Thursday, August 30, 2007

Becky, Panache and Fantasie appear to measure cup sizes equally

As it happened, the one Fantasie bra I do have, the 4500, I purchased while I was trying to figure out my cup size, So I ended up with a 38G. And I still wear it, as well as my Le Mystere Full Fit Dream Tisha. They don’t fit quite right for what I found to be my real size, but they’ll do for lots of days, till they wear out!

Now according to the aptly named Bigger Bras online store, and I feel they may well be right, Fantasie and Panache bras are cup sized equally. If you take this:

Then select the “Fitting Help” link to the near top right of their home page.
You can see the chart, it’s rather long, comparing measurements for cup sizes to different manufactures.

They have it there, in the chart, and a bit further on down the page, that Fantaise, Panache, Freya and Fauve are all, cup size wise, equal.

Bigger Bra’s cup size chart has it that the Le Mystere Full Fit bra I’m wearing at the moment, in a 38G, as 2 cup size inches smaller than a Fantasie or Panache bra. And this seems to be correct.

My own experience, as I do not have a Fantasie and Panache bra in the same size can be described using these pictures, I think.

Now I actually wear the Fantasie 4500 seamless pictured below. Except, because mine is a 38G, and I really needed a 36HH, it fits just like the picture, but with several inches of cleavage, pushing the underwires outward away from my breast bone. Still leaps and bounds above putting up with sizes like 40DD, and the like, before I ever saw a size chart, or knew cup sizes went above E!
And with all the extra weight I put on this bra, it’s not made for HH cup size breasts, it’s holding up well!

Fantasie of England Molded Seamless Cup T-Shirt Bra 4500

Because I wear this bra below, Panache’s Super Bra 3251, in my real bra size if fits just like the picture. Super!

Panache SuperBra Tango II Underwire Balconette Bras 3251

It’s a very nice full coverage bra, loads of support, but not seamless. Me, I need a seamless, I wear lots of t-shirts.

Another Panache bra I purchased recently fits a tiny bit different. Their new Harmony bra pictured below fits me very well. But unlike the above supper bra it’s lower cut and it really pushes my breasts UP!

If you click on it’s picture it’ll take you to Figleaves, an excellent store for large cup sized bras, but if you shop at Bigger Bras, you can get the 15% off using the current bra15 code till Aug. 31st. After that, you can check back here for the next 15% off code I get. Either way, Bigger Bras almost always has a 10% off code posted on, at least the home page of, their site.

I’m still kicking my self for getting the above bra in black, as I don’t wear a lot of black or dark colors.

Now if they's just make a seamless bra in that shape, WOW!

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