Friday, August 01, 2008

AquaMarine, I guess a seemingly seamless is better than no where near it in large cup bra & Thank You Anonymous!

AquaMarine: I’m also glad that Bravissimo responds to our input regarding what we want in large cup bras! I wrote about my full figure bras request for changes in to bra manufactures back in April this year. It is disappointing to note I got no response from the bra manufactures themselves.

This large cup bra is $9 less as pictured below at HerRoom than even Figleaves, is cup sizes up to J!

Also if you click on this picture to get to HerRoom, then mouse over its picture there, you get a real good look at this bra. A nice feature on all products’ pictures at Her Room!

I also talked to customer service at Bigger Bras. This woman told me that manufactures do read our reviews at Bigger Bras. Perhaps that means it’s likely they read reviews at other stores too! So perhaps it is worth the effort to write them with regards to what we really want. It is also nice to help other women know the pros and cons of each bra, before we purchase. I like HerRoom for reviews because most include bra size too. This post’s pictured bra only has one review at the moment though.

Anonymous: Yes seems like a good place to meet and find likeminded dates! I’d like to look into it further, but at the moment, well I’m not looking to date. Also I believe I’m already one or two passwords past complete need-to-remember overload. But if I ever was seriously looking, it seems like an apt place to start. Good company, as you imply, would handle any real need to stress about how you dress!

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