Friday, February 22, 2008

Anonymous Thanks again! & I wonder who we should write to?

I was looking at that Panache tankini last year my self. Good to see it comes in cup sizes up to J now. It’s also good to know that d cup swimwear style could possibly work on us women with who normally wear HH cup bras! It is too bad about your timing on the purchases though. Perhaps you’ll have better luck this year!

The very Idea of being able to fit in to a D cup Swimsuit though! Think of the much larger selection and the savings!

Lots of the styles I write about here, with the exception of the Christina and Just My Size Swimwear, likely all fit D cup sized women! The President / CEO of Always for Me told me this is pretty much true of all plus size swimwear. Always for Me advises often, especially for their own chic but cheap plus size swimwear, if you wear a D cup or larger bra, just order a size larger!

Actually for me, an extreme inverted triangle shaped woman, I’d get one of Always for Me’s own brand of tankini or skirtini swimsuit from their clearance section. (here is a direct link to it. Sales
) And see if the bottoms fit any larger friends of mine.

Soon the responsibilities that overwhelm my weekends will over take me. But early next week I hope to look into who we could write to at the fuller cup bra makers. Just incase either of us, and perhaps other full busted women, get in the letter writing mood. I know, the mood its self eludes me too.

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  1. Since I live close to a "beachy" area (FL), I was told by a sales clerk at a local bathing suit shop that the D cup swimwear is designed to hold a D+ bust and that the "bra" is built to accommodate various sizes. She said it can't be compared to a regular everyday bra.

    I did notice, in my Lands End finds, that the halter and surplice wrap styles didn't really work well on me, despite being D cups. I did not feel too secure in them. The high neck and scoop necks though actually will hold boobs my (our) size! I believe I found these in Sept/Oct of last year. I think the most I paid for a top was $24 and the cheapest was $16. Not bad because the quality is very good. And I returned the ones that didn't fit to my local Sears. So I have no complaints.

    Are we twins? I, too, am an inverted triangle! Bottoms NEVER fit me. If a 16 or 18 fits on the top, the bottom practically falls off me! That's why I loved the Lands End separates. My trick has been to purchase the tops in black, multi color(s) with black or multi color(s) with white. That way, I can go to Wal-Mart and get a black or white bottom in my size, which is usually a 10 or 12. One thing about living in FL, you can usually find bathing suits year round.

    An address for bra mfgs would be great! I'll just have to get in the right frame of mind. Though you would think the lack of selection for those of us more well endowed would be enough to set the fire under me!