Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anonymous, Fauve only goes up to H cup sizes

Yes I found that chart really handy too! And use it often. The price of Fauve bras won’t matter much to us because as you can read here at Fantasie’s site, they only go up to H cup sizes. Perhaps they will make a line for us somewhat more endowed women later. Then we can wonder if we want to go the price.

I came across some other interesting bra info lately. Full Figure Plus' bra support post brings up some interesting points I never considered. You can read it by clicking here.

Things like that minimizer bras for us fuller busted women don’t really work but will reduce breast elasticity over time, (#6). And that some medications can affect breast size, (#3). I do not believe that Glen Johnson, the writer is referring to the likes of Fauve bras when he writes about you get what you pay for. I think Fantasie, Panache, Freya and Le Mystere are likely worth the money.

Well I know Panache, Fantasie and Le Mystere are! Freya has some beautiful bras I’d like to try some day. It does appear we have come to a lull in great bra sale time of year lately. Bigger Bras clearance sale may well be ending soon too.

I’m hoping to post new sales and styles of plus size and full busted bras here in the near future. Remember: Checking for discontinued colors at Bare Necessities is often a great way to get excellent prices on our size bras!

If the hour glass figure was the rarest, then it seems to me there should be a lot more inverted triangle shaped women out there like us. It does make dressing a challenge at the very least! I often go for the knit dress. If I get one where the top part just makes the stretch, the bottom half does not have too much excessive drape. Can’t always get that though!

I hope to look into who to write about bra design later this week. When I find it I’ll post it here.

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  1. Full figured gals are way hotter than stick figures - I always believe this when I found this on the famous big people online club