Thursday, February 21, 2008

Actually Anonymous there is One Smooth Over G cup Full Fit Bra I know of!

Not up to HH yet, but Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha underwire Full Fit Bra now comes in cup sizes up to H! Her Room and Bare Necessities have it in stock in sizes up to H cup sizes! And currently Bigger Bras, whose link I just put on this blog page’s right column, has this bra in nude in 36H for $61.20, in stock.

To give you an idea of fit, this is one of my make due smooth cup bras. I wear a lot of t-shirts. The one I am wearing at the moment is a 36G. They just came out with the H cup sizes about a month or so ago! Who knows may be next year HH cups sizes will be added!?!?! It’s a good bra under a t-shirt. This bra is often on sale in discontinued colors at Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras!

Bigger Bras also normally has a 10% off code on their pages. And some times they give me a 15% off discount code which I post at the top right of my Bra Sized Swimwear page. Bigger Bras carries lots of, usually underwire, Fantasie, Freya and other large cup bra sized swimwear. I have tried a Fantasie one piece, too long for us petite women. And I have a Fantasie underwire tankini top, just right! I have not tried any of the many underwire bikinis tops or Freya swimwear styles yet. But I sure am glad I found bra sized swimwear!

My other make due smooth G cup bra is Fantasie 4500. The Le Mystere is a bit padded, this Fantasie one is not. Both have molded cups. And my snuggly daughter does not like it as the underwires between my breasts stick out and poke her on the Fantasie one. This does not happen with the Le Mystere in the same make due size 36G.

She absolutely loved the Panache Tango II, my first HH bra when I first got it. It took a while for me to figure out my cup size, and then find it. She likes Panache’s Harmony bra too!

One of my favorite things about the Fantasie molded 4500 are that the straps stay put. The Le Mystere ones did, up till about 6 months of really quite often wearing. But for us petite women, the Fantasie 4500 may not work anymore. Bigger Bras tells us in its description that they have made the straps longer now.

Ok so that’s one larger than a G cup smooth full busted bra.

Thanks again for the extra waist cincher info! You may be right ordering the Harmony in a J cup. I wear that one in an HH and it does appear to be a little like Busting Out over the cups. However my breasts actually never leave the cups. Even when lying down. The lift and support is just GREAT!

The breast falling out of cup thing does happen with the Le Mystere Dream Tisha in my current make due 36G size, but only when lying down.

I’ll post more smooth over G cup bra styles, as well as full busted bra sales, here as I find them!

Maybe if we all wrote Panache, Fantasie, Le Mystere and Freya and told them we need smooth cup bras over H cup sizes too. And in Average, petite and tall strap sizes. And make those straps true long wear, no slip at all straps as in the Fantasie 4500 bra. Maybe one of those bra company would make one!


  1. I am a fan of the bra sized swimwear too. I cannot buy a one piece though due to the short waist factor. They just do not work on me. I ordered this tankini last year from Bravissimo:

    Too bad that when I got it last year they only had cup sizes up to G. Now they are going to J! I just may have to wait till the end of the year and pick one up on sale. I love how the top fits but have one complaint: the cup lining is very thin and once you hit the cold water..... well, you can imagine what happens!

    That being said, I also own a tankini top that I got from Lands End, also purchased last year, but on clearance. This year they are now offering DD cups! I have all the luck! I guess I'll have to wait for the end of season sale there too! But anyhow, I got a high neck, D-cup tankini top from them and it works well on me too. The high neck adds a bit more coverage, the soft cup bra covers and holds everything in and the cups on this suit are a bit padded, thereby avoiding the cold water/nip thing!

    Meanwhile, I'm waiting on my Harmony bra. I am glad I did go up a cup size. Also, I'd love to write some of the big cup bra mfgs about a smooth cup bra. I just have to get myself in letter writing (or email) mode! Sometimes that's hard to do!

  2. I've got a question about the Le Mystere sizing. They now go up to an H cup, but I believe their sizing goes like this: D, DD, E, F, G, H. I get lost of my bras from England (or at least what I think are English mfgs), like Freya, Fantasie and Panache and their sizing is as such: D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, etc. So in my thinking, I believe the Le Mystere H cup is equivalent to a UK G cup. Would this be true? I am very confused on the different sizing. Perhaps you know the answer to this mystery!
    The Same Anonymous