Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty Full Figure and Large Cup Size Bras!

This new Faubourg 183 large cup bras below comes in sizes up to 38GG! Its matching panties come in sizes small to XXLarge.
Now this nicely rated Panache Eliza full figure bras comes in this pretty Baby Pink. Its pretty pink has a delicate look below, as seen at Figleaves below, in sizes up to 30 to 36K, 38H and 40J.
Yet at Bare Necessities below the same Baby Pink, yet is a small range of sizes, looks like hot pink. Which pink do you suppose it is?

Likewise this Elomi Tamarie full figure bras at Bare Necessities below

Looks like a much brighter pink than at Figleaves, up to 36 to 44GG and up to 46 and 48G Bare Necessities has these bras in nearly the same size ranges on this bra, and the color is called Blossom at both store.
As for New bras, like the blue, prints, one at the top, you will find more full figure floral prints at Figleaves and somewhat sleeker styles, at Bare Necessities, including, at the latter, a Elomi molded cup nursing bra in sizes 42G, 46F and 48E.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Ground Shipping on Urban Wear!

If you are looking for trendy plus size fashions urban wear
designers like Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Rocawear and Dereon are great places to start.

Apple Bottoms and Rocawear are offering free ground shipping on orders $100 or more and Dereon offers the same, but on orders of $125 or more. These are limited time offers.

Apple Bottoms has new dresses and tunics in new arrivals in their plus size section, like this Evan dress below. It comes in sizes 1XL to 3XL. It has an elasticized waist and reoveable belt. You can wear it over leggings, or jeans, or like a dress, but you might want a strapless bra.
This dress is available in sizes 2XL and 3XL, which is not too surprising as it is in Apple Bottoms customer favorites!
Apple Bottoms fashions are not too expensive! They have a good selection of items on sale too! Like this beautifully draping halter top, now just $44.98, but only available in size 3XL.
This top has a race back, and you could wear a halter bra, like the beautiful black Chantelle sublime t-shirt full figure bra with it! A bra with adjustable, draping tulle from straps to the sides of its cups. It is unique!

Interesting to note:
Also in Apple Bottoms Your Top Picks, which I called customer favorites just before, are these tonal foil leggings, only available in size 2X and 3X, for $49.
Very much like these legging, are the Apple Bottoms sequined black leggings you will see if you use this women’s plus size Apple Bottoms at Ocean Drive Style of Miami link today. There, these black sequined plus size leggings are available at Buy it Now price of $30 in sizes 2XL to 3XL, and in bid prices from $18 to $31 in sizes 1XL to 3XL.

Ocean Drive Style of Miami also has plus size Baby Phat, Rocawear and Dereon fashions in stock too!

Sorry about that, got carried away showing you Apple Bottoms styles, and eBay finds.

Here are the links to the free shipping deals I mentioned at the beginning of this post!
At Apple Bottoms:
Receive Free Ground Shipping on Orders of $100. Starts 3.26. For a limited time only!
At RocaWear
Receive Free Ground Shipping on Orders of $100. Starts 3.26. For a limited time only!
and at Dereon
Receive Free Ground Shipping on Orders of $125. Starts 3.26. For a limited time only!
Rocawear and Dereon have excellent new arrivals and sale sections too, I just ran out of time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chantelle Bras starting at under $10 in Full Figure Sizes!

I found, new with tags, full figure bras by Chantelle, for just $7.09 and Chantelle large cup size bras for $0.99 at eBay stores. Granted these are bid prices, even the Buy it Now prices at these stores are a fraction of the price of most Chantelle bras. Soon I will be adding these, Chantelle, and other by brand listings to our Full Figure Bras and Plus Size Shapewear at eBay stores page.
For now, here is an example:
Click on this Chantelle, Body Sculpt T-shirt bra #2895 at Ebay link and today you will find 18 of them starting at $12.99, (that one is a bid, in size 38DDD. You can read about Chantelle’s #2895, winner of the Undies award for T-shirt bras, 2007 and 2008
icon,and you can shop for it at Her Room from that link too. You can click on its picture below to shop for it at Bigger Bras. Either way these bras get rave reviews, and cost $68.
Bigger Bras usually gives you a 10% discount code on their pages and carries these bras in white. Her Room carries these bras in sizes 30C to G, but other wise both stores carry them in ebony, toffee, and pink.

You will find these Chantelle bras, #2895, at the link above, today, in band sizes 30 to 40 and cup sizes B to G.

Using either of these links to eBay stores given in this post, you just use eBay’s left column menu, where you will be able to speed up your search by shopping by bra size.

Moreover, this is just one of many highly rated Chantelle bras that come in plus sizes and large cup sizes will find at eBay stores at very nice prices!

Use this Chantelle Bras New With Tags at eBay stores link to find Chantelle lingerie at a fraction of its normal price! For instance, at the top of that page today is a .99cent Chantelle #3691, wild Africa bra in size 32DDD or 32F.

A bit further down is this is this highly rated Chantelle Volupte seamless minimizer, in size 42C, in black for just $9.99 and below it, the same bra in size 36DDD in nude for just $9.99. This bra is available at Bigger Bras, just click on its picture here, in sizes 32-44C, D and E, 32-40F, and 32-38G, for $74.

Actually, for our convenience, I will put the link to Chantelle bras at eBay on this blog page, in the right column, near mid way down. I forgot I already made a place for that sort of thing here!

