Friday, September 07, 2007

vesta44 Found not quite as pricey bras, and Thank You caribgirl!

After searching the stores I’m familiar with here, this is what I found. As caribgirl pointed out, Fantasie’s Specialty Smooth Underwire bra runs a cup size larger. I know it comes in sizes up to G, and it’s my make do bra. So I even looked to see if any of these stores have it in sizes 52G or 54G. Nope. You can sometimes get that Fantasie bra at a discontinued color price break at Bare Necessities too!

But I did find these.

Freshpair's Women's Bra Page, Always Free Shipping! When searching by bra size 52H I find 2 Goddess bras, one under $30!!

Bare Necessities has 4 size 54H Glamorize bras for under $40!! They have 2 Goddess styles more in size 42H, for less than $40! Apparently they are having a sale. I tried a few Glamorize full figure bras a few years ago, at that point, band size too big, cup size too small, but compared to others I tried at that time, a bit tight in band and cup.

Oh yeah, at that time, my then tiny daughter asked me what a jumping jack was. I showed her. while I was wearing a Glamorize bra I put on for the first time, less than a half hour before, one of it’s straps broke. On the first, and only jumping jack I showed her. OK it was not the right size, and not a sports bra. I’m just giving you my limited Glamorize experience. Another one, for what I knew of fit at the time, was excellent. But I took care to not jump in it.

Use this link to get these bras for less!
Bare Necessities

This Aviana soft cup full figure bra #2353 comes in sizes up to 56K. you can back order it from Bigger Bras in both 52H and 54H. On sale currently for $46.55, rather than it’s normal $49. Oh yeah I hear you about the price, believe me I do! And of course you can save a bit with their current 15% off code fallbra.

Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353

And in size 52H, Bigger Bras offers that Aviana bra above, and 4 other less pricey Goddess plus size bras.

Actually I tried this some years ago, before I figured out my real size. Sadly, it’s still cheaper than anything in my real size.

Vesta44, if the Goddess bras come near to fitting you, before you buy Aviana bras, check the Fitting Help page, top right corner link, at Bigger Bras, (just click on the bra pictured above to get there). It has a difference between bra cups per manufacturer chart. Goddess bras have 3 different ranges. Two of which, vary greatly in cup size to Aviana plus size bras.

This is the thing that gets me about these bra prices:

Get much higher than an F cup, say G cups and larger, in any band size, and try finding a bra for less than $30ish. Oh here’s one, not in 52 to 54, but just the cup size example. Only because it’s on sale, for $29.70, by Fancee Free (#94301, soft cup). Up to an F cup, it’s on sale for $27.90. At that bra’s regular price, there is a $2.00 difference.

Now try telling me, it the fabrics they make bras in, there is $2 more worth of fabric between an F and a G cup!

Like wise the difference between as vesta44 points out a 40 band size and 52 – 54 band sizes. This is not extremely fine fabric, and it’s not a reasonable fraction of a yard of anything, and it’s just 12 to 14 inches, of a width of about 6 inches at the widest!

I feel lucky when I can get a bra for under $50! GRRRRRRRRRR
That’s why I wear a make do size, and wear the bras I got before I found my real size to smithereens before I toss.

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  1. Thanks for pointing those out, I will add them to my list.
    Another thing I have noticed about sizing is that it can change when you buy the exact same bra in a different color. I have the Goddess 5040 in a 52H and it fits fabulously in the leopard print. Buy it in black or white or beige (which is all that's available now at Bare Necessities) and they are smaller in the band and cup. Don't have a clue why this is so, but I've found the same thing with slacks (black seems to be smaller than navy, brown, green, or red).