Friday, August 22, 2008

Petite lengths in Women’s Blazers, & I’ll be looking further into that AquaMarine

I know what you mean! Not only is it hard to get a good length, but because of the boobs, I have shirts that are very noticeable longer in the back than front. I doubt any clothes maker, aside from some styles of shirts I saw at Bravissimo, will account for that!

As it happens, Silhouettes has a knit jacket I have featured at the top of our Women’s Suits page. But it is 32”, at least Silhouettes tells us the length of many of their apparel styles. I ordered and sent back because it was just about knee length on me, (I’m 5’ 1 ½”), a tunic that was 32” long. Strangely, while they do have their notched collar women’s blazers in 3 lengths, they do not tell us what those lengths are! That is one thing I’ll be looking into next week. Because I like a longer jacket, I ordered mine in an average length. But I sent in back, and did not measure it. It did not strike me as too too long, as the 32” tunic did.

So with that in mind here are two styles of Silhouettes of sweater and jacket with sweater sleeves, both shorter than the 32”, that on me is dress length!

This suede knit jacket is 30” long and has rib knit sleeves!
Suede/Knit Jacket

This asymmetrical sweater is 31” long. It’s on sale now and currently available in sizes XL and 1X
Asymmetrical One-Button Cardigan

Silhouettes has lots of new cardigan styles too at the moment. I also recall seeing suits, blouses and dresses in petite sizes at Lane Bryant. I’ll look into this further next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend!
Lane Bryant Catalog (Arizona Mail Order)

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