Thursday, August 21, 2008

One exquisitely Soft jacket is back in Women’s Suits!

This is one of the women’s blazers I tried last spring when I was trying to revamp my business attire. When it arrived I was struck by how it was so very soft! Both the jacket’s exterior and its lining. I want a bath robe as soft as this jacket. No kidding this suit jacket is that soft! This is Silhouettes’ Notched Collar Jacket. It is washable and comes in average, tall and petite lengths, as does the matching flat front pants!
Notched-Collar Jacket

These blazers come in Silhouettes generously cut sizes 12W to 26W. They also carry this jacket, and pants, in average length in sizes 28W to 42W. This year they come in black and taupe. Last year they had this jacket in more colors. If you find it too pricey but can’t deny how handy a washable, classic suit jacket would be in your wardrobe; look for it in Silhouettes’ Outlet store in the spring. I’ll be doing that myself. So, in theory, when it hits the Outlet store, I will post that here!

I returned the one I got in the spring because, when they last posted this jacket, they did not mention the “faux” pockets. I still have a thing for pockets. I hope to have a thing for handbags come spring. Also, for my self, the back was too large. But that could be easily handled with shaping darts. I’m working on the assumption I will get my sewing machine out of the attic this winter. But if you need a bit of roomy, not fitted back, this jacket is great! If you like the belted look, this blazer would drape beautifully!

I’m not a slacks girl or I’d have the matching flat front pants by now. I’m hoping they make a matching pencil or A-line skirt to go with this, just because I’d love to way the fabric feels! Did you ever here of the expression, “so soft you can pull it through a napkin ring.”? Well I would think something a little bit larger than a napkin ring for a jacket. But you get the idea right?

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  1. Very pretty jacket, but I always wonder about the length in plus size clothing. It is VERY hard to find plus size petites. The lengths of most plus size jackets, pants and skirts are usually too long for me (I barely make it to 5'1"). I guess you could say I'm lucky in that the bottom half of me can get away with regular standard sizes. I'm usually a 12 and I have fairly good luck in finding petite skirts and pants in that size. But because of the boobs, I like the plus size tops but find some of them are just too long. I know I'm being lazy here, but you are a good source for info and I'm wondering if you know of any good plus size sites that carry plus petites?

    I am on the lookout for a nice jacket made of a knit material. Sort of a sweater/jacket. I like having some room in the shoulder area.