Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks AquaMarine, I’ll likely try those large cup bras too

I know what you mean about being stuck wearing dark colors because of the pretty embellishments. And it’s too hot and humid most of the summer for that in New Jersey too. The Elomi seamless Large Cup Bras should handle that. I hope to try it soon my self! Please let us know when you find out.

Strangely here in New Jersey we have been having the nicest cool, dry spell. So I’ve been able to wear my seamless Fantasie Specialty Smooth Underwire Full Figure Bra pictured below. This may be considered a large cup bra, as Figleaves measures this bra in a G cup, its largest cup size, to equal an I cup size.

Regardless I still get the underwires sticking out between the breasts with this one and the inches of smashed together cleavage that lead me to experiment with other ways to find my actual cup size. It is pretty comfy till the heat and humidity go up. Then those way too close cups make this too sweaty for comfort bra. But it was a good bra before I could figure out my cup size, and it is still a good one when the humidity is low!

AquaMarine, I also find the Panache bras fit me best in a 36 bra band and Fantasie in 34. So I am assuming I’ll find out soon when that Freya bra, made by the same people who make Fantaise, fits in the size I ordered. Naturally I noticed they are made by the same people after I ordered it. So I likely ordered a 36!

Lately I strained one of my shoulders. So that bra showed up today and will remain in that cubby over my desk until I can move my arm without pain. The doctor tells me in about 5 days. AquaMarine, do you find Freya bra band sizes to be equal to Fantasie’s or nearer to Panache bras?

Know any really good large cup strapless corsets or bustier? There might be nothing like a shoulder injury to make you want to have strapless bras, corsets and the like on hand!


  1. I never knew Freya was made by Fantasie! Thanks for pointing that out, because it explains a few things. I have the following two Freya bras:




    In both of these bras I take a 34 back, 34J to be exact! I noticed the band material is quite stretchy, much like my Fantasie bras. Another thing I noticed, when I tried the 36 band, the straps seemed to sit quite wide on my shoulders, almost wanting to fall off! The 34 band had straps that fit much closer. Being a balconette, I guess they are meant to sit further apart on the shoulders, but the 36 felt like I continually needed to pull the straps in. Not something you want to be tugging and pulling at all day!

    As for bustiers, I actually do have one, but I've never worn it without the removable straps! I guess at my size I am just too much of a chicken for that! But it does offer good support. Here is the one that I have:


    I ordered the 40GG. Normally NOT what I'd need in a regular bra but since I could not get an HH cup, I decided to go with a larger band size. I will say that I did have to sew it up in back, at the bottom near the waist, as it was too loose there. (Trust me, I can barely sew. I have a "simplicity" machine and just did a simple single stitch.) The 40GG cups covered me quite well. The bra held me up nicely. I would presume because the cups have boning in them. Without boning, strapless bras just do not work on me! At least if I want to walk!!! It would be nice if they had some silicone on the top, inside of the cups. But it really is the best bustier I've found. And the small alteration I had to perform was not much at all. I probably did not even have to do it since the waist area really didn't have anything to do with making the bra stay up when you think about it. But it looks very pretty on. Pricey, but a good item to have as part of your "bra wardrobe."!!!

  2. My Review of the Elomi Smoothing Bra, Style #EL1220


    Hi! Just wanted to let you (and anyone else who's interested) know that I received the above bra today. I purchased it from Bare Necessities on Sunday night. I got it this morning (Wednesday)! I thought that was pretty quick!

    Some background: I normally wear a 34J or 36HH (UK sizing). I purchased this bra in a 36H (which comes in UK sizing) hoping dearly that one cup size wouldn't make that much of a difference. Well, the band size works well. It is not tight at all and is not loose either. I have it in the last (or loosest) hook.

    I will say that I DO spill out a bit at the top. Not much, but the HH cup would most likely have covered with no spillage. That said, the spillage is really minimal and when worn with the right shirt the spillage can't be detected. I am wearing a polo shirt that is somewhat fitted and is made of a smooth, t-shirt like cotton. I think if I were to wear this bra with a tighter fitting t-shirt with some lycra, you'd be able to notice the bulge.

    I have had it on all day today and it is quite comfortable. I've been working at my desk or else doing various cleaning chores around the house. The bulge at the top is the same as it was this morning when I put it on and I haven't had to make any adjustments. The straps are not padded but seem to be made out of the same thin foam like material that the cups are made out of. They haven't slipped all day.

    Bottom line: I'm keeping this one simply because it is the ONLY seam free bra I've been able to find! Thanks to your blog! Granted, I'd absolutely LOVE it in a 36HH, and I'd buy one in every color if that were the case. Maybe two!

    Also, the shape and uplift of this bra is great! It gives the same sort of shape as the Dream Trisha bra, only costs less and comes in a bigger range of sizes. Another thing, I could not even get the Dream Trisha in a 36 band around me. I tried and when I heard the seams start to pull, I stopped! The 38 and 40 band sizes did not work on that bra either as now the cups made me appear too "rounded" at the sides when you'd look at me from the front. A bad description, I know. But the boobs just felt "loose." Needless to say, I never purchased a Dream Trisha but I am happy with this Elomi bra.

    Sorry about the length of this, but if you're curious about this bra, you might want to give it a try. And if you've got a store near you that carries this bra, I'd definitely give it a go!