Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks for the Elomi Seamless Large Cup Bra review AquaMarine!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us about this, apparently, the one and only, style of Seamless Large Cup Bras available to us women who wear over a G cup size! For anyone else who just stopped in and is interested in smooth, seamless large cup bras, you can read AquaMarine's review of this bra in the reply to August 12th post here.

I just have one question:
Can I post your review, likely word for word, linked to this large cup bra’s article at my website that usually promotes, first and foremost full figure bras. Lets face it, it’s hard to make anything you wear look right if your bra does not fit right. Besides it feels bad too.

The way I see it you need not apologize for being verbose about its length. All of these large cup and full figure bras are expensive. If we can save ourselves and other women some money by being informative it’s a real fine thing!

Also thank you for your previous reply relating the fit of Freya and Fantasie bras and the strapless bustier. I’ve also noticed that balcony bras seem to have wider set straps.

I also find that, with the exception of the Tisha full figure bra, that my full coverage bras produce more a broad, low, well matron form shape. I attribute some of that to longish bra straps for my short body. Where as the balcony bras I have give a better up lift and forward projection. That, for me, is another reason why I’m real glad to hear that the Elomi bra fits like the Tisha bra!

I’ll be trying it as soon as I can! In my case, that may take a while, but many thanks just the same! I kind of think if enough women who need large cup bras by this first seamless one, perhaps that will encourage those bra manufactures to make more seamless bras in large cup sizes!

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  1. You certainly can use my review at your website! I'd be flattered if you did! I sent a small (and not anywhere as detailed) review in to Her Room about this bra. I like to read their reviews. In fact, any reviews at all on bras! As you stated, we spend so much money on them that it helps to have an idea of what you may be in for. I love reviews that address specific problem areas that I'd be interested in, such as being short waisted. And the reviews are even more helpful since they usually show the bra on a model who probably is a B cup, C at best.

    "Matronly" is a very good term for some of the full cup bras I've got! Some make me look bullet shaped, which isn't what I'm going for! Others just give a more "hanging" look. I prefer the balcony bras usually. The Panache Tango II is still my favorite -- it's sort of like a full cup balcony if that's possible!

    By the way, I've got the Elmoi on again today. I'm wearing it with a t-shirt which is somewhat form fitting, but not tight or clingy. Anyhow, the spillage at the top does not show up! It's still there underneath the shirt, but you wouldn't know it from the outside. So I am still happy with this bra. I am almost tempted to purchase it in another color (I got nude). The Cherry shade looked pretty!

    I will never know how I ever got by wearing a 40DD in my past! Talk about spillage!

    In my review at Her Room, I mentioned that I'd love it if they could make the bra in a HH. Not that it helps, but I guess any feedback could be worthwhile for the mfg.

    Keep up the good work!