Monday, February 18, 2008

What do you Feel more Comfortable In Form Fitting or Loose Dresses?

Featured at the top of my home page and on page 178 of Glamour’s March issue is this beautiful georgette dress from Avenue below. In Glamour it is worn by a larger woman than below. And it looks great!
Clicking on this dress will take you to Avenue
Avenue Rebecca Georgette DressAS SEEN IN GLAMOUR Womens Plus Size

For some time now Glamour has been suggesting form fitting and body skimming dresses to us full figure women. And Kimono styles like those featured near the top of my dress page recently.

Do you like the way you look and feel in form fitting dresses? Or do you prefer looser shift dresses like this one below?

Could be I like it because it has pockets. Although Avenue has body skimming dresses with on seam pockets lately!
Clicking on this dress below will take you to Silhouettes
Geometric Print Dress

Further on in the March issue of Glamour I see they recommend a heavily pleated Lavin trapeze dress. Silhouettes has this pleated trapeze dress in their outlet store now for just $58.99! It’s available in the rouge color below in all sizes 12W to 26W and most of those sizes in black! You can click on its picture to shop for it in Silhouettes’ Outlet store.
Pleated Trapeze Dress

Glamour recommends this in their Fashion section, to no particular body shaped woman. I like it and the shift dresses Silhouettes has in both their normal store and in the Outlet because, pockets or not, it also takes negates the shapewear issue! Well aside from what bra to wear.

With a form fitting dress I, for one, would have to consider a body briefer. But it is not likely I’ll find a body briefer for a 36HH bra size. A high waist panty like a Spanx Power panty and cover the bulge between the panty and bra with a shaping cami. Or perhaps this Spanx Higher Power High-Waisted Power Panty could work.

If it dose not fold under my bra and the legs do not come down to my knees. So I’m kind of short. But it might…..

See this is the sort of thing I might go through when I think of wearing a form fitting pale colored spring dress like the one at the top of this post. I wore a form fitting black dress last to a place I know had low lighting, under my favorite suit jacket. And I wore my, now worn to smithereens, Sqeem waist cinching vest. That’s the color and place consideration.

Or I might just tell myself: OK that’s just me, bulges and all!

What about you?

What kind of dresses do you prefer and why?

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  1. I always prefer a dress that skims the body. For years I just wore shapeless tents and XL men's t-shirts. I too have the 36HH's and figured the tent dresses hid them well. Wrong! I just looked pregnant (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I now love wrap dresses in a nice jersey fabric. However, I know a cotton shirtdress is something I will never get to enjoy. For special occasions I do wear a waist nipper. I like those a lot better than spanx. I have to say the nipped in waist makes me look fabulous!