fit at the time, was excellent. But I took care to not jump in it.

Use this link to get these bras for less!
Bare Necessities

This Aviana soft cup full figure bra #2353 comes in sizes up to 56K. you can back order it from Bigger Bras in both 52H and 54H. On sale currently for $46.55, rather than it’s normal $49. Oh yeah I hear you about the price, believe me I do! And of course you can save a bit with their current 15% off code fallbra.

Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353

And in size 52H, Bigger Bras offers that Aviana bra above, and 4 other less pricey Goddess plus size bras.

Actually I tried this some years ago, before I figured out my real size. Sadly, it’s still cheaper than anything in my real size.

Vesta44, if the Goddess bras come near to fitting you, before you buy Aviana bras, check the Fitting Help page, top right corner link, at Bigger Bras, (just click on the bra pictured above to get there). It has a difference between bra cups per manufacturer chart. Goddess bras have 3 different ranges. Two of which, vary greatly in cup size to Aviana plus size bras.

This is the thing that gets me about these bra prices:

Get much higher than an F cup, say G cups and larger, in any band size, and try finding a bra for less than $30ish. Oh here’s one, not in 52 to 54, but just the cup size example. Only because it’s on sale, for $29.70, by Fancee Free (#94301, soft cup). Up to an F cup, it’s on sale for $27.90. At that bra’s regular price, there is a $2.00 difference.

Now try telling me, it the fabrics they make bras in, there is $2 more worth of fabric between an F and a G cup!

Like wise the difference between as vesta44 points out a 40 band size and 52 – 54 band sizes. This is not extremely fine fabric, and it’s not a reasonable fraction of a yard of anything, and it’s just 12 to 14 inches, of a width of about 6 inches at the widest!

I feel lucky when I can get a bra for under $50! GRRRRRRRRRR
That’s why I wear a make do size, and wear the bras I got before I found my real size to smithereens before I toss.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

No Problem Becky! And a curious thing about seamless GG cup and up bras

And Bigger Bra’s new 15% off code, for this month, is “fallbra”

Now if you are looking for pretty bras with embroidery and all, you’ve got lots to choose from in either G or GG cup sizes. And that’s just between Fantasie, Panache and Freya. I admit, I have not looked real hard into other brands of large cup bras yet.

But IF you are looking for seamless GG cup sized bras

This is where things get a bit tight. Between Fantaise and Panache, I’m hoping to try Freya and others soon. But I have not yet.

If G cup size fits you well in Fantasie or Panache, you could pretty well guess Frey and Fauve will fit well too.

In fact, there are plenty of seamless t-shirt bras in most bra band sizes up to G cup size.

If you want a GG, but with out any seams, good luck! I spent about an hour looking last night and found none.

This AM it occurred to me to try Figleaves' excellent search by bra size facility. I skipped the bra size and started with by style. I tried seamless and came up with all bras up to G cup sizes. I tried t-shirt and got the same results.

It seems bra manufacturers decided that G is the last cup size you can get in a smooth, seamless bra.

In GG cup sizes and larger the closest style I’m finding is 3 section cups, which have a smooth upper bust and a 2 section underside of the bust. This at least gives you an at a glance smooth t-shirt effect.

Like this Fantasie’s Smooth Cup Underwire Bra 6500

Fantasie of England Smooth Cup Underwire Bra 6500

or this Panache Underwire Balcony bra called Tango Pure. This bra gets a rave reviews, which you can read at Bigger Bras. If you click on it’s picture below, you’ll end up at Fresh Pair. It is a nice place to shop for undies and lingerie. Freshpair's Women's Bra Page sometimes has styles and Bigger Bras do not have. But Bigger Bras does tend to have the widest size ranges, and often has discounts.
Full Cup Bras at Bare Necessities occasionally includes different styles too. And at times, real good price cuts in discontinued colors! But you gotta act pretty much when you see them. They go really fast.


But you can find this bra at Bigger Bras by typing or copying and pasting 3761 into their search engine. Then you could use Bigger Bra’s current 15% off code fallbra to save money!

Chantelle has some beautiful bras that go up to H, which seems to be what they call GG cup size. They don’t have double letter cup sizes. But according to Bigger Bra’s bra cup size chart, their cup sizes are scaled much smaller than Fantasie and Freya. The measurement Chantelle calls a H is what Fantasie calls a FF cup.

Oh well, I guess that’s why for the time being I’m sticking to Fantasie, Freya and Panache for my personal best bras searches. I did check out the comparable Fauve bras. Beautiful, but a tad pricey.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

If you are still considering Alli, a very due consideration and a vast source of healthier by far alternatives, cheaper too!

By now you’ve likely heard or read about Alli. If you are really thinking of:

  • shelling out the money
  • keeping to the low fat diet
  • perhaps gaining more laundry
  • racking up potential embarrassing situations

Please read Marc David’s Alli – The Weight Loss Pill That Requires Dark Pants.
Most especially, read the comment under LA Says, of Aug 30th.
LA’s comment is chock full of experiential knowledge. We all should read it and skip the bad experience.
The article it’s self is much more in depth than what little I wrote about Alli here last month.

Now here’s a much cheaper, laundry and embarrassment free version of the Alli diet plan.

Skip the pricey pills
Take to the low fat diet
Go to Beginning Body

Check out Marc David’s Free 12 – Part Body Building E – Course and Get The 19 Tips To Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days or Less ebook.

If a little widow does not float into your line of sight offering it, scroll down a bit, the offer is there.

I went for this today and immediately received these 4, abode format, extremely informative free reports:

Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days of Less, by Marc David
Big Fat Lies, by Tom Venuto
The AtoZ Fitness Writer’s Best, by Lewis Wolk
10 Lies About The Low Card Diet, by Tom Venuto

Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days or Less is loaded with info and is motivational too. Bit Fat Lies and 10 Lies About The Low Carb Diet will steer you clear of the The Weight Loss Industry Getting Your Money, which is what they are all about.

Now onward to your health!
Why do I want 5 lbs of muscle?
Well do you want to build or loose?
The basic mentality is better. Consider the fun of building versus loosing your $ to the weight loss industry and making less of your metabolism. Nah. Lets build! As a perspective, it’s more fun! Think Legos, cooking, gardening. You know building is fun!

You may ask: Why do I want to be a muscular lady? Muscle looks better than fat. You’ll feel better and burn more fat. The feel better will show on your face first. Then your posture, which is the cheapest figure flattering fashion out there!

That’s what I noticed in my very casual weight lifting regime I took up last spring. Sadly I was very upset and distracted about something and stopped. I’ll be resuming for the above reasons as soon as my daughter has her first full week of school.

I don’t really care if it makes me look a whole lot better. Though in time, that’s bound to happen. And I plan on being here quite a while. Which makes “Fast” a very small consideration. And as a mom, it’s easier to keep up with a child when you’re fit!