Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seamless Large Cup Bras up to K cup sizes AquaMarine!

Elomi is made by the same people as Fantasie, Freya, Favue and Goddess bras. They have this seamless smoothing underwire foam molded bra in cup sizes up to K. You can read about who has the widest size range, and measures for US sizes, who has the best price and which store has the most reviews for these bras on my Elomi’s Seamless F to K cup Large Cup Bras article.

As usual the cup size is the tricky part: Figleaves measures for us and gives us the US equivalent of most of these bra’s sizes they carry. So if you go by what Figleaves tells us and you need a H cup you order a FF, and for a I cup order a G and for a J cup order a GG. Well some sizes like 36, they don’t carry in a GG size. At the moment their selection of this bra in 36 goes E-F-G-H. On the other hand these bras are made by Fantaise. I wear a 36 Panache, yet in a Fantasie bra I’m swimming in a 36 and they do carry 34GG which = the J cup size I’d wear.

Yet I have a Fantasie bra in an HH cup that fits snug in the cup, but well. Figleaves measures the Panache Super Bra Tango II full figure bra in a 36J that I wear all the time to equal a US 36M. The only thing I can make of this is that bra cup sizes, and apparently even inches of bra band, vary greatly between manufactures.

So I guess the idea is to, if you are going to try this At Long Last Seamless Large Cup Bra (!!!), you’d gauge by what size Fantasie, Freya, Favue or Goddess bra fits you best? That would be my best guess.

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  1. Thank you for the info on this bra! I am really tempted to give this one a try. I have several white shirts that I'd love to be able to wear right now (being I live in FL and it's 90+ degrees everyday), but I just can't stand to see all the lines/flowers or other "embellishments" show through the shirts. I hate that! And if I don't want my bra to show for all to see, I'm limited to wearing dark colors.......

    I see that it goes up to a UK H cup. Normally, I take a 36HH or 34J. Like you, I find Fantasie fits me well in a 34 band. And the Panache Tango II's (I really LOVE those bras!) fit me best in a 36 band.

    I am thinking of taking my chances with a 36H and see how that works out. Guess I can always send it back. I've got to order from Bare Necessities though. They have it in all four colors (nude, cocoa, cherry and black). Figleaves only has cherry in my size and Bigger Bras does not even carry the 36H. I guess it's a popular size! They do have it on backorder, but I don't want to wait 3-4 weeks!

    I think I will give this one a try and I'll let you know how it works out! Thanks again!