Friday, August 15, 2008

I hope you like the way I posted your review of this Seamless Large Cup Bra. Thank you again AquaMarine!

Thank you so much for letting me post your review. I posted both your original review and the additional details for how it wears as a t-shirt bra on this Wearer's review of Elomi's Seamless Large Cup Bra! page. I included the 2nd part just because it gives one of the many details that help each woman decide whether a bra is really worth $58 or not.

For Variety's sake, pictured is this Elomi seamless large cup bra at Bigger Bra’s. Their 10% off any size order code is here in the right column. But they only carry these large cup bras in cup sizes up to H. For larger cup sizes up to K shop for this bra at Figleaves, whose text link is in this page’s right column too.
Elomi seamless large cup bras
It is nice to know I was not the only one getting the low and broad matronly look from full cup bras. But got the impression that even though this Elomi large cup bra is a full cup bra its giving you the nice, rather than matron form, lift and support.

It’s also nice to know I’m not the only woman who needed large cup bras, yet kept trying 40DD’s. I just did not know that bra cup sizes got larger. Once a sales lady at JC Penny told me that cup size did not matter. Moments later she told me she normally works in the men’s department. I pretty much gave up in despair when I felt squished by the 40DD cup bras. Then I tried a 42E I found in the store and found you could be both squished and swimming in a bra at the same time.

When I started researching full figure bras for my web site I found out about large cup bras and bra sized swimwear! It took a while to figure out my real cup size. And as we know, that changes apparently with styles and bra makers. What a relief!

So it’s likely I’ll continue to keep up with new styles of large cup bras and swimwear. I wonder how many other women out there are still wondering why they can’t get a bra that fits and don’t know that bra sizes don’t stop at what the local department store carries.

Thank you again AquaMarine! I hope you like the way I presented your review. And I hope you have a really great weekend!

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  1. Thank you for posting my review! I hope it can help someone. I think it's a great service that you do, trying to help women find larger cup bras that are actually pretty.

    I can SO relate to the "squished and swimming at the same time" feeling! I can never forget my 40DD days when every bathroom break I took at work always involved an adjustment of the bra! I'd have to "rearrange" everything so that the boobs didn't spill out too much from the top but weren't trying to fall out from the bottom either. What a physics nightmare that I am glad is over!

    I have only been fitted for a bra recently. After I had been wearing the larger cup bras. I never realized a specialty bra store was only about 20 minutes away from me and I just wanted to see if my 36HH was correct. That's when I found I could go with a 34J in Fantasie bras.

    To be honest, I think before I was just too embarrassed to be fitted. I did not want to be called a freak or directed to the grandma bras! And in reality I don't think they (the fitters) would have helped me at all. I too shopped mainly at JCP or Sears for bras and could see for myself that DD cups were the biggest you could find there at the time. I believe they actually carry a few DDD's now. Big whoop!!!!

    It is a shame that US bra mfgs. just won't open up to offering women here bigger cup sizes. What really annoyed me is when Vanity Fair, who's bras can be purchased in many US stores, was offering G cup bras at Bravissimo, a UK based store and website! Why make G cups for the European market but not here???? It does not make sense to me.

    Since finding large cup bras that actually fit, I have seen many women wearing what I'm guessing are the DD bras. The tell-tale 4 boob look that is very droopy reminds me of my DD days. I'd love to be able to tell them about bras that fit but I'm never sure if they'd appreciate that! I would have loved it if someone had let me know there are bras out there in cup sizes bigger than a DD, but I think I am probably in the minority in my thinking.

    Just like I know there are some women who will purchase clothes in whatever size they need, based on the fit of the clothes, regardless of what the size tag tells them, I also know some that insist they are a certain size (like a Medium or size 12) and will not dare go up to a "bigger" size..... Perhaps that's why some women can't face the fact that they may need a J cup! I have to admit I probably would have thought those were "stripper" sizes! (But I would have at least tried them out nevertheless.)

    Well, maybe they will get frustrated like I did, do a search on the internet and come across blogs like this and finally find great fitting and pretty bras.

    OK, I will quit ranting! I hope you have a great weekend. We are keeping out fingers crossed that this Tropical Storm does not decide to stop by the Tampa area! She is not welcome and I do not feel like evacuating the area!