Saturday, February 16, 2008

Harriet, about that Red Dress, and your wonderful blog!

Hi Harriet!
I looked into this and found:

The good news is that the store that carried that dress, Silhouettes, does ship to Sweden!

The bad news is as I suspected, this dress is out of stock. Considering that the post it features in was December of 2006, I was not really surprised.

But you’ll find plenty of lovely plus size dresses at Silhouettes and Silhouettes’ Outlet store. I’ll likely always have a link to both in the right column of this blog’s main page. Below is one of their current sale banners. You’ll find different current sale banner, which changes each month, about the 3rd day into it, by clicking on the link to this page.. There too, it will be in the right column.

ALL JEANS Buy One Get One 50% Off

Clicking on any of those banners will take you to Silhouettes or their Outlet store.

Often I find Silhouettes puts some dresses in the Tops and Jackets in their Outlet store. Also if any of their clothes, shoes or accessories becomes unavailable in their regular store, often you’ll find them in their Outlet store at even better prices!

This does not always happen. I once waited for a vest to go on sale, or into the Outlet store. It just went out of stock instead.

I checked out your Enastaende Mamma blog and I love the If Love was a Computer File in Yourself! The kitten and pup picture is great there too! And some of the other posts I could read and the babelfish reference in should I blog in English. I am glad you commented to me in English. If you hadn’t I’d would have to had use babelfish myself!

The listing of top 40 BBW’s of all time is great too.

I’ll be back to read more!

I just tried Google Translate and Babel Fish and find no Swedish to English! Gulp! Have I got the right language? If it is Swedish, where can I get a translation?

Thank you!

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