Her Room has some Chantelle bras on sale; Bigger Bras has some in Clearance, under Chantelle.
This one below is just $30 at Her Room, and available in size 42D. There is just one left of this beautiful, nicely rated soft cup bra. They have others on sale as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$15 Chantelle Bras & 2 new Full Figure Bras by Chantelle!

Click on this Chantelle bra’s picture below to find it at $15, in white, in limited sizes up to 38F, at Figleaves, matching panties are also on sale at the page that will take you to.
I found two unique t-shirt bras in two styles by Chantelle Lingerie. This one below comes in smaller cup size ranges of 32 to 38E and 40B to D. If you click on its picture, you can see it better at Her Room. If you mouse over it there, you can better appreciate it’s tulle overlay from the cups into the straps! That overlay is adjustable too.

This twin strap Chantelle large cup bra below has Spacer Foam cups. This means the foam in the cups is made of a two-layer knit. The pocket between these layers makes these bra cups more breathable, which would be great for warm weather! Yet it does not add any bulk! These bras come in a larger cup size range 32 to 36B to G, 38B to F and 40B to D.

I am also looking into Chantelle Bras at eBay stores, with some success!
Will get back to you later about that.
I want to get this out to you before the $15 bras above disappear!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Full Figure Bras and Plus Size Intimates up to 25% off!

Bare Necessities is having a 5 day, up to 25% off sale. Click on their sale banner below and you will find, you can shop by category, in Plus Size 355, (was 357 yesterday), plus size intimates styles including full figure bras, plus size shapewear, panties and hosiery.

An extremely nice buy Le Mystere Dream Tisha full fit bras in white, black or nude for just $55.20. These popular bras are normally $69 and come in sizes 32 to 44C to H. Its lace trim version is also on sale at 20% off, in sizes 32 to 44B to H, in all six colors!
You will also find large cup size bras by Panache, Fantasie, Freya, Elomi and others brands in DD+ Bras at this sale!

Use this banner to go straight to the sale!
Bare Necessities

A nice value pack are these days of the week panties, just $19.99. Only size X Large is available. You get 7 pretty stretch cotton boy shorts!

The same set of panties is available at this sale price in all size small to X large in its basic black, white and gray colors too.
Enjoy the savings!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great prices on Full Figure Bras and more at 50% off Sale!

Figleaves is having their buyer’s favorites sale. You will find great prices on some full figure bras there. Bare Necessities' 25% off Favorite bras sale ends tomorrow. It includes 21 Olga and 31 Vanity Fair bras.
I do not know when this Figleaves sale ends but you will find my favorite Panache super tango large cup size bras in its chili color below for just $28! These bras are available in sizes up to 34 to 40K!
My other favorite Panache Harmony bra is on sale there too, in burnt red, in sizes up to 38G.
Elomi’s Lara demi-cup full figure bras below are just $46 and available in sizes up to 46E.
That is just a couple of examples for you. Most bras at this sale have matching panties available too! Like wise swimwear, fashions, accessories and men's wear too, at up to 50% off!
Just use the Fig leaves link in the right column here, then select SALE from their horizontal menu to go straight to this sale!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

30% Off Dresses, Tops and Bottoms at My Shape!

You can get fabulous plus size dresses, like Igigi’s Eros Dress, (My Shape has this particular Igigi Dress in sizes 12W to 20W)< below for $44 less at My Shape’s 24 Hour Sale. This ends tonight at 11:59 pm (PDT). You can save even more if you do not already have a Free Personal Shop at My Shape. 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER & FREE SHIPPING* WITH A FREE PERSONAL SHOP
Clicking on this picture will take you to Igigi, but if you want the discount just open a Free Personal Shop at My Shape. Use the text link that mentions 25% off above this dress’ picture above to do that and save!

My Shape has many other designers besides Igigi, and can recommend, based on what you tell them when you set up your personal shop, what designers &/or styles are right for you!

My Shape’s 24 hour Sale features select dresses, tops and bottoms. You will find dresses by Onyx Nite, Alex Evenings, Donna Ricco, (Just a Very Few Examples), and many more. You will find bottoms, even plus size jeans like Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Classic Tummy Tuck jeans in sizes up to petite 16, regular 18 and 14W to 22W, now at, I AM NOT KIDDING, $65 OFF. Are you beginning to see how having a free personal shop at My Shape, and being cued into sales like this could be a Very Good thing?

Tops include jackets, sweaters, tanks, tunics and more!

Act soon if these sort of saving appeal to you today. Otherwise, I will try to post these great prices and savings, in future, as they happen!

Friday, March 12, 2010

G to N Full Figure Bras, affordable by Goddess!

If you need bras in K cup sizes, there are some nice ones by Panache. Beyond K cup sizes, bras become extremely scarce. These new Jayne Goddess Bras come in sizes up to N. In fact their size range starts at G. Fortunately, (for me!) their band sizes run from 34 to 50!

I found this bra when searching for petite plus size bras at Her Roomicon. Petite Plus Size Bras, there is a concept I will continue to explore! Her Room has picked some for us!

As much as I like Panache bras, they are no where near as affordable as Goddess bras. These new, G to N cup bras are just $39, and the best selling ones below this one is just $38!

Her Room finds this bra comparable to Goddess’ best selling Splendid Florals soft cup bras below, but it comes in sizes up to 52J, and other J cup sizes only.

Thinking of affordability, I had to try this: Yep another eBay link
Click on this New with Tags Goddess Bras at eBay to see what they have New With Tags in Goddess Bras today!
Save your money, or use it for more of whatever it is you want!