Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks vesta, it’s good to be warned!

I thought about it for a couple of days. It seems the only piece of apparel of any kind I purchased in more than one color is a now discontinued plus size lace boy short panty style by Fredericks of Hollywood. It’s a shame they don’t carry them anymore because they don’t roll down at my belly. They fit and wear about the same in all colors. The price was nice, which is why I got three different colors in the same style in the first place. And Fredericks does not carry them anymore.

But the fit was consistent. Fredericks does not have much of a plus size selection. But if you use this link, Full Figure Lingerie at and mouse over the words Bras, Panties and Lingerie in their horizontal menu bar, you’ll see Plus Size categories. In Lingerie, it’s all the way at the bottom, which is a long way down….

I have not tried any of their lingerie, and their bras only go up to 42F. Their Renaissance Corset
is on sale now. Now it’s almost $50, down from $64. It comes in sizes up to 3X. According to their size charts that’s a 52 inch bust measurement. But I doubt it would accommodate a rather large cup size. I could be wrong. It does have a lace up back…

Fredericks use to have a larger Plus Size section. Still there are lots of plus size lingerie stores. Some are featured here..

Getting back to different colors, different fit: Someday I buy something else in more than one color and see if the fit is the same. Or maybe in a fitting room somewhere. I’m intrigued now.

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