Sunday, August 31, 2008

More sources of Women’s Blazers in Petite sizes

This Old Navy banner below is just entrance to 3 stores featuring women’s petite and tall sized fashions. However their fit guides say that these petite fashions narrowed shoulders and higher armholes as well as shorter body and sleeve lengths. And that is just with regard to women’s blazers. So if you really need more room in the shoulders, you might want to shop the plus size stores featured on our women’s suits page.

The Old Navy store it will take you to first has trendy and classic styles in tall and petite sizes 0 to 20!

One you click on this banner you’ll see Petite and Tall, as well as Plus at the top of the left column.

Now if you look at the very top of the screen, you see The Gap and, the somewhat pricier, Banana Republic. Both have sizable Women’s Petite and Tall boutiques, as does Old Navy. Sadly, none of these 3 stores give us the length of each piece of clothing the way Silhouettes does. But if you are less than 5’4”, you are assured at all three, petite is the way to go.

Finding petite women’s clothing at these stores is much easier than searching through to find it at Lane Bryant’s. And still have the least expensive petite women’s clothing I’ve seen so far. But the petite women’s styles at Old Navy, the Gap and Banana Republic are very stylish!

Old Navy’s come in sizes up to the afore mentioned 20, while the Gap has, blazers up to size 16 and Banana Republic has jackets up to size large, which based on the size chart I’ve found there so far, could be a size 10 or 12.

I will be looking into this further, I have just started to scope out these stores. Old Navy seems to have the widest petite size range and if you are looking for women’s blazers in petite sizes there, their Wear to Work section has some as well as a nice classic pencil skirt, us petite women might finally not have to hem up(!), at very nice prices!

AquaMarine: I hope this helps and that you are doing well and have not been hard hit by the weather. Best Wishes, Anne

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  1. AquaMarine9/1/08, 4:42 PM

    Thanks for the tips! I really LOVE Old Navy's jeans. I love how they offer the different rises. My favorite is the Diva rise, which is the lowest. On me, this fit comes to just below my belly button. I absolutely love that! I still remember the 90's when all they had were the god-awful mom jeans. I swear, the waistband on those things came up to right under my boobs! They'd cut into my ribs when I sat and were just the most uncomfortable things ever made. Old Navy jeans really seem to fit my triangle shaped body very well.

    I've never considered their blazers though. I'm usually a bit leery where tops of any kind are concerned. However, an Old Navy just opened up near me, so maybe I can check them out in person. And how can you beat the prices???? OK, I'm starting to get excited about doing a little bit of Fall shopping!