Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yes Anonymous, there is a good source of Bra Cup Size Info!

It’s not so much what they call each bra size, but what measurement they mean by each bra size.
Click on this link to go to Bigger Bras How to Fit a Bra page. When you scroll down a bit under their fitting instructions you’ll come to their big long handy Bra Cup Size Comparison Chart!

This is where we can learn that when Le Mystere calls a bra an H cup they are talking about 8 inches of cup size. Yet Fantasie calls an H cup 11 inches! And Bigger Bras lists plenty of bra manufacturers! That is a good page to keep in your favorites and consult when bra shopping!

Recently Bigger Bras revamped their website. So now if you click on this Le Mystere Full Fit Bra below, the scroll down, you get a small selection of this bra cup manufacture’s size list with each bras description! Just not the ones we were writing about, unfortunately. But they are all in the big list on the How to Fit a Bra page. Well not all, but many bra manufactures cup sizes by inch are listed!

Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-Shirt and Sweater Bra 9955

Although I can wear that bra above as my make due seamless, it does not fit as seen above. Wearing it in a G cup gives us HH cup sized women, well, lots of cleavage. Hopefully in the near future I’ll know how a HH cup fits in that bra. But I doubt it will be as soon as I like. It is, for a make due fit, comfy and pretty supportive. And for being short, the straps do adjust way up!

Like you noticed about the surplice cut in D cup swimwear did not work well. Likewise the Le Mystere Carina will not make due in a G cup the way the Dream Tisha will for us. A real pity because the straps are out of this world smooth and soft silky. But I tried it on and, owing to the cut of the cups; my breasts just fall right out.

The Lands End swim tops sound great. Love those prices! Writing about swimwear for a few years now I’ve noticed often the best prices are in the late summer and fall. It may be possible for my current swimwear to last till then. Well I can hope! Having my daughter tugging at my clothes all the time and perhaps distaste for the feel of sunscreen on my skin, I’ve opted for the swim skirt. Do they sell those at Wal-Mart and the like as separates too? Although it seems sun screens are getting less icky every year!

I wonder how many inverted triangle shaped women are out there. I recall reading; I think it was Allure, a small study of women’s body shapes. For unusual, I believe we come in second rarest. The rarest, if I am recalling this correctly, shape being the hour glass figure.

I know it runs in my father’s side of the family and my daughter has always had it. All those cute pajamas sets she got as a toddler, even a current gift one, when the tops fit, the bottoms fall off. Eventually the bottoms fit, but the tops can’t by then. Recently she wanted me to get this suit. I clicked on its picture for her, then scrolled down and showed her the size charts and how it is that I am a size 20W or 22W chest, a size 18W waist and size 8 hips. I told her that’s a lot of taking in I don’t have the time to do. And I got to avoid explaining how it is so not in our budget. I hope she enjoys putting together her own outfits, because it seems even her slender 8 year old self has been heading the same way proportionally too.

Any other full busted inverted triangle shaped ladies out there too? I wonder if these things go together.

Looking at how the week to come is shaping up, it seems I’ll get around to looking into whom exactly to write to by middle or late in the week. To my way of thinking; if a bra is going to cost some of us around $50 each, we should get a REAL GOOD FIT. And Seamless should be possible too!

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  1. That chart is really great! I'm going to bookmark it. Thanks very much for it! I can see now why my favorite brands tend to be Fantasie, Freya and Panache. They offer the largest sizes! I did not know about Fauve though. However, when I clicked on that brand and saw the prices...... well, I guess I'll stick to my original three!

    Wow, I am surprised that the inverted triangle is not THE rarest body type. It sure is an inconvenient shape to have. I remember having to make a quick run to WalMart for an emergency outfit for an unexpected party I'd been invited to. The cashier asked me if I realized the jacket I got was a size 16 but the pants were a 6. Was this correct? Indeed it was as I tried the two pieces on. Such is the life of an inverted triangle!

    FYI, I received the Harmony bra from Her Room today. I am glad I got the 36J. There is a teeny tiny bit of looseness at the top of the cups but I think that will go away with some adjustments and washing. I think if I had gotten the 36HH, there would have been spillage at the top. So the reviews at Her Room were right on target. The fit is a little different, I think it's something I'll have to get used to or try some adjustments but overall, it seems to give a nice shape. I only had it on for 5 minutes though so I can comment more accurately after wearing it for a day.

    Thanks again for the chart.