Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Holidays are coming! Do you have anything to wear for special events?

A brief look at one slim cut and one body skimming plus sizes special occasion dresses for us.

I know I'm not ready because I had a retirement party to go to just this Saturday night. I popped on my old reliable, long, flowing, twirling at the slightest twitch of the hip, it grew wide with me) knit dress.

I had to leave in a half and hour and my black dress had a hole in the seam. Up front, and obvious. Gulp! Routing through my closet I found my stock of t-shirt dresses I brought when I was merely full busted, not plus sized. The first, black of course, one I tried on fit! I slipped on my dressiest shoes, my suit jacket, (that’s just me, I like a suit jacket) and I was ready to go.

Well I thought I was ready, but now I have to look into formal wear and party dresses my self.

When I got to the party I found that while I was more dressed up than one or two people, I was not really dressed up enough. I felt as if I was down playing this man’s retirement, who the party was for. OK I could have easily worn that outfit to work.

Fortunately when it comes to plus size special occasion dresses now, it no longer a problem of is there any in my size. It’s a question of which dress or outfit to choose!

I’m not overly fond of, and in fact am tired of black, but it seems to be my go to color. If you have one black and tortoise shell calico cats, you are kind of going to lean toward the dark colors. Besides a black dress is good for all year! So I started by looking at black formal dresses.

Yesterday I was writing about this shantung black dress suit, and thinking yeah that would have been nice to have in the closet. If you click on it's picture you'll see a large version at Women's Suits store. There you can see how sublty sparkly this suit's dress is!

Women's Formal Fall And Winter Donna Vinci Black Suit (5089)

Except, I’m kind of short, it would likely be too long. Think Morticia Adams, without the sleeves and train. Still I thought how handy a dress like the one in this special occasion suit would be. You could wear it for real formal events with the jacket it comes with. And for clubbing or evening wear with something like this faux fur stole.

Faux Fur Stole

Now in my case the fur from the tortoise shell calico cat on the dress would pull the brown of the fur stole and the trendy animal look together more completely too! Just kidding, I do have a clothing brush.

Then I though about this dress below by Silhouettes, in their printed dresses, not special occasion dresses section. Now for many special events I have go to, this would be fine, even better than the rather plain black t-shirt dress I wore last Saturday night. For religious happy occasions, it still covers the knees, (well it would mine!) has a high enough neckline and has some sleeve. Plus it looks festive. Also light weight, better for dancing!

Sparkle Dress

It would be too dressy for me for work, yet just right for many other occasions. Well in my life anyway. While the black shantung sheaf type dress and jacket would cover nearly all occasions. OK it’s jacket and a simple black dress you might, and I do, all ready have makes it cover funerals too. A sobering thought, but just like happy events, being ready helps. Who knows, maybe some day Women’s Suits, the store who carries the formal black suit, will carry petite sizes!

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