Thursday, July 31, 2008

AquaMarine! That Kalyani large cup bra you told me about is on sale too!

I went back to check out Bravissimo while I was looking at Breakout Bras. Checking their Sale section, I see the nice Kalyani bra you wrote me about, and lots of other fine large cup bras and very pretty camisoles are on sale there!

The Figleaves Really big sale ends in 5 days. They also have Aviana full figure bras and large cup bras at less than $14! Sizes at this sale are getting real low. I found this Freya underwire balcony large cup bra in my size shopping the sale and putting in my bra size.

I must have gotten the last one because when I went back later in the day to get this picture to show you, my size was gone. So at this point of the sale, shopping by your size and the kind of intimate you are looking for is likely to be the best, fastest way.

For some time now I have wanted to try Frey bras. I do not recall seeing this one above before and had never considered it. I consider it a pleasant surprise at ½ its normal price. I’ll finally have a fun, rather than just practical, bra!

I put a link here for Figleaves on this page’s right column along with the Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras links. This should make it a bit easier to just come here and compare prices.

I kept going back and forth between Breakout Bras, Bravissimo and the above mentioned intimates stores comparing prices. But I kept getting distracted and came to one conclusion. Do this when everyone else is asleep!

So far I can see that both Breakout Bras and Bravissimo, especially in their sale section, have excellent prices and good selections. I will watch these stores and post great prices and styles of large cup and full figure bras here as best I can.

Thank you again AquaMarine for cueing me in on these excellent places to shop bras! I’m happy to hear you are having a fun summer! Even if it is going fast.

And I too am glad, and surprised actually, to see more styles of large cup bras. Even more surprising, as I had my first real good look around this week at the G to J bra styles, is these cup sizes in balcony style!

Where they always there and I somehow missed them?
If not, could this mean a smooth, seamless large cup bra, or several, could be just around the corner?!?!

One can hope!


  1. That Freya Charlie bra in the picture is gorgeous! Alas, they don't have my size.....

    I can tell you that I really like my Arabella bra by Freya, the one featured in your previous post. One thing about the Arabella though, the band is quite giving. I was able to take a 34 back instead of the 36 I usually fit into. Nevertheless, it's a very pretty bra! And we certainly need more of those.

    I emailed Bravissimo a few weeks ago about the Kalyani bra. I asked if it were possible for the mfg. to make the bra in a nude color since (at least for me) this bra is the closest thing to a seamless bra someone my size can find (anywhere from HH-JJ cup, go figure!). They got back to me and said my request was actually a quite popular one. However, Kalyani has been unable to come up with a suitable nude-colored dye that works with the material used for the bra so for now that is out of the question. Well, I guess at the very least, they know what we want. Maybe they'll come up with another design.

    Dare I say that the selection of larger cup bras is getting better? Don't get me wrong, it's nowhere near what the lucky B, C and D cups get, but it seems like we've got a bit more to choose from compared to 3 years ago. Whatever it is, I hope they keep it up!

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