Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freya’s Clarissa large cup bras & yes AquaMarine some women seem to have a problem with accepting cup sizes over DD, with several ill effects

These Freya large cup bras come in 2 size ranges. Both are currently less expensive at Bare Necessities. If you click on this bra’s picture, it’ll take you to Figleaves. For the maximum savings on these bras take the Bare Necessities 10% off Full Figure Bras banner! Both size ranges of these pretty Freya bras come up there. You can find them fast by shopping by brand for Freya. Bare Necessities calls the larger cup size range Full Cup, but it is a Balcony bra!

Figleaves does have the matching boy short and thong and these full figure bras in both cup size ranges, D to G and GG to J. Bare Necessities has the matching bikini panty.

While these full busted bras are not nicely seamless like the Elomi one I wrote so much about lately, they do seem to have very fine seams. I find the combination of the white print cups and dark amethyst with what looks like black trim at the bottom of the bra band a bit challenging. I guess you wear these bras under apparel you are 100% confident is completely opaque? Or as alluring lingerie! Either way I thought these bras and panties were pleasantly unique. If I could afford strictly pretty wear undies I sure would be interested in trying this bra on!

AquaMarine: I hope the tropical storm has past your area and that you and yours are well. If we are getting much news about the Tampa area up here, I’ve been missing it. So I hope all is well.

I really don’t miss those 40DD days at all. The Vanity Fair issue must have been pretty infuriating. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that when we see a lack of large cup bras at the department stores near to us, I believe it may be the store buyer, rather than the manufacturer whose is to blame. When it comes to chains of department stores like JC Penny, Macy and the like; who knows what styles and sizes to buy might even be dictated by the company its self, rather than our local branches. I don’t know about that sort of thing. It is really just a guess.

I used to go to the up to the primary school here to pick up my daughter with a certain group of women everyday. One day I was enthusing about finally finding a bra whose cup size really fit me pretty well. My first Panache Tango II in an HH cup. It could be I should have refrained from enthusing about there actually being an HH cup size bra. But even my daughter was enthused because for the first time she was not getting poked by underwires sticking out when she hugged me! Now bear in mind all of us in this group are a bit over weight, as in noticeably plus size in stature. One lady looked at the other; it was just the 3 of us that day, and said: “There is no need for anything over a DD cup size.” And the other agreed.

Not only did this actually hurt my feelings, it may give credence to what you pretty much suggest that some, if not many, women might actually feel that there is something wrong with having breasts larger than a DD cups. It’s sad in terms of size acceptance. To say nothing of the amount of discomfort some women are likely in. And it’s pretty crummy that other women, like those two I don’t walk with anymore, are willing to put larger busted women down. Though for all I know they may need larger cup sized bras themselves.

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