Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Classic and trendy boots to go with comfy stretch cotton capri

I saw nice and comfy looking workout wear stretch cotton capri pants yesterday. You can see them here, 2nd picture down or read about them here. Anyway I thought, in their darker colors, they’d be nice with these slouchy corduroy boots I saw earlier. The boots you see below now.

Corduroy Boot

Then I checked out Silhouettes’ other boots and thought, well these other, more classic boots below would look great with them too. And they’d never go out of style. Besides, they have stacked leather heels. I love stacked heels!

Round-Toe Leather Boot

Either of these boots would go well with the above mentioned stretch cotton capri. But they’d also go good with this comfy skirt I have. Except the high classic boots might be better. I have ankle boots. Both pairs have zippers that do a number on my stockings. I get around this by wearing stockings less. But it might wreck the voile trim on my extremely comfy skirt. The classic pull on boot above won’t.

I’ve recently seen good buys on classic boots at the stores featured here. those stores carry women’s footwear in narrow to extra wide widths. But for the medium to extra wide width women’s shoes Silhouettes, who carries the boots pictured above seems to have the trendiest footwear in wide widths sooner. You can get to Silhouettes by clicking on either of the above boot pictures.

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