Tuesday, September 04, 2007

If you are still considering Alli, a very due consideration and a vast source of healthier by far alternatives, cheaper too!

By now you’ve likely heard or read about Alli. If you are really thinking of:

  • shelling out the money
  • keeping to the low fat diet
  • perhaps gaining more laundry
  • racking up potential embarrassing situations

Please read Marc David’s Alli – The Weight Loss Pill That Requires Dark Pants.
Most especially, read the comment under LA Says, of Aug 30th.
LA’s comment is chock full of experiential knowledge. We all should read it and skip the bad experience.
The article it’s self is much more in depth than what little I wrote about Alli here last month.

Now here’s a much cheaper, laundry and embarrassment free version of the Alli diet plan.

Skip the pricey pills
Take to the low fat diet
Go to Beginning Body Building.com.

Check out Marc David’s Free 12 – Part Body Building E – Course and Get The 19 Tips To Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days or Less ebook.

If a little widow does not float into your line of sight offering it, scroll down a bit, the offer is there.

I went for this today and immediately received these 4, abode format, extremely informative free reports:

Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days of Less, by Marc David
Big Fat Lies, by Tom Venuto
The AtoZ Fitness Writer’s Best, by Lewis Wolk
10 Lies About The Low Card Diet, by Tom Venuto

Build 5 Lbs of Muscle in 28 Days or Less is loaded with info and is motivational too. Bit Fat Lies and 10 Lies About The Low Carb Diet will steer you clear of the The Weight Loss Industry Getting Your Money, which is what they are all about.

Now onward to your health!
Why do I want 5 lbs of muscle?
Well do you want to build or loose?
The basic mentality is better. Consider the fun of building versus loosing your $ to the weight loss industry and making less of your metabolism. Nah. Lets build! As a perspective, it’s more fun! Think Legos, cooking, gardening. You know building is fun!

You may ask: Why do I want to be a muscular lady? Muscle looks better than fat. You’ll feel better and burn more fat. The feel better will show on your face first. Then your posture, which is the cheapest figure flattering fashion out there!

That’s what I noticed in my very casual weight lifting regime I took up last spring. Sadly I was very upset and distracted about something and stopped. I’ll be resuming for the above reasons as soon as my daughter has her first full week of school.

I don’t really care if it makes me look a whole lot better. Though in time, that’s bound to happen. And I plan on being here quite a while. Which makes “Fast” a very small consideration. And as a mom, it’s easier to keep up with a child when you’re fit!

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