Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks again Anonymous! And a Tip for Savings when shopping Her Room

I really like the Rago cincher too. To save when shopping at Her Room use the Her Room vote and save 10% link in the right column of this page. If clicking on a link or picture here does not work, press your control key when clicking on the link.

The Flexees waist cincher below that you recommend looks very beautiful, & SMOOTH too!

Now if I can just get my waist down to a 33” – 34” size! I’ve got exercise penciled in for March. The problem with being a mother is you pencil yourself in a lot. Then you erase a lot. I did look around for this Flexees waist cincher in larger than a 2X, which is what the above comes in, maybe later….

And thank you again for answering my other waist cincher question I forgot about. When I first wanted to try a waist cincher, I wondered, do you order your waist measurement? Or order a bit smaller for cinching value?

But as you, Anonymous, were nice enough to include your waist 33” and the size in the above cincher you wear, XL. Which the size chart tells at the cincher above tells us is a waist size 31” to 32”. We, or at least I, now know that to get some satisfactory cinching you order a size smaller!

Thanks again that clears up a lot! I ordered one at my waist size that when I tried it on, well it sort of hung around me. I noticed the company discontinued that one some months later. So I felt I really could not base sizing on that particular waist cincher.

And I understand about the short length being an issue for us petite women. I did order 2 of those Squeem cinchers I wore out. For me they were both long torso. I’m 5’1 ½” short. The first one fit perfect. The second one bruised the tops of my thighs when I sat. Same size, same brand, go figure.

A tip from on 36HH bra sized short woman to another:
The Panache Super Tango II is a bit on the long strap size for me. It’s a good bra, but I get far more lift and support from Panache’s Harmony underwire Balcony Bra. I believe it simply has shorter straps!! It’s still on sale at Bare Necessities in its Petrol color. And you can save 10% if you use the 10% off full figure bras Bare Necessities link in this blog’s main page’s right column.

I try to post sales on larger than G cup bras here as I find them. And as you can easily imagine, I look quite often! I also go off in pursuit of the elusive larger than a G cup smooth seamless bra. If you see one, that is not a Goddess, let me know! I don’t know why, but I’ve tried Goddess bras on twice and it seems they are actually shaped for an entirely other female form than my own. I’ve never had that experience with other bras, but there it is.

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  1. I just happen to have been at a Maidenform outlet and was able to try on the XL and 1XL cinchers. The 1XL held me in but didn't seem to do that great a job. I found it equivalent to those high-waisted control undies. OK but not great. The XL seemed to do a better job and it is actually comfortable to wear. I did not bother with any other cinchers as this one was perfect for a short waister like me.

    And what a coincidence! I just ordered the Harmony bra from Her Room (didn't get to save the 10% but I did get free shipping). I checked the comments though and customers, as well as Panache, recommended going up one cup size for the Harmony bra. So I ordered a 36J. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    I would LOVE an over G-cup SEAMLESS bra. Nothing creates a clean line like a seamless can. You'd think with all the "molded" bras out there, they could mold one for bigger up sizes.