Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Anonymous, Thanks for Your Input! & Which Waist Nipper?

Thanks for weighing in on the loose of form fitting dress question! I know I’ve got the ‘When are you due?’ question when wearing loose dresses too.

Obviously my concerns, shape wise, would be well served by a waist cincher or nipper.

Which waist nipper would you, Anonymous, wear? Or any full figured waist cincher, or nipper wearer wear? Your advice will be appreciated! I have an event coming up in March and my wardrobe is never ready!

Cinching Pretty? Pictured below is one of 5 plus size Rago cinchers and a nipper on sale today at Her Room


Today I found Rago, and Flexees, full figure waist cinchers and nippers on sale. Like this pretty one above that gets lots of good reviews.

And they are all so much cheaper than the Squeem waist cincher I wore out so completely!

The Squeen waist cinching vest I wrote of in my last blog is a bit pricey. But it was so comfy I wore it daily, even with jeans, till its stays wear popping out! At Rago or Flexees prices I could wear them most days. Well at least in the winter. It’s a warm way to dress!


  1. I love my waist cincher. Here is the one I wear:


    (My waist is 33" and the XL fits fine.)

    I particularly like this one because I am quite short (5'1") and extremely short waisted. The entire cincher is about 13" long and hits at a very comfortable place just below my belly button. Another cincher I tried (I can't even remember what brand it was) came down so long on me the boning was hitting the crease area at the top of my legs where the hip is (I don't know if I'm explaining this too well!). Cinchers are so much easier for me to deal with than "the whole package", like Spanx. Especially since the waist is my real problem area. I can wear my regular undies and don't have to bother with the struggle of going to the bathroom.

    PS - If your thighs bother you though (and you want your butt to have a lift) I use this:


    I can still wear my regular undies! Though I have to admit my thighs don't usually cause me much of a problem.

  2. By the way (I'm the same anonymous from above) that Rago cincher is tres fantastique! I have to check out Her Room.