Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Petite Women’s Blazers for women who wear Large, over G, Cup Bras Could be a stretch. & Thanks for the tip about Old Navy Jeans AquaMarine

Regarding the last post about sources of Women’s Blazers in Petite Sizes: Actually I was pretty impressed with the selection of petite sized apparel that come in large sizes, especially jackets and sweaters at The Gap and Banana Republic online. Both of these stores can be reached through the Old Navy banner below, just look to the top of the page once you get to Old Navy.

These stores have plenty of shorter styled jackets, I just like the longer length, the blazer above even has a back vent! Another personel favorite of mine.

I like this wool blazer and double pocket cardigan, both come in petite sizes at The Gap. The Ruched Jacket at the top left is quite a bit pricier and from Banana Republic. All 3 come in petite fits. Sorry but if you click on their pictures, nothing will happen, but you can find them in average, petite and tall sizes at The Gap via that Old Navy banner above. Size, and shopping wise, there are a few details of interest before you shop.

I believe, sorry about this AquaMarine, The Gap did not carry petite sizes in stores a year or two ago. Then as a loyal Levis jeans wearer, was told at our local Gap that I’d have to find petite sizes on line only. I was so angry I stalked off and got my Levis at the local K-Mart at a fraction of the price. A rare occasion of anger paying off for me!

As it seems these stores, Old Navy, The Gap and Banana Republic are affiliated with each other, it is quite possible that Old Navy, and the elegant but pricey, Banana Republic, may well carry nothing but average length women’s fashions in their stores off line too.
I am pretty sure Old Navy’s Plus Size Women’s Clothing is available online exclusively. It pretty much says that at their web site.

I agree with you AquaMarine, about their great prices, and will have to try their jeans! I know what you mean about the high waist, to a petite women’s under-bust, jeans, slacks too, of the 90’s. Good Riddance!

And interestingly the women’s and women’s plus short jackets at the nicely priced Old Navy currently styled like the much pricier Banana Republic’s women’s blazers.

Now about the actually sizes:
While at least for me, my problem with way too big arm and back sizes of plus size women’s blazers may be solved by at least trying the simply larger women’s sizes at Old Navy, The Gap and maybe someday, Banana Republic, except for the chest sizes: Yes if you need large cup bras, as in over G cup sizes, sadly, unless you never actually close these jackets and sweaters, their chest measurements may well fail you too.

A chest size comparison of size charts:
Old Navy Plus Size Women’s Clothing,
apparently average lengths and fit only – up to 4X / 28 – 30 chest size 59” – 61 ½”

The following have average, tall and petite sizes available; Chest measurements can be different for all three fits. These are the top chest sizes of their petite size ranges:

  • Old Navy Women’s up to XXL / 20 has a 45 ½” chest
  • The Gap up to women’s sizes XXL / 20 and chest measurements seem to be the same as their XL / 16-18 has a 41 ½” chest in petite fit
  • Banana Republic up to size L / 12 has a 38” chest measurement in petite fits

    While it is nice that the skirts will likely not need hemming, and I’m assuming the pants as well. And it’s nice that the sleeve lengths are shorter in petite sizes and other proportions are taken into consideration; It appears that for us large busted women, these jackets and sweaters won’t likely close.

    AquaMarine: I hope I’ve written this before you try to find petite sizes at the local Old Navy, The Gap or Banana Republic. If I have a chance to check out my suspicions about the likely lack of petite fit apparel at these stores, I’ll post it here when I find out. I do hope I’m wrong.

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