Friday, September 14, 2007

Toni Thank You So Much, I really needed the comic relief this week and you Gave It!

No way am I taking you as rude. No Way! I really had a grueling week in way too many respects that really matter. Then I read what you saw from the previous head line. Massive Women!

Talk about cracking UP! I just went off on this silly tangent. Giggling all the way, to my self anyway. It’s so silly!

Oh Yeah! Now I have a weird, (this could be genetic trait watching my child), habit of taking things real literally. (thinking of my father and my brother, yeah, could be genetic....)

I went: Well I sure am a massive woman! A real Neutron star of a woman! (another possible genetic trait, had to look up Neutron Star at Wikipedia, had to do my home work) I mean I can be DENSE! Lots of MASS! Saturated Mass??

OK I got a bony face and outer limbs but it’s getting to be a Massive body too. Then again, in recent months had a slightly larger lady than I, said that I had no right to write about plus size anything. Well my waist measures as wide as my chest used to. But to her, I’m what, lean?

A matter of perspective?

I love your perspective regards: Massive Woman!

Are you a Massive Woman? Am I?

Here’s one for ya!
As a child I saw that 50’s movie about the 50 foot woman.
Now That Woman WAS MASSIVE!

I don’t think anything Swimsuits for All, or any online store, or this planet for that matter, has swimwear for her!


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