Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wide and Extra Wide Women’s Shoes at Great Outlet Prices

I’ve featured several of Silhouettes’ new spring styles here. They seem to all come in widths up to extra wide and are inexpensive to begin with. Shoes, boots and sandals I had featured on my shoe page in the past are in Silhouettes Outlet now. Where you’ll find stylish wide and extra wide shoes for as little as $9.99!

These halter sandals are now just $19.99!
Halter Sandal

As are these Micro suede T-strap wedge heeled dress shoes!
Microsuede T-Strap Wedge

These Vintage Leather Boots below are now in Silhouettes’ Outlet store for $44.01 less than their original price! They have both wide widths in the foot and an extra wide, 17”, calf.
Vintage Leather Boot

If you click on the pictures of the above dress shoes you’ll go straight to Silhouettes Outlet store.
If you click on these wide width and calf boots above you go to Silhouettes, but with an error message. Just use the Outlet link at the right near top of their site to go to the Outlet store. You’ll currently find them Shoes and Accessories.

I included this error message at Silhouettes picture link to show you what it looks like. If you are reading about a suit, shoe or anything at this site, and you get that message, odds are excellent that that suit, or what have you, has moved to the Silhouettes Outlet Store! That means you’ll be find what you are looking for at its least expensive.

I’ll likely always keep a direct link to Silhouettes’ Outlet in this page’s right column too. It is always worth it to check out what’s on sale there.

I figure it’s the least I could do, seeing as how the excellent plus size bra sales are coming to a close for the time being.

